How to sleep a Windows computer from the command line

Recently one of our readers asked us how to make his Windows PC enter sleep from the command line. This can be definitely useful if you are using the sleep mode frequently and want to create a shortcut to put your PC into sleep directly or via some batch file. In this article, I would like to share a working way to initiate sleep from the command line.

How to clear the Windows Event Log from the command line

Often when you want to troubleshoot issues or keep a general check on your system health, you have to use Event Viewer. Event Viewer shows you all the Windows events that get logged such as Information, Errors, Warnings, Critical and Verbose. But there are so many events here including completely normal activities that get logged that it becomes harder to spot events related to things that aren't working as expected or are causing errors. So from time to time you may need to clear the Event Log. In this article, we will see how you can clear the Event log automatically or from the command line.

Windows Registry Editor for dummies

Often, our tips mention the Windows Registry and Registry Editor. What exactly is the Registry and what is RegEdit? Those are who are familiar with Windows for many years need no explanation, but those who are new to Windows will find this post useful.

Today, I am going to explain the fundamentals of Registry Editor. I will also cover command line arguments, essential methods of working with this program and more. Read below if you are interested.

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