Context Menu Tuner

Context Menu Tuner is an application which allows you to customize Explorer's context menu in Windows 10, Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.

More screenshots are available below.
Latest version is, see the change log below.

Unlike other tools, it provides you the following options:
  • Ability to add ANY Ribbon command to the context menu of any file, folder, desktop or/and specific file type. This includes even commands which are not added to the ribbon by default.
  • Ability to add a custom command to the context menu of any file, folder, desktop or/and specific file type. You can specify the title and icon for the context menu item and add command line arguments for the application you use.
  • For every menu item you added you can additionally specify the following:
    • position: top or bottom;
    • separator: you will be able to add a separator before or after the context menu item;
    • you can prevent the context menu item from being the default action;
    • you can tweak the context menu item to be shown only if SHIFT key is pressed on the keyboard.

Context Menu Tuner: ribbon command/separators demo

Context Menu Tuner: custom item demo

Context Menu Tuner: context menu for specific file type

Context Menu Tuner supports all editions of Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. It is the portable application and does not require to be installed. Windows 7 users have to install .NET Framework 4.5 to get this app working.

Context Menu Tuner has translatable UI and you can translate it with simple text file. Just rename the Languages\English_template.ini to YourLanguage.ini and translate strings in that file. That's it. Feel free to send me your translations - I will include them with application zip archive.

Available translations:
Hungarian - many thanks to "BlueEyes HelpDesk"
German - many thanks to "Eike Bierwirth"
Brazilian Portuguese - many thanks to "Bruno A. Vieira"
Spain - many thanks to "Ricardo Gutiérrez"
Czech - many thanks to "Richard Kahl"
Dutch - many thanks to "Alex Kpn"

Context Menu Tuner in action

Change log

Again, fixed invalid window size (Context Menu Tuner appeared invisible). Removed the incorrect implementation in the app, used the one from the common control library. Thanks to Ricardo Gutiérrez for assistance.
Fixed invalid window size (Context Menu Tuner appeared invisible)
Added Spain translation.

+The ability to add commands to the drive context menu.
+The ability to add commands to the context menu of Libraries
+The tooltip of a Ribbon command in the list contains the command name.
+The application got a black list with commands which affect the stability of File Explorer. If you found out that some command causes crashes of File Explorer once you added it to the context menu, tell please which command it was in the comments. I will add to the black list and it won't appear in the list of available commands any more.

No more separate x86/x64 folders. A new universal binary file supports all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions.
Again, performance improvements.
Fixed stability issues reported by users. Thank you guys for your bug reports!
Minor improvements and fixes.

Speed up application several times. It starts much faster now.
Added the manual update check.

Change log

Added main window position and size saving
Added translation for the "add custom item" string

Initial release

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  1. Blackcrack
    06 Sep 13

    crewl.. well done !

    best regards

  2. stankovic
    11 Sep 13

    that is just great! thanks!

    one question: what does mean "to be default action in context menu"?

  3. EpinephrinousButtnube
    21 Sep 13

    Bummer! Forgot to check the release date (only 2 weeks ago) before activating the program, effectively volunteering for alpha tester. Made bunches of context menu additions and now I can't open any folders (Win 8, laptop). Is there a quick and dirty undo or am I in restore-land?

    Good concept. Better without this bug.

  4. EpinephrinousButtnube
    21 Sep 13

    Happy day! I found a workaround. With my particular selection of context menu additions I couldn't launch cmt to undo the changes I'd made that prevented me from opening folders and a number of other things. I realized the problem was probably in the how Whinedows Exploder was handling the new changes. I launched cmt from cmd.exe instead and cleared out my changes. All is rosey again.

    Thanks for all your craft and generosity.

  5. Rick
    14 Oct 13

    I am having a similar problem in Win 8 x64. If I add anything to the context menu it restarts explorer every time I try to click a folder. I am able to navigate and load the program and undo the changes, but that happens even when adding an administrator command prompt to the [shift] context menu

    BTW thanks for all you do!

  6. Sergey
    14 Oct 13

    but that happens even when adding an administrator command prompt to the [shift] context menu

    Yes, I just repeated this. Looks like this command can break Explorer.
    I will add this to announcement.
    Rick, EpinephrinousButtnube, thanks for the info.
    @EpinephrinousButtnube - i will add "remove all custom commands" button.

