Win+R Alias Manager

Win+R Alias Manager provides very easy and handy way to create aliases for your favorite applications. The common scenario can be following:
  • Press Win+R keyboard shortcut
  • Type ff to run Firefox

With Win+R Alias Manager you can specify any alias (or even several aliases) for any application. Aliases are built-in feature of the OS Windows since Windows 95, but there's no system option allowing you to control them. So, now you can use the Win+R Alias Manager.

Latest version is, see the change log below. I suggest you to update your software.

Let me describe the main features of the Win+R Alias Manager.

Win+R Alias Manager features

  • Win+R Alias Manager allows you to create, edit and delete aliases for both user and system applications (i.e. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Windows Live messenger or just Notepad. Feel free to set alias for any software).

  • There are two types of aliases: the first is aliases for current user and the second is system-wide aliases. As you may know, system-wide aliases can be accessible by any user of your PC. With Win+R Alias Manager you can handle both types of aliases! You can edit, delete and create alias of any type.
    The application allows you to create per-user alias by default, but you can change this with simple checkbox:

  • You will able to create alias by simple dragging the executable (*.exe) file on alises list.

  • Everything can be done with keyboard shortcuts:
    Insert - add new alias.
    Delete - delete the selected alias.
    Alt+E - edit alias.
    Alt+B - browse for executable file.
    Alt+R - run the selected alias.

Some limitations of Win+R Alias Manager

  • You may use only letters, digits and dot in aliases. All other symbols are not supported. Actually this is Windows limit.

  • You must have the Administrator's rights to create, edit and delete system-wide aliases. If you are user of Windows 7 or Windows 8, I recommend you to use per-user aliases in any case. Windows XP and Windows Vista does not support per-user aliases so your are limited to use only system-wide aliases.

Change log

Fixed a bug: you were unable to edit/delete aliases after grid sorting

Fixed a bug related to elevated start/limited account in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

Added sorting by click on column's header
Added resizing of columns
Added settings. The settings are following:
  • Delete confirmation
  • Run confirmation
  • Replace confirmation (if you will try to create alias which already exists, you will get it.
  • Small icons

Added export to registry file feature for selected aliases
Added filter for fast searching. TIP: Press Enter to jump from Filter text box into the grid
Main mindow now saves its size
"Work with system-wide aliases" checkbox now saves its state
New hotkeys are following:
  • Insert - add an alias
  • Alt+E or F2 - edit an alias
  • Ctrl+F or F3 - search/filter option
  • Ctrl+Home or Home - navigate to the first alias
  • Delete - delete an alias
  • Ctrl+End or End - navigate to the last alias
  • Alt+R - run selected alias
  • Alt+B - show a file which has the current alias

Bug fixed: wrong elevated launch
Bug fixed: the plus + character is allowed in the Run window, but not by this program
Bug fixed: grid did not remember the cursor position after delete
Bug fixed: editing an alias in the middle of the word, moves my cursor to the end for every typed character.
Bug fixed: REG_SZ was used instead of REG_EXPAND_SZ
Lots of improvements in code

  • Fixed issue: crash under Windows XP.
  • Fixed issue: Windows XP and Windows Vista users saw "per-user" aliases, however, this feature is available only since Windows 7.
  • Fixed issue: proper behavior when you have administrator's right (useless bits was removed) and when you have not. Also no shield on buttons for elevated instance and better Vista handling.
  • Fixed issue: edit dialog does not closes with Enter key.
  • Fixed issue: edit dialog can not be closed with Cancel button if file path was wrong.
  • Fixed issue: duplicates of aliases instead of single edited alias.
  • Fixed issue: possible edit mode crash.
  • Lots of minor improvements in code.
  • Added: suggestions in "file path" text box. Try to type the file path from keyboard.
  • Added: %path% handling. Try to enter just cmd.exe or mspaint.exe.
  • Added: suggestion to add new alias if you have none.

Initial release.

Win+R Alias Manager supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 both x86 and x64 as well as all editions. For Windows 8 you have to use special build from "Win8Native" folder.

