Enable Bing Video Of The Day For The Edge New Tab Page

Edge allows setting Bing Video of the day as the New Tab Page background

The New Tab Page in Microsoft Edge now allows you to set Bing's video of the day in a loop instead of a static background image. There is also a pause button to stop video playback at any time.

By default, this feature is not activated, so Edge doesn't display videos on the New Tab page background. But it is easy to enable it in the settings.

The new option is available in all versions of the browser, so you don't have to install Canary or Dev releases. You can make the New Tab page show video on the background even in the stable release of Edge 97.

Keep in mind that the option will show either the image or video of the day, which means it make eventually display a static background on its own. It clearly follows from the option name. Let's look closer.

Enable Bing Video of the day for the Edge New Tab Page

  1. Run Edge and open a new tab (Ctrl + T).
  2. Click on Page Options button with the gear icon at the top right.
  3. Select the "Custom" option for the page layout.
  4. Finally, select "Image or video of the day" as the background.
  5. Re-open the New Tab page.

You are done. It will now play videos for you.

Note. Some users observed that regardless of the settings applied to the new tab page, Edge doesn't play videos anyway. If you are affected by this issue, check out Ease of Access settings of the operating system.

To automatically play videos, you must have the Animation Effects toggle option enabled under Settings (Win + I) -> Accessibility -> Visual Effects.

If the above option is disabled, Edge will always fallback to the static background image, that is the 'Bing Image of the day'.

Besides the New Tab page updates, Microsoft is actively improving other parts of the browser. In recent releases, the browser has got a new password options, and smart text predictions for typing.

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