Change Windows 10 folder icons with *.ico file

Windows 10 features really nice folder icons which look very stylish and modern. Folder icons were changed for the first time since Windows Vista. They look similar to the icons in Windows Vista/7/8 however they are flatter looking yet retain the richness of colors. However, if you get bored with these new icons, you might want to replace the standard folder icons with a custom icon from an external ICO file. Here's how it can be done.
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Get Windows 8 icons back in Windows 10

So it seems from the sheer number of emails I get that many people are not happy with the new icons in Windows 10 Technical Preview. Most users complain about ugly Recycle Bin icons and bright yellow folder icons. Personally, my favorite icons were in Windows XP. I simply don't like any of the icon sets which came after Windows XP. And I still do not like the default icons. Today, we will replace Windows 10 icons with the ones from Windows 8 (or Windows 7, which are mostly the same). This tutorial will be helpful for people who are looking for a way to make Windows 10 look like they want.
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