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Telegram: new Group Voice Chat feature, Monetization strategy

The latest update to the Telegram app introduced group voice chats. This new feature adds a voice layer to regular chats, allowing participants to not only write text messages, but also speak.

Chat admins can now enable the voice feature. After that, users can start speaking if they want so. On Android, voice chats can be quickly managed via a floating widget. There is a "push-to-talk" feature, available on both mobile and desktop, than allows you to send your voice to a Telegram conference with a global hotkey even when the app is not focused.

The update has also introduced a simple image editor on Android. It allows placing stickers to a photo, adding a drawing, and sending back the edited media.

Also, the Android version of the app now includes new animations. Even more, you can now select the SD card as the default media storage for Telegram.

Finally, there are some new animated emoji in this version.

Telegram Monetization strategy

Pavel Durov, the Telegram project founder and creator, has stated that he pays for the expenses of the company from his personal savings. Now, with a huge user base, the project has become extremely expensive.

Telegram's monetization strategy does not include selling the company, or showing ads in group chats and private conversations. Instead, there will be paid features for business teams and power users.

Also, there will be an Ad platform for channel owners. It will work for public one-to-many channel.

If Telegram starts earning money, the community should also benefit. For example, If we monetize large public one-to-many channels via the Ad Platform, the owners of these channels will receive free traffic in proportion to their size. Or, if Telegram introduces premium stickers with additional expressive features, the artists who make stickers of this new type will also get a part of the profit. We want millions of Telegram-based creators and small businesses to thrive, enriching the experience of all our users.

Currently, such channels already run ads by posting them manually or via bots.

This strategy will be used by Telegram in 2021.

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