Deskthemepack Installer for Windows 7

As you may know, Windows 8 has introduced a new format for themes - *.deskthemepack files. For example, almost all Panoramic themes in official Microsoft theme gallery are deskthemepack files.
Deskthemepack Installer is unique solution for Windows 7 users which allows to install Windows 8 themes with one click.


As you can see, the user interface is very simple. The following options are available:

  • Install a deskthemepack file - self explained. Click this option to browse for desktheme file and install it into Windows 7.
  • Associate with *.deskthemepack files - installs an association for deskthemepack files in Windows 7. You will be able to apply Windows 8 theme just like regular theme pack of Windows 7.
  • Remove *.deskthemepack associations - removes the association which was set with option mentioned above.

Please read

Deskthemepack Installer is portable application that does not require to be installed.

It works in Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate.

Deskthemepack Installer does not work in Windows 7 Home Basic and Starter. I will implement support of those editions of Windows 7 with next major release of Personalization Panel 3.0. Please be patient.

Deskthemepack Installer does not provide autocolorization of window frames and/or panoramic view of wallpapers like in Windows 8. It just converts Windows 8 themes into format compatible with Windows 7.

Even you are free to place Deskthemepack Installer anywhere you want, in any folder, you should keep in mind the following: if you have set the *.deskthemepack files association and then moved DeskthemepackInstaller.exe to another folder, your associations will be broken - Windows will be not able to find it.
To fix the issue, you have to run Deskthemepack Installer from new location and click the Remove *.deskthemepack associations button and then click Associate with *.deskthemepack files again.

Deskthemepack Installer for Windows 7 in action

How to report a bug

Send me an email and provide the link to theme you have issue with brief description of the issue.

Download "Deskthemepack Installer for Windows 7"