Win+R Alias Manager is free and portable application and doesn't require to be installed.

Also, big thanks to Rhor for awesome icon and permissions to use it!

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  1. RonBoyd
    03 Jul 12

    Too many "download" buttons. Where is the one where I can simply download the product offerd?

  2. Brad
    03 Jul 12

    I see only one at bottom of the page.
    What you talking about?

  3. guest
    07 Jul 12

    you really need to add support to run the alias in admin mode, otherwise your program is incomplete!!!

  4. Sergey
    07 Jul 12

    I will describe how you can done that, ok?

  5. anonymous
    21 Jul 12

    +1 for RonBoyd; there are too many google-ad download buttons. Also the winAero download button takes me to a page where I have to click another download button, which takes me to the same page, where I have to click the same button to take me to the same page ... ad nauseum.

    Really the website could use a redesign, even if ads do help support the site they should be more obviously alien to the site if possible.

  6. Sergey
    23 Jul 12

    takes me to a page where I have to click another download button, which takes me to the same page, where I have to click the same button to take me to the same page ... ad nauseum.

    The behavior you mentioned is related to cases when download page is opened via google translator. It always damages the download button here. I will look for solution. Please don't use google translator for download page as temporary solution.
    Also, I swear I never seen any download buttons inside ads here.

  7. Maple
    28 Jul 12

    If I want to create a alias to open a directory and I enter D:\ in the file path, the software will warn me "Wrong file path". Can you change this?

  8. Sergey
    28 Jul 12

    It is not a bug. You cannot map folders into aliases because of Explorer's limitation. There are two workarounds with this issue:

    • Create a command file with text
      start "" explorer.exe d:\

      Then create alias for that command file.
    • Create new shortcut. Set explorer.exe d:\ as shortcut target. Drag and drop your shortcut on Win+R alias manager's list. You will get new alias.

    Both ways are same.

  9. jerone
    04 Sep 12

    Great software!

    I found the following bugs:

    • The plus + character is allowed in the Run window, but not by this program (e.g. notepad++).

    • Deleting an item with a scrollbar below loses the scroll position.

    • Editing an alias in the middle of the word, moves my cursor to the end for every typed character.

    Please add these 3 suggestion:
    • Edit item with F2

    • Add an export/import feature. I need to re-install my pc soon and I don't want to do this all over again.

    • Filter feature

    Keep up the great work.

  10. Sergey
    05 Sep 12

    Thanks for your bug report and suggestions. I will try to fix/implement all of this as soon as possible.

  11. BigMike (downloading now...)
    19 Oct 12

    Looks great but..

    How is this different from putting a shortcut in the windows system folder?

    (Other than the obvious management from a single window feature)
    just a question

  12. Sergey
    20 Oct 12

    There is no differences for end user

  13. filvi
    10 Jan 16

    Great Job man! I'm using this almost for everything since i donwloaded i WIN + R with batch file for 97% of time I have to move to a directory or open a program etc. I would like to know wheter there is the possibility to implement a backup for the shortcut so if I need to format my PC or change it I can easily restore all my WIN + R shortcut. Greetings

  14. winNoob
    25 Jan 16

    Hey man I really enjoy your work, I was wodering how to uninstall it (just to check compatibility issues with other app in my PC) and wheter its possible to bakup all shortcuts for when I am reinstalling it

  15. Tweaker
    28 Jul 17

    Here's a surprise! The Microsoft Edge Browser now has an alias "edge". For example, the following command typed into the Run Box brings up the Oxford English Dictionary:
    This is new, I think. I'm not sure when, but it may have come with the Creator Update.

    But the list of aliases in the WinRAliasManager unfortunately does not contain the alias "edge", presumably because it is a "modern app". It should be there.

    There may be other "modern apps" that now have simple aliases. Could the excellent WinRAliasManager app, which I have relied on for some time now to look up existing aliases and create new ones, please be updated to register all such new aliases?

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