  7. Chris
    16 Nov 13

    Same here on a win 8.1 x64, just add a cmd.exe to my folder context menu, and after that can't enter a folder etc.. explorer relauch each time, every thnig ok when i remove the entry with a cmd.exe to lauch CMT. hope you'll be able to fix that, coz this tool is really a must to have !!

  8. pbanj
    28 Nov 13

    powershell as admin in the folder section crashes explorer also but i have come up with a fix

    @="Admin Ps"

    @= can be changed to what ever u want it to be named, it will open ps in the current location as admin

  9. pbanj
    28 Nov 13

    here is a working open admin cmd for the folder section

    @="Admin Cmd Here"

    again @= can be changed to what u want it to be

  10. pbanj
    28 Nov 13

    working normal cmd for the folder part

    @="Cmd Here"

    @="\"C:\\Windows\\System32\\cmd.exe\" /s /k pushd \"%V\"

    again u can change the @="Cmd Here" to what u want it to be

  11. Pit
    31 Jan 14

    Hello Sergey, tell me whether you can add a function does not, by itself and the PC, so you can search directly from the text editor and search for photos?
    Thank you in advance!

  12. Sergey
    02 Feb 14

    Hello Pit, I cannot.

  13. Specular
    17 Feb 14

    Is there a way to specify an executable with double quotes, such as "C:\Program Files\Example\example.exe"?

    Currently CMT is preventing me from making such a path, which means I can't use it with some apps that require no spaces in the path. A fix would be awesome

  14. Bryan
    24 Mar 14

    Hello Sergey, when I run this in Windows 8, the "Select File Type" dialog only contains the first 20 alphabetical extensions, and I can't search or get to any file extensions beyond that. Do you know what can be done to fix this? Thanks in advance!

  15. Ian J
    31 Mar 14

    I am trying to add a context menu item for jpg files in Windows 8.1. ContextMenuTuner adds the item to the context menu ok, but when I try to open it I get this error message:


    This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a
    program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control

    The program I'm trying to start is C:\Utilities\ShowExif.exe with default %1 parameters.

    Any ideas

  16. krosk93
    05 Apr 14

    Ian J, having same problem here. Hopefully someone will come up with an idea.

  17. doumer
    18 Apr 14

    Ian J: remove the parameters

  18. IanJ
    21 Apr 14

    Why on earth would that be of any use. I want it to open the file I have selected. I tried it anyway and the result is still the same it won't work.

  19. n4ken
    21 Apr 14

    Hi thanks for a great prog... adding 'New folder' to the desktop right click was just what I'd been looking for.
    There is a small problem. When I create a custom command it will not allow me to use an .ico file. I've tried all sizes and it does not work. If I select from inside a dll then it's fine. Is there something I'm missing or doing wrong.

    Keep up the great work.


  20. assybish
    09 May 14

    Hi Sergey
    can you please help I used CMT to add right click command prompt as admin and now explorer crashes when right clicking or double clicking to open cmt64.exe to undo the change.
    Please advise what registry entry to change to undo this change and repair explorer (windows 8.1)

  21. hessam
    18 May 14

    thankyou very much for this great tool.
    must useful item for me is New folder and open cmd as admin
    i have some problem in windows 8.1 update1
    i added "This PC" to desktop context menu when i click on that give me error parameter is incorrect
    also i want add run as another user just for exe bat cmd file,and not show on every file

  22. vld
    08 Aug 14

    Thank you, a very useful tool for me. Can I make it so that icons are added to the commands (eg Copy, Cut, Paste, Delete, Rename, Properties ...) located at the top of the context menu in a row (as in the Ribbon or commands of text format in the context menu in MS Word)? This would be much more convenient.

  23. MerlinSilk
    29 Aug 14

    I have been looking for a program like this - thank you!
    But I have a problem adding a custom item to a specific file type (.reg in my case): when I select specific file type I get only the first ~20 file types and can't find a 'reg' file type.

  24. Meathead
    06 Sep 14

    I have a question, is there anyway I can add customer folder directory to my right click menu?

  25. Sergey
    07 Sep 14

    Add Explorer.exe "path\to\your folder"

  26. Techman
    24 Oct 14

    Hi :-)
    My system windows 8.1 x64 and Office 2013 x64.

    When i add the "Office Activation Status" and run the command, the window (Powershell) quickly open and closes, so there is no chance to see what i says. Is it possible to keep the window open, so users can read the information.

