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Remap Win + X menu to Alt + X and/or Ctrl + Alt + X

How to remap the Win + X menu to Alt + X and/or Ctrl + Alt + X in Windows 10

Recently, a Winaero reader asked me if it is possible to remap the Win + X menu to a different hotkey sequence. While Windows 10 doesn't offer a built-in option, I have solved this by creating a simple AutoHotkey script. I would like to share it here, maybe some of you will find it useful too. Continue reading

Customize the right click Win+X power users menu in Windows 8.1 and Windows 8

In all versions of Microsoft Windows, hot corners are used to do useful actions or access important system functions. In Windows 8, Microsoft introduced a feature for mouse users to access with the right click - the Win+X menu. When you right click the bottom left hot corner of the screen or when you right click the Start button in Windows 8,1, this menu pops up. Although it is far from being a Start Menu replacement, it does have shortcuts to useful administrative tools and system functions. In this article, we will see how to add our own shortcuts to the Win+X menu.

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