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Enable and Use A2DP Sink for Bluetooth in Windows 10

How to Enable and Use A2DP Sink for Bluetooth in Windows 10

With Windows 10 version 2004, Microsoft has restored the A2DP Sink for Bluetooth in Windows 10. It was removed in Windows 8, making Windows 7 the last OS version with A2DP Sink support. Now, things has changed, and it is finally possible to use A2DP for Bluetooth in Windows 10.

In Windows 7 pre-release versions, A2DP source and sink roles were supported natively but this was dropped in the final RTM release version. In the release version of Windows 7, your PC could connect to Bluetooth speakers (act as A2DP source) but additionally, drivers could enable the audio device to work as A2DP sink if supported by the audio hardware vendor.

Starting from Windows 8, the A2DP Sink role is not supported by Microsoft, nor by third party drivers. Microsoft provides native support for Bluetooth audio streaming as A2DP source only.

In Windows 10 versions released before Windows 10 May 2020 Update, Microsoft had implemented support for the A2DP source role, but not for the SINK role for desktop editions. This means you could use Intel Bluetooth on Windows 10 to send audio to other Bluetooth devices, such as a speaker, but you wasn’t be able to receive audio from other Bluetooth devices via A2DP.

Starting in Windows 10 version 2004, Microsoft has re-added the SINK role to Windows 10 for upcoming versions of the OS. However, to use the feature, you need to install a third party app, as the OS lacks the user interface to activate the SINK role.

To Enable and Use A2DP Sink for Bluetooth in Windows 10,

  1. Pair your audio source device, e,g, your Android smartphone.
  2. Now, open Microsoft Store and install this app: Bluetooth Audio Receiver.
  3. Open the app once installed.
  4. The app will list connected audio devices. Select the one you want to receive audio via Bluetooth from.
  5. Click on the Open Connection button.

You are done. This way, you can use your PC or laptop for casting an audio stream from any Bluetooth source that supports A2DP.

That's it. Thanks to deskmodder.

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6 thoughts on “Enable and Use A2DP Sink for Bluetooth in Windows 10

  1. Dan

    Doesn’t work. Windows 10 Pro 20H2, build 19042.804.

    Bluetooth connects to phone fine, shows connection on both this app and Windows “Your Phone” app. Audio will run on phone, but no sound output through PC.


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