    The "Dlv" command for windows works just fine.

  27. nib
    10 Jun 15

    I also have the problem that only the first file extension where shown, e.g. I can not find mp3 in the dialog.
    Use Win7 Prof, 64bit, Is there a solution or workaround for that?
    THanx in advance, Great SW.

  28. Herb
    24 Jun 15

    Same Problem than IanJ:

    I am trying to add a context menu item for mp3 files in Windows 7 32bit brandnew. ContextMenuTuner adds the item to the context menu correctly, but when I try to open it in the context menu I get this error message:

    This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a
    program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control

    The program I'm trying to start is not important, I tried different ones with default %1 parameter and without parameter.

    Is there any help?

  29. randomdude999
    15 Jul 15

    Hi, I am using the program as a normal user (not admin) and I don't have access to modify HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. Maybe add an option to use HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes instead? Also something totally unrelated, do all the tools available on this site use the same WinaeroControls.dll file? Would save some space and folders.

  30. shamu726
    30 Oct 15

    does this support windows 10?

  31. Markus
    14 Jan 16

    Big issues with Win 10(1511) I applied the both open with CMD commands to folders. It crashes Explorer when I try open "This PC" or open a folder context menu. Happens on my both installs.

  32. Charles
    02 Jun 16

    Excellent! Is there any way to create nested menu's? this would actually replace the applications i am using (foldermenu3/direct folders)

  33. Angelo
    02 Jun 16

    It's unfortunate that this program isn't listed as having support for Windows 10. This would have been a great utility to add "About Windows" and "Uninstall or remove program" to the right-click menu of my desktop.

  34. Sergey
    02 Jun 16

    Win10 version is on the way as a part of Winaero Tweaker.

  35. ????????
    10 Dec 16

    ????? ????? Windows 10

  36. Delta3
    29 Dec 16

    Great tool! I added the "Views" command to Folder but when I select it I get an error message: "Not implemented". I assume this command should change the folder view between Details, Extra large icons, List, etc.
    Any suggestions?

  37. Sergey
    31 Dec 16

    Some command do not work properly when added to the context menu. Unfortunately, Views is one of them.

  38. Pink Girl
    04 Jan 17

    a shame this crashes on explorer in windows 10 after an adding menu item
    hope its fixed sooon

  39. Sergey
    05 Jan 17

    Certain commands can crash Explorer when added to the context menu. It is not a bug of the app.
    Can you specify which command(s) you added? I will blacklist them.

  40. Pink Girl
    10 Jan 17


    yes explorer crashed when i try to add the command prompt and command prompt admin

    i dont know about any other ones that do but them two do crash explorer


  41. Sergey
    11 Jan 17

    Okay, thanks. I will add them to the black list and prevent them from being displayed in the command list.

  42. raaomoka
    12 Feb 17


    Really love the idea behind this tweaking tool. Would it be possible to fully integrate it with the feature-packed Winaero Tweaker?

  43. Sergey
    12 Feb 17

    raaomoka, I started merging them, but it will take some time. So I will maintain this one until the Tweaker option be implemented.

  44. Thorsten Albreht
    19 Feb 17

    Thank you for the tool! Most of the time I’d like to diable different context menu entries from various programs (with the help of ShellExView), but sometimes it’s convenient just to add a new entry. Of course it’s possible to use the registry, but using your tool is more comfortable! Would be great if you could improve the tool to allow custom context menu entries, too (i.e. to start a program).

    Edit: I overlooked the custom entry at the beginning of the list! Great! So, perhaps what's missing is the ability to display current context menu entries like in ShellExView...


  45. Edivan Baptista - Brazil - São Poulo
    23 Mar 17

    The number of lines of the submenus contexts, is one to 15 lines per submenus. We would like to add that number of lines! How can we make this modification in "RegEdit"?!?

  46. reza
    19 Apr 17

    How do I remove the “Undo” option from Windows' right-click context menu?

    -undo copy
    -undo rename
    -undo move
    and ....

  47. supersaiyansubtlety
    24 Feb 18

    Could you please add some features to make it easier to use the "Add Custom Item..." feature?
    1) Allow editing of custom items.
    2) Add list of saved custom items in the left side command list. This would allow you to remove a custom item from the context menu without deleting it permanently. It would also allow you to add that item to multiple context menus, as opposed to the current workaround of creating the same item from scratch for each context menu.

