Opera 58: Warns If You Close Window With Multiple Tabs Open

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A new developer version of Opera, version 58.0.3120.0, shows a warning when you try to close the browser with multiple tabs open. It is one of the most requested features, not only by Opera users, but also by users of the most popular web browser, Chrome. Chromium, its open-source counterpart also lacks this feature, due to which the user can accidentally close all open tabs at once. Finally, Opera 58 resolves this issue.

Starting in Opera 58, the browser now shows a confirmation dialog to close the window. The dialog allows cancelling the operation. Here is how it looks:

If you are not happy to see it, you can disable it. Turn on the checkbox "Do not show this warning again".

The confirmation dialog will not appear in Private windows.

Known issues in this release:

  • Browser doesn't start automatically after Recover > Reset…
  • You can’t copy using Cmd+C (macOS) if the Search&Copy popup dialog is open.

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The complete change log looks as follows:

  • DNA-72234 anchor tip missing from address field dialogs
  • DNA-72313 [Mac] Advanced shortcuts doesn’t work until zoom indicator dialog is gone
  • DNA-72639 Deploy autoupdate new approach on browser side
  • DNA-72675 AU crash handler does not use the custom profile folder
  • DNA-72775 Move “touch_communication.js” to C++ WP1
  • DNA-72814 [Mac] Crash and error pages are missing
  • DNA-72836 Opera relies on infura.io but doesn’t tell user
  • DNA-72913 Enable warn-on-closing-multiple-tabs feature on Developer channel
  • DNA-72941 Popup component
  • DNA-72957 [Mac] Not all chrome.windows.create parameters are respected
  • DNA-72983 Show ethereum amount in local currency
  • DNA-72991 Add basic Freedom proxy browser tests
  • DNA-72994 Rewrite search popup to be completely a Views popup
  • DNA-72995 [Mac] Make new Views-based search popup work on Mac
  • DNA-73106 [Win] Access denied security badge is shown even after permission request was allowed.
  • DNA-73110 No name nor favicon on dragged tab view
  • DNA-73112 Review Compatibility Mode
  • DNA-73119 [Mac] Implement new tab opening by middle click
  • DNA-73120 bookmark dialog does not open again if bookmark button clicked twice
  • DNA-73122 [Mac] Security badge dialog doesn’t have correct size on non secure pages
  • DNA-73125 Use SSL in Freedom proxy browser tests
  • DNA-73128 [Mac] Security badge dialog get stuck empty after re-enabled warnings on page with invalid certificate
  • DNA-73149 CryptoWalletService::UI contents not clear
  • DNA-73156 Emoji from some websites doesn’t copy to clipboard
  • DNA-73162 Use “sources” attribute for Netflix source attribution label
  • DNA-73165 Correct UI details
  • DNA-73171 [Zen] Consider to lift up Zen news section to the bottom of SSD
  • DNA-73176 Cannot see full license text on opera://about/credits
  • DNA-73182 Add opauto tests for opening a new tab with middle click
  • DNA-73187 Airswap.io permission dialog interferes with site working
  • DNA-73202 Extend configuration with Zen settings
  • DNA-73217 Change welcome page to link to Opera open beta
  • DNA-73223 Rephrase text in payment success page
  • DNA-73227 Set zen countries to RU only.
  • DNA-73228 Solve permission mojo callback ownership issues
  • DNA-73234 Remove #dynamic-demuxer-selection
  • DNA-73237 [Adblock] Add Hungarian list to supported lists.json
  • DNA-73243 (settings) Sync setup page is blank
  • DNA-73244 [Engine] Search popup opens new tab in the wrong position
  • DNA-73250 Make DApp icon clickable in the connected page
  • DNA-73253 Ethereum balance on browser is different than OfA
  • DNA-73258 Missing build dependency on //opera_components/crypto_wallet/common:interfaces
  • DNA-73262 Fix inputs
  • DNA-73270 [Win] Toolbar dialogs are incorrectly placed
  • DNA-73272 Remove unused GURL arguments from FreedomProxyBackend
  • DNA-73278 Use “cdn” property returned from the server
  • DNA-73285 [Linux] No tab separator
  • DNA-73310 [Win] Update popup title and add “Close this window?” message
  • DNA-73313 Move settings-subpage-search styles
  • DNA-73327 Please use following Russian translations for Yandex Zen related strings
  • DNA-73330 Emergency reset does not reset device id
  • DNA-73332 Update host resolver rules on UI thread
  • DNA-73345 Make session recorder handle ShutdownStarted event on UI thread
  • DNA-73355 Add description to translateable strings
  • DNA-73363 [Win] Permission request dialog is incorrectly placed.
  • DNA-73368 Add hiding of Opera JS object in browser.js
  • DNA-73371 [Win] Toolbar dialogs should be placed a little lower.

Source: Opera

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