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Disable Calendar Agenda in Windows 10

Starting with Anniversary Update, Windows 10 is able to show you an agenda in the clock's Calendar flyout. It is provided by the calendar app and shows your scheduled events. If you have no use for it or it exposes your private calendar appointments, you might want to get rid of the agenda. Here is how it can be done.
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Make Windows 10 Calendar show national holidays

Windows 10 has a Calendar app pre-installed out of the box. While Windows Vista and Windows 8 also had Calendar apps, they were not adopted by everyone. The Calendar app is useful for those who need just a basic calendar app without extra features and storing important events, appointments, holidays etc. With a simple trick, you can enable national holidays in Windows 10 Calendar. Here is how it can be done.
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Outlook Mail, Calendar and OneNote apps for Windows 10 Insiders got new features

Microsoft announced a couple of new features which will land on Windows 10 Insiders' PCs and phones in the future. If you are a participant of the Windows Insider program, you can expect the following improvements in Mail and Calendar.
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