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Next Windows 10 version may not run on your PC

It has come to our knowledge that Microsoft has made it impossible to install and run recent versions of Windows 10 on certain PCs with low-end CPUs. If you are running Windows 10 Anniversary Update, it is quite possible that Creators Update will find itself incompatible with certain CPUs and won't install there.
Computers with Intel's Atom Clover Trail CPUs, which are mostly some all-in-ones, tablets or low end laptops, are incompatible with Creators Update. Initially shipped with Windows 8, they run Windows 10 Anniversary Update perfectly. However, if you try to install Creators Update on your device with a Clover Trail CPU, it will show the following message:

Windows 10 is no longer supported on this PC

Uninstall this app now because it isn't compatible with Windows 10.

The statement mentions some app, however, it is not related to any installed app. This is a result of hardware (or driver) incompatibility, which prevents Windows 10 Creators Update from installing.

For example, a number of Acer devices are not compatible with Windows 10 Creators Update, including models with the following CPUs:

Atom Z2760

Atom Z2520

Atom Z2560

Atom Z2580

Acer's support page states the following:

Microsoft is working with us to help provide compatible drivers to address this incompatibility. If you install the Windows 10 Creators Update, icons and text may not appear at all, or may show up as solid color blocks or bars. If you have already installed Creators Update and are experiencing problems, you can use Windows 10 recovery options to restore your system to the previous build.

When you try to upgrade a Clover Trail-based PC to Creators Update, Setup returns the error code 0xC1900209, which means "the system does not pass the compatibility scan to install the update ... Incompatible software is blocking the upgrade process."

This is the first example of hardware that was initially supported by Windows 10 but is now discontinued. In theory, any device which did not ship originally with Windows 10 by default is at risk. For example, my old laptop was released with Windows 7 preinstalled, so sooner or later I may face the same issue.

This situation can be extremely upsetting for users who were "forced" to upgrade their operating system to Windows 10. They are now essentially being "forced" to upgrade their hardware in order to stay updated.

What do you think about this situation? Are you affected? Tell us in the comments.

Source: ZDNet.

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7 thoughts on “Next Windows 10 version may not run on your PC

  1. Gary King

    I am not affected by this but it angers me that MS would do such a thing. What are these users supposed to do just start all over with a clean install of Windows 7? They have been using this right along and now M$ wants to say that they are no longer compatible. The more I get involved with MS the more maddened I get. Their latest build is a POS. Linux is starting to look good to me.

  2. Rick Grunwald

    Poor old Microsoft. They so much want a total monopoly over computer users. They have gone from the innovative company of 30 years ago to a bunch of greedy old men trying to squeeze out the ;ast drop.

    Someone is going to come up with a way to easily migrate to linux and run all your windows programs (Wine is a good start) … and then M$ is going to see a mass exodus of the companies that hold scores of license seats.

  3. Bob

    I am perfectly content with Windows 8.1+Classic Shell. It’s modern, improved over Windows 7 and I can forget about Windows 10 for many, many years. I want nothing to do with Windows 10.

  4. Scott

    this is crock. ever since that idiot who introduced activation in xp joined the microsoft team, windows fell off the face of the earth. it forced us to call home, which we did. it forced us to learn spanish, which we did with vista. it forced us to think 7 is cool and not bad as in the 7 deadly sins. It forced us to eat the start menu, and we did just to barf it back up into a screen of crap. Then we had to take a leap over that crap and get forced into 10, now microsoft wants to force us to buy new hardware. Well you dumb idiot who is king of pirating at microsoft, yet ask us to phone home, its time you get slapped in the face harder then you are trying to jab us users in the gut. Linux will work on the older hardware, it does the same as windows and better. It lets us be free, linux don’t phone home to see if its ok to be used. It speaks every language. It uses any hardware. It can look like windows. Yes linux can lie as bad as microsoft can. So why don’t we all boycott microsoft, till they get rid of the guy who introduced activation. So we can get our windows back. I use linux and windows daily. I did notice linux will not fry your battery, unlike windows 10.

  5. Jozsef

    Come on people, it’s temporary. Soon the joy of Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Upchuck will be available to Clover Trail users too and there will be much rejoicing. Lucky for me, my Atom server has the Avoton chip so I can rest easy knowing that I have another option if I ever get tired of stability and the self healing feature of ZFS. Feel free to wait for that day, Microsoft.

  6. Jozsef

    Apologies for my incorrect information, as in fact this is not a temporary issue for Clover Trail after all. I hope anyone affected can endure the pain and eventually get past it. ;)


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