IE Search Customizer

IE Search Customizer is a simple freeware which allows you to define custom searches in the Internet Explorer browser. With the help of this little app you will be able to create short and extremely useful aliases for the address bar of IE.

The application works as described in our "Add custom searches to Internet Explorer's address bar to save your time" article.For example, suppose you want to use the g alias for Google in IE's address bar, so you can type

g something

to begin search directly.
With IE Search Customizer you can create such an alias with just a few clicks.

IE Search Customizer has a very simple UI. The main window is a list of already defined search aliases present in your IE.
Use Add, Edit and Remove buttons to create, modify or delete aliases respectively.
Using the Export button you can export your aliases to a *.reg file to apply them later in other OS or on another PC.
IE Search Customizer is a freeware, portable application which supports IE6+. You need to have .NET 4 installed.
Download "IE Search Customizer"