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How to import and export tweaks you did with Winaero Tweaker

Starting with version 0.8 of Winaero Tweaker, it is possible to import and export the tweaks to a file that you have applied. Once you have exported your changes, you can apply them on another PC or in a different build of the same Windows version! Let's see how it can be done.

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Winaero Tweaker 0.8 is out with import and export for tweaks

Winaero Tweaker 0.8 is out! This release is very special for all users of my app. It is the first version to come with the most requested feature - you can now export your changes to a file and import them on another computer or after a build upgrade (hello, Windows Insiders). Besides this feature, there are tons of fixes and new features in Winaero Tweaker 0.8!
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