As you know, the desktop slideshow feature is missing in Windows 7 Starter. There is no option to change wallpaper automatically or even in manual mode using standard system option. StarterDesktopSlideShow comes to solve this issue.

It can:

  • Change wallpaper on timer
  • Change wallpaper on StarterDesktopSlideShow start
  • Change wallpaper by global hotkey
  • Autostart after users logon
  • Disable slideshow when on battery


  • Check your system tray after apllication start. You will find StarterDesktopSlideShow there.
  • Only Windows 7 Starter is supported. Other editions is not supported.
  • StarterDesktopSlideShow not works on limited accounts. Sorry, we have no solution at this moment.
  • Do not disable task scheduler because StarterDesktopSlideShow uses task scheduler to suppress UAC dialogs.
    After changing wallpaper to non-default you will not able to change screensaver. Apply default wallpaper from context menu of StarterDesktopSlideShow's tray icon.

Download StarterDesktopSlideShow