WinaeroGlass – Aero glass is back into your Windows 8

Our friend Vishal Gupta has covered how to get stable transparency in Windows 8 using our Aero8Tuner software and bLend tool. I realized that:
1. work with two tools is NOT HANDY.
2. the bLend's features can be easily repeated with several lines of code. It is nothing more than just layered windows.

So i decide to start this project.


The main goal of this project to provide you the Aero experience as close to Windows 7 as it possible.

Step one
I have implemented all-in-one tool which allow you to get aero glass with one click.
It is currently have no any UI but does its work well.

The near future
I am working hard to provide you window frames with blur. This is our main goal and I do hope it will be implemented ASAP.

The next steps will be useful user interface for WinaeroGlass.
Stay tuned.

You can try WinaeroGlass (the early alpha version without UI) right now.

Download and unpack WinaeroGlass.exe using the link below and run it.
That's it!
You should log off and log in back to stop WinaeroGlass since it has no native "stop\exit" feature yet.

Download WinaeroGlass