WMP12 Library Background Changer

WMP12 Library Background Changer allows you to use six hidden library backgrounds what exist in Windows Media Player 12. Also it allows you to replace any of six WMP12?s default backgrounds with custom image. Special button serves to synchronize Windows Media Player 12 Library Background with you current wallpaper.

Latest version is 2.1, now with full Windows 8 support!. See change log below.

With WMP12 Library Background Changer you will able:

  • to switch between default backgrounds.

  • to replace any of WMP12?s default backgrounds with custom image.

  • to set WMP12 background to current wallpaper.

  • to restore any of six backgrounds to default image.

Change log

  • Bug fixed: sometimes WMPLOC.DLL permissions was a bit wrong after image replacement.
  • Support of Windows 8. Please note what in Windows 8 the Widnows Media Player does not allow you to disable its background and has no that six backgrounds anymore.
  • Rebranding. Now WMP12 Library Background Changer is part of Winaero, not Winreview.

2.0 (2011)
  • New "wallpaper" feature
  • Now you able to replace WMP's backgrounds with your own image

1.0 (2009)
Initial release

Windows 7/Windows 8 x86 & x64 are supported. You can change your appearance to something like this:

Or like this (Windows 8 example):

Download WMP12 Library Background Changer

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  1. April
    28 Jul 11

    Awe, this one is so cute.

    Thanks again for the programme :D

  2. Sergey
    29 Jul 11

    heh, you are welcome. I glad to know what you like it.

  3. Anonymous
    01 Sep 11

    Is it work for windows 7 starter?

  4. BorlandGuy
    02 Sep 11

    Yes, it works

  5. Nyange
    11 Sep 11

    Superb, works great on W7 Alienware

  6. LuisVirgil
    09 Nov 11

    I thought you can see the new background when the player is small... :(

  7. petrucci1961
    21 Nov 11

    is this work for WMP11 ???

  8. Sergey
    22 Nov 11

    How do you think if it called WMP12 Library background changer?

  9. Arameshi
    15 Aug 12

    It can't change with my images or wallpaper.. Why? T_T

  10. Sergey
    16 Aug 12

    I have no idea. Please provide more info about your OS and localization.

  11. amirhosi
    22 Dec 12

    Hey Sergey, first of all thanks 4 the great app!
    but in my Windows 7 it works once to change background replacing with wallpaper, once to replace with my own images.. and the others works! (6 Original backgrounds) i cant replace or replace with wallpaper it again!..why? and how can i repair it? or where is the exact file location(Backgrounds for Library) in Windows Program Files?

  12. Sergey
    23 Dec 12

    C:\windows\system32\wmploc.dll - this file contains all the backgrounds.
    Can you tell me, do you switch Windows Media Player from x86 to x64 version?

  13. amirhosi
    26 Dec 12

    thanks 4 da reply,
    No i did not.. then i have to remove this .dll file?
    Cuz the first .jpg image that i replaced keep staying there!

  14. beibee_gee
    09 Jan 13

    yeeeey!!! this one worked too! thank you!!! ^_^

  15. Guest
    19 Feb 13

    Thank You Sergey, NICE

  16. Anonymous
    07 Mar 13


  17. Adam
    27 Mar 13

    Awesome Job , can you make one the randomly changes pictures from a set folder and can you make one that changes the "now playing" BG and make that one a random one would be truly god like lol

  18. Anonymous
    04 Apr 13

    nice... cool... i love it....

  19. Edwin
    07 Apr 13

    I'm now writing a book about win7 personalization, I need you permission to review and include the software on the DVD. May I include it Bro?

  20. Sergey
    07 Apr 13

    Sure, you can.
    Thanks for attention.

  21. Patrick
    30 Apr 13

    Somehow i canīt change anything. I could use one wallpaper but when i tried to change it with another i canīt use other wallpapers. I only can switch to the normal windows wallpapers and my wallpaper but i canīt change it. :(

  22. Jake The Snake
    12 Aug 13

    It did not work for me or I am not doing it right. :/ please help!

  23. Anonymous
    30 Sep 13

    Sergey, i use this on win 8.1 preview, the 32 bit got 'Access Denied' error while 64 bit wmp run and background is changed.

  24. Sergey
    01 Oct 13

    Thanks for report, i will look.

  25. Josh
    13 Dec 13

    Hi, I've tried the software and it worked out for me....I've tried several wallpapers but now I cannot changed the wallpaper it keeps on showing the last photo i've chosen. Is there any problem with it?

  26. guestt
    31 Dec 13

    I like it though but... it needs user account control
    to be honest I am an standard account

  27. Sergey
    01 Jan 14

    It really needs elevation, believe me.

  28. Zero
    21 Mar 14

    This is so damn cool, just like all the other stuff on here!

  29. Anonymous
    10 Apr 14


  30. Anonymous
    09 Nov 14

    Well the program would let me change the background.
    but it is a shame that i cannot make the toolbars and side panels black

  31. DaveH52
    16 Jan 15

    It would be nice to be able to tweak WMP to show menus like previous versions

  32. Anonymous
    12 Mar 15

    try stopping Windows Media Sharing service for those who can't change the images

  33. Anonymous
    22 Jul 15

    Cannot change the background after using it twice - then it just picked a random background, not the one I selected. Strange...

  34. flem
    01 Aug 15

    worked great first time but unable to change it after that!!!!!!!!! pls help

  35. SexyBebo83
    03 Feb 16

    didn't work on me at all :(

  36. Ari
    04 Feb 17

    Windows 10 user here. Suddenly the background is "frozen". I cannot change it anymore. Nor restore :/

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