16 thoughts on “How to change your logon name (user account name) in Windows 8.1 and Windows 8”

      1. The tab group in which this tutorial is working, is System Tools. I, also, do not see the Local Users and Groups in my setup. Is this tutorial for Professional or Home?

        1. After doing a little digging it looks like this folder group is only available in Pro and Enterprise editions of Win8. If you’re using Home, then you can’t do this.

  1. I also see no such Users and Groups type of folder listed in the file tree between Shared folders and Performance. I can send you a snapshot of my screen to show you what I’m seeing. Thanks.

    1. Just search for user accounts (its in the control panel)
      When you open it there will be options where you can change your password, change your username, make a new account etc.

  2. Using netplwiz.exe I change make the change as shown, however, it will show the name below my picture and below it, the same as before. This displays only once. Returning to the netplwiz.exe, I see that may change is not there. I doubt that this tools is actually writing a change into the Windows registry.

  3. ditto Mary. I’m looking where it’s supposed to be, after double checking every step. I see Arthur stated that it only works
    in Enterprise & Pro, is that then the case?

  4. I recently purchased a new laptop for my child which ran windows 7. I ran windows update to bring the system up to date before upgrading to windows 10 but there was a problem and I had to take the machine back to the store. They did a system restore and renamed the computer incorrectly. I’ve managed to change the name of the computer using the above but when I log into my Microsoft account and look at family devices, the name of that device is still coming up with the old computer name. How can I fix this? I’d really rather not have to restore the computer yet again to set the name to what I want. Is there another way? Many thanks?

  5. I can’t change anything because the previous person before me (old employee) doesn’t work here anymore and don’t have any way to “make changes” since I do not have the password. It is not the same password to login in general. I do not know how to get past this to change the name.

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