10 thoughts on “See detailed properties and tags/metadata info about media files using MediaTab”

  1. Any way to get it to show the combined running time when selecting multiple files? Or can it only do it one file at a time?

    1. Select multiple files in Explorer and make sure the Details pane is enabled. Click “Show more details” to see combined running time.

  2. Does it have the tooltip feature that Mediainfo has (shows details instantly on mouse hover)? For me, that’s the prime feature, and it would be useless without it.

    1. MediaInfo has an extremely ugly UI. Who wants to use ugly apps these days? :D MediaTab is its neater version. Windows tooltips can be customize using the Registry to show anything. If there is a Shell extension installed to handle infotips, that overrides the Registry details/metadata system.

  3. I want something to make the info on subtitles, audio tracks and more show in the columns in Details view in Explorer. Windows 10 shows all that for MKV but not for some other formats like MP4.

    Ridiculous that this isn’t built into windows for all video formats in 2018.

  4. Hi Sergey, I found this post when trying to find something related to INCREASING THE SIZE of the Windows Explorer Properties BOX. The actual TINY box. (In Windows 10… although I guess I could say: as well as every other version of MS OS that I know).

    I thought I would start with the problem above to help explain what would be awesome if there was some way to increase the size of the properties box. It is typical idiotic MS where so little is actually user-friendly. The “general” tab on opening is absolutely worthless as all that info about the file is incorrect (well, except for file size). If you want the correct info you have to go over to “details” and that tab is about 90% worthless since it is so effing small. In “details” you have the first column “property” and the second column “value” and then who knows what else since it is outside the viewing area of the properties box.

    My problem is that I want to know when a file was actually created. To do that I have to use Windows Explorer –> (right click) Properties –> (tab over) Details –> (scroll down to) Media Created –> (THEN I HAVE TO RESIZE THE PROPERTY AND VALUE COLUMNS to see) –> when the media was actually created.

    I don’t know what goes on in the minds of the “stable geniuses” at MS, but at least with XP you used to be able to edit the registry and then never have to worry about that part of your OS ever sucking again. But Windows 10 has to waste a billion of hours a week in productivity globally because few of its features are not without serious issues. I use Winaero Tweaker only to try and keep the taskbar thumbnails from popping up. I don’t know what the point of the popups are. I have a calendar open on my taskbar. I know it’s a calendar. It says it is a calendar. It sits there every day I am on my computer. Why would I EVER need a popup to tell me that there is calendar open on my taskbar… except to freeze my computer while the popup is open and waste my time and negatively impact global productiviy? Sheer idiocy. So Winaero Tweaker helps with that, but I have not found a way to make it stick forever, I frequently have to go back in and reset it to stop taskbar thumbnails from popping up. I’ve tried locking the folders and such, but like everything else associated with Windows 10, no matter how hard you work MS is still going to eff it up.

    Thanks. Would appreciate to know if you understood the problem with the tiny windows and if you know of a solution.

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