Start Screen Color Tuner for Windows 8.1

Start Screen Color Tuner for Windows 8.1 is the application which i have created to solve the following issue:
Windows 8.1 has changed the color settings for the logon screen, so old tweaks and apps don't work any more. Instead of the color index, it stores now some coded color value. I decided to create the app with attractive and simple UI to change the color of logon screen with one click.

As a bonus, it allows you to play with the Start Screen color and Accent color on the fly from the same window.
Latest version, see the change log below
Start Screen Color Tuner is freeware and portable app which supports Windows 8.1 x64 and Windows 8.1 x86. It does not require to be installed or uninstalled.

Start Screen Color Tuner has multi language interface and can be translated via the simple text file. Just rename Languages\English_template.ini to YourLanguage.ini and translate strings in that file. That's it. Feel free to send me your translations - I will include them with application zip archive.

Current translations are:

  • English - by Winaero
  • Russian - by Winaero
  • Czech - by "moderate"
  • German - by ReConnaisance

Many thanks to all who helps us with translations.

Start Screen Color Tuner in action

Change log

Fixed all issues you reported.
Fixed minor issue when the app fails to set the current user Start Screen colors and shows the "FAIL" message. It was some debugging bits in the code
Initial release

Download "Start Screen Color Tuner for Windows 8.1"