Winaero ColorSync

Winaero ColorSync is very tiny application (441 kb) which is native and portable.

It will allow you:
- to use the Start screen background color as a color for the window border
- to use the window border as a color for the Start screen background.
This can be done automatically or manually
Get the solid and stylish UI in your Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.

Latest version is 2.0, it got lots of improvements, see the change log below!

Options and features

  • Run at startup - will run the application every time Windows starts.
  • Hide tray icon - will hide the tray icon of application. The application will remember this setting and will not show the tray icon even when you restart it. To show it again, run Winaero ColorSync twice.
  • Start Screen -> Aero - makes the color sync use the Start Screen background as color source for window borders.
  • Aero -> Start Screen - makes the color sync use the window border color as the color for the Start Screen background.
    Note: the Start Screen background color is strictly limited to a hardcoded list of colors. This means, for example, if you set your window color to white, you will not be able to achieve white Start screen background. The application will calculate the nearest color in such case. Please keep this in mind before you will report a bug.

Command line arguments

Since version 2.0, Winaero ColorSync supports the following command line arguments:
ColorSync.exe /aerotostartscreen - apply the window border color to the Start screen background and exit.
ColorSync.exe /startscreentoaero - apply the Start Screen background color to the window border and exit.

Winaero ColorSync in action:

Winaero ColorSync supports Windows 8.1 x86 and x64. No separate version for x64 is required, the application works well on both versions.

Note: according to users, it also works in Windows 8 RTM very well.

The change log

+ Added command line arguments
+ Added two way synchronization: Start Sreen->Aero and and vice versa
+ App's speed is improved
+ When the Start Screen background color is used as the color source for Aero, the new color values of window borders will be saved in registry.
My first try to play with color synchronization.

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  1. Sylcai
    20 Oct 13

    The accent colour is not changed too. :(

    It would be nice if the accent colour changed along with it, to a lighter, or darker colour of the selected colour of the 'background'.

  2. anon
    04 Nov 13

    Hello, can you tell us what is the software in your systray (the one with the star)?


  3. Anonymous
    22 Nov 13

    why not combine it with Aerorainbow?

  4. Sergey
    22 Nov 13

    I had such idea.
    Maybe in near future.

  5. gadjah
    17 Dec 13

    I tried to remove it and restart my win8.1 ent. x64, but the effect stayed. Any idea?

    And I try to email you to, but it always bounce back.

    I want to know if you can make the Start screen wallpaper (eg. the animated dragon) becomes Desktop wallpaper. Can you do that?

    Thanks for your works!

  6. Alex
    31 Dec 13

    Sergei your idea is awesome to say that you are a professional developer and designer

  7. DracheMitch
    24 Mar 14

    I would like the Start Screen background to appear on the Desktop

  8. Max
    11 Oct 14

    Ignore the above comment, sorry
    It's a long time since I've been here, but as always there is new amazing software. These tools are really awesome.
    Keep up the good work.


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