Microsoft Edge’s built-in VPN ‘Secure Network’ is now available for testing

The built-in VPN Edge Secure Network is now available for testing in the Canary version of the browser. Microsoft says they open testing to 'a small audience'.

Like any other VPN service, Edge Secure Network will help you establish secure connections in 'insecure' networks. E.g. you can use in a public place with a free Wi-Fi. Also, it will hide your real IP address and location. However, keep in mind that at some conditions it won't change your country. The service is powered by Cloudflare, which will automatically pick the closest server to you. So it replaces your geolocation with a similar regional address.

The good thing is that it will be available out of the box. You don't need to install anything. The free data plan is limited to one gigabyte of traffic per month, which is not that many. You can see the current traffic reminder by clicking the shield icon in the toolbar.

As it was announced earlier, to use the built-in VPN in Edge, you need a Microsoft Account. Once you signed in to the browser, open the menu and select Secure Network from there.

To join the testing, install Edge Canary and see if it is available to you right now. You will find the official announcement here.


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