As you know, the desktop slideshow feature is missing in Windows 7 Starter. There is no option to change wallpaper automatically or even in manual mode using standard system option. StarterDesktopSlideShow comes to solve this issue.

It can:
  • Change wallpaper on timer

  • Change wallpaper on StarterDesktopSlideShow start

  • Change wallpaper by global hotkey

  • Autostart after users logon

  • Disable slideshow when on battery

  • Check your system tray after apllication start. You will find StarterDesktopSlideShow there.
  • Only Windows 7 Starter is supported. Other editions is not supported.
  • StarterDesktopSlideShow not works on limited accounts. Sorry, we have no solution at this moment.
  • Do not disable task scheduler because StarterDesktopSlideShow uses task scheduler to suppress UAC dialogs.
    After changing wallpaper to non-default you will not able to change screensaver. Apply default wallpaper from context menu of StarterDesktopSlideShow's tray icon.

Download StarterDesktopSlideShow

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  1. samy
    24 Sep 11

    thank you for the
    it has been of much help

  2. Abhijit Singh
    20 Dec 11

    Thank u,Because it help to manage Win7
    Thank u

  3. Sergey
    20 Dec 11

    u r welcome!

  4. el caesa he perro
    23 Dec 11

    Grasias Rusos,, se pasaron

  5. ag0044
    16 Jun 12

    Just trying this for the first time, and it seems to do exactly what it says it will do, and exactly what I want it to do. Thank you.

    There are a few enhancements that would make this even better, for me. (They may already be in the program, but I haven't found them yet!).

    First, I would like to be able to use all the pictures in a directory/folder. Adding pictures one-by-one, or by a mass import, is very slow. So, "add folder" would be good.

    Then, it would be even better if the program could monitor that directory to pick up any files added or removed to the directory.

    Next, when opening the Configuration, thumbnails of all the pictures are loaded. As with the initial load, this takes a long time if there are a lot of pictures - I have a large set of over 4000 pictures. Would it not be quicker to have a database (or index?) so that the load process is quicker?

    Thanks again for this program. Seems very good.

  6. moss
    22 Nov 12

    it is not available for win 7 home basic. please suggest some software for it?

  7. Sergey
    22 Nov 12

    You can use AeroWallpaperChanger
    It has same features+nice window frame coloring, which is supported in Windows 7 Home Basic too.

  8. zbirth
    24 Nov 12

    how do you uninstall?????

  9. Sergey
    25 Nov 12

    using Control Panel - uninstal a program. As usial
    What is the problem?

  10. mariahelenabeabesas
    13 Jan 13

    how do i use this

  11. Miguel
    04 Mar 13

    Can you put one for W8?

  12. Sergey
    05 Mar 13

    Win8 already has such feature out of box.

  13. mharnie
    05 Mar 13

    why the desktop wallpaper on timer doesn't work ???

  14. Sergey
    05 Mar 13

    I have no idea.
    Maybe due a bug?
    Can you share more details?
    E.g. settings you set.

  15. mharnie
    17 Mar 13

    "Change image every" is checked.
    for 1 minutes

    image layout is stretch..
    .. when i choose on the image above as my desktop wallpaper too.. nothing happens.

    additional info.
    i have also the Personalized Panel which i downloaded in this site.

  16. washington
    24 Apr 13

    the os will be not genuine after the installation?

  17. panget
    11 Aug 13

    where is the download link

  18. petar
    09 Jan 14

    i can t open it. Please help me

  19. Panget
    05 Jul 14

    and me to....

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