Windows 10 signoff is planned for mid July

Microsoft is planning to finish the Windows 10 operating system in the middle of July 2015. This information came from two insiders who are familiar with the Windows 10 roadmap. At this moment, the latest public build of Windows 10 is build 10122, however, it is far from perfect.
Windows 10 banner logo nodevs 03Windows 10 is what Microsoft claims is the next step on the way to a universal operating system for all kind of devices. Windows 8 was announced to be the OS like that, however, it is actually a slightly modded Windows 7 with the Start screen instead of the Start menu. Windows 8 came with full screen apps and features designed for touch screen devices, however, many features in Windows 8 still depended on classic tools like the Control Panel.

The user could not exclusively use only the touch screen oriented part of the operating system without switching to the mouse and keyboard oriented classic user interface. This dichotomy caused a negative reaction from users who remained on Windows 7 and even Windows XP.

Microsoft says Windows 10 is different because they reworked the whole operating system to have a Modern UI which now takes over most of the classic interface. Most settings from the classic Control Panel are moved to the Settings app, many classic apps are replaced with their modern alternatives. It is quite possible that in the final release of the operating system, or in the future Redstone update which is planned, we will not have the good old classic Control Panel at all. Another notable difference is that with Windows 10, Microsoft will change the release model of the operating system. There will be several types of Windows Update channels which will deliver updates to home and enterprise users on a different schedule.

It is not clear to me why Microsoft is trying to release Windows 10 so fast. At this moment, Windows 10 is notably slower than previous versions and has a bunch of issues. After using build 10122 of Windows 10, I faced all sorts of problems. The Start menu sometimes just does not open for no reason, the performance of the operating system and the new bundled apps is really slow. I don't see how Microsoft can fix all the glitches and bugs in a few months.

Note that the mid July signoff date is not confirmed and can change, however, the same information was leaked earlier by AMD, so it seems to be real (via).

What is your impression of Windows 10? Do you like it and do you plan to move to it when it reaches RTM?

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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

Sergey Tkachenko is a software developer who started Winaero back in 2011. On this blog, Sergey is writing about everything connected to Microsoft, Windows and popular software. Follow him on Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube.

7 thoughts on “Windows 10 signoff is planned for mid July”

  1. i’m planning to buy windows 10 because it excites me, unlike last several versions, but i’m sceptical they will be able to meet theirs deadline with sufficient quality standard, i’ll probably wait few months and not buy it straight away

  2. Microsoft’s obsession with mobile devices, IMO, is transforming the PC into a supplement of a mobile device and changing the Windows 10 in a distraction for those who want a tablet or a smartphone with a much larger screen. Everything is geared to Apps, absurd, considering that essentially the Apps are used for queries, basically data readings. We are not allowed to create any more. We become dependent on large corporations. Even colors were limited to two. All the possibilities of a PC were reduced to all the limitations of a smartphone or tablet. We are facing a “digital socialism.” The Brave New World, Aldous Huxley, mixed with 1984 George Orwell. Pathetic!

  3. Windows 10 is getting better, and better all the time. I love it. I am in the Insiders Preview program, and have been installing the versions as they are released, or leaked. It seems that each version is MS working on something different, so I wouldn’t say that one version to the next is a direct line in the order of fixing things, but MS trying out something new, and different, or working on one particular feature. I do believe it will all come together in the RTM, and beyond!

  4. I completely agree with wdeda. A lot of things could have been limited to Tablet mode, instead of forcing us to use a mobile interface on large screens. The whole OS is very inconsistent and lacks the finishing touches. Example – it’s hard to quickly differentiate active from inactive window – windows and buttons on the taskbar are almost exactly the same. Title bars in white (for non-modern apps) are in conflict with the default black (or even colored) taskbar. The same inconsistency is spread around the entire OS – for ex. some message boxes and dialogs in the OS are standard, and then suddenly a one-color “modern” message pops up. And considering that the last few releases suffered from some serious bugs and that they almost included the ugliest icons I’ve ever seen (those from before 10125)… Yes, Win10 does feel rushed and unfinished to me.

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