Warning! This version works only in Windows 7 and Windows 8 DP/CP/RP. For Windows 8 RTM and above please use Aero8Tuner software.
AeroTuner software allows you to tweak several Windows 7 Aero settings which can't be changed with control panel.

Did you know what Aero engine in Windows operates with two colors simultaneously? AeroTuner allows you to try it in action as well as control of Aero Stipes (that lines on your Aero Glass).So, you can change the all Aero/DWM settings with this application, such as:
  • both windows colors
  • transparency in windows;
  • color balance;
  • glow color balance;
  • blur;
  • Aero stripes amount.

This app has been superseded by Winaero Tweaker and is no longer being maintained. Use the following options from Winaero Tweaker:

You can download Winaero Tweaker here: Download Winaero Tweaker.

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  1. Jen
    28 Jul 11

    This program rocks, thank you so much. I tried oceanic to change my desktop in Windows Starter but every time I restarted it reverted back to the original default background, this is the only program that works!

  2. Sergey
    29 Jul 11

    I think you mean Personalization Panel, because AeroTuner do not change wallpaper.
    Thank you anyway for warm words.

  3. Jrtovarm
    17 Aug 11

    This program works in Windows 7 starter?

  4. Sam
    18 Aug 11

    Only after Aero patch

  5. romairo
    22 Aug 11

    Eu acho que você quer dizer Painel de personalização, porque AeroTuner não mudar papel de parede.
    Obrigado de qualquer maneira para palavras calorosas.

  6. Guest
    12 Sep 11

    I dunno why , the transparency does not work for me.
    Also as in the snapshot shown above, I dont have just 2 buttons (save, close ) but I have 3 buttons (save, restore to dwm,close).
    Cant guess what the problem is :-(

  7. Anonymous
    12 Sep 11

    Moreover your earlier personalization panel and color changer worked perfectly. Thanks for all

  8. Sergey
    12 Sep 11

    Screenshot shows version 1.0
    Version 1.0.1 has three buttons

  9. Anonymous
    16 Oct 11

    This does work for Win 7 Starter

  10. Anonymous
    18 Oct 11

    This cannot work in Starter. There is no Aero in Starter

  11. panda
    31 Oct 11

    Your app is very interesting, but unfortunately it can't alter one thing I wanted altered the most. Every selected and not maximized window has certain black shadow. Is there a way to change that shadow into something else (eg a faint glow?)


  12. Sergey
    01 Nov 11

    you can't change that shadow because it is theme's PNG resource, not DWM effect

  13. sergio
    13 Nov 11

    ¿Funciona para Win 7 Starter?

  14. Panda
    21 Nov 11

    Happy Bulldozer, thanks for your answer.

    Where is that PNG located? Is it possible to access and change it?

    Even if it is a PNG resource, can you make an app that can replace existing PNG picture with the one I painted in, say, photoshop?

    There are some other stuff (like the size of rounding on windows) that I would like to be able to customize. Are there more advanced apps for that sort of thing?


  15. Sergey
    22 Nov 11

    You need software named Windows Style Builder.
    Or software called "Restorator"
    I don't remember exact location of that shadow resource, but you will easy find it, if you open standard c:\windows\resources\themes\aero\aero.msstyles file in any of that programs.
    I can create that program, but it is better if you make your own Visual Style for windows 7 and then share it with other people.

    I recommend you to learn and try Windows Style Builder. It is very powerful tool for visual style editing

  16. rexydallas
    24 Jan 12

    does this work in windows vista?

  17. Anonymous
    26 Jan 12

    NO. this for Windows 7 only

  18. Anonymous
    29 Jan 12

    transparency doesn't work for me. :(

  19. Anonymous
    28 Mar 12

    transparency also not work for me. pls help

  20. Anonymous
    28 Mar 12

    transparency doesn't work for those who use windows 7 home basic/starter editions

  21. Shubham (sam)
    07 Jun 12

    nice software

  22. Superman
    12 Jun 12

    Just one word : PERFECT ! ! !

  23. kapila
    25 Jun 12

    after successful installation of aero patch on windows7 stater this patch also work perfectly.nice work thanks you

  24. Sergey
    27 Jun 12

    You are welcome!

  25. SuperMan
    23 Jul 12

    I h8 windows vista. It's the baddest ever. >:(

  26. Anonymous
    09 Aug 12

    Does this work in Windows 8 RTM??

  27. Sergey
    09 Aug 12

    Not yet. I am working for Aero8Tuner. Please be patient

  28. Anonymous
    17 Aug 12

    I can't seem to access glow color. But it was fine initially and also the Personalization panel that I have downloaded earlier before this, is having some trouble in opening 'Advanced setting' in Window color. I have tried re-installing it but it not working. Any suggestions would be helpful.

  29. Anonymous
    06 Oct 12

    is this works for windows 7 starter? , i am afraid to use dis.

  30. Sergey
    07 Oct 12

    It does not work.

  31. Anoop
    07 Feb 14


  32. Razer
    27 Apr 14

    is it works for 7 basic or not?
    my transparency doesn't work..

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