Move Tab to Different Profile in Microsoft Edge

Move a Tab to a Different Profile in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has added the ability to move tabs between profiles in Microsoft Edge. This new convenient feature will allow users to arrange and re-arrange tabs between open windows that are assigned to different profiles to differentiate their online activities.

Similarly to user accounts in Windows 10, Microsoft Edge supports profiles on a browser level. This allows you to have more than one default profile, and even pick one to be used for opening links from running apps. Each Microsoft Edge profile comes with its individual browsing history, favorites, options, and extensions. Profiles are useful when you want to differentiate and isolate your activities, like social networks, banking, blogging, etc.

You can use a Microsoft Account to create a new profile in Microsoft Edge, or you can create a local profile instead. When you sign in to a profile with a Microsoft account, Microsoft Edge will be able to sync your browsing history, favorites, saved passwords, etc, across all your devices which have Edge running under the same account. The local account's data remains only available on the current device.

By default, Edge works with a single profile. It is usually named "Default". You can add a few more. Profiles are stored under the following directories:

  • Microsoft Edge Stable: %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Edge\User Data.
  • Microsoft Edge Beta: %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Edge Beta\User Data.
  • Microsoft Edge Dev: %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Edge Dev\User Data.
  • Microsoft Edge Canary: %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Edge SxS\User Data.

For each browser profile you can set an individual display picture.

This post will show you move a tab to a different Microsoft Edge profile.

The ability to move a tab to a different browser profile is currently a work in progress, so it needs to be enabled first. This can be done with a flag.

Enable Move Tab to Different Profile in Microsoft Edge

  1. Open Microsoft Edge.
  2. Type or copy-paste  edge://flags/#edge-move-tabs-to-profile-window into the address bar, and press Enter.
  3. Select Enabled next to the Enable move tabs to a different profile window option.
  4. Relaunch the browser when prompted.

You are done! Here's how to use the feature you have enabled.

To Move Tab to Different Profile in Microsoft Edge

  1. Open Microsoft Edge.
  2. Open each profile you want to move a tab between.
  3. Right-click on tab you want to move to a different profile.
  4. Select Move tab to <your profile name> window.

You are done.


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