6 thoughts on “Find If You Use Local Account or Microsoft Account in Windows 10

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      I am trying my best to cover all possible topics. This makes web site interesting for people with different PC skills.

      1. Allan Laberge

        I prefer local account. I tend to distance myself from as many Win 10 telemetry abilities as possible. Thanks again for all your hard work on tools that simplify means to help retain control of our computing environment.

        1. w1l8ur4c3

          I use to, but pretty much gave up since 11 preview with MORE teams and MORE NEWS… AND lord no get rid of OneDrive either, it’s a come-backer-forever – Now part of syncing you Windows settings :/

          I actually only like the new Edge browser, except today I wanted to remove the admin MS account or add my own as well… Nope, closed all the tabs, all my sessions and then browser as well O_o

          Pretty soon, sooner than later moving to some Linux. Only Adobe work related software keeping me… 11 Is pretty great though, just wish there was a way to make all taskbar icons show at once and that Clipboard history will actually come with and sync with you blood MS account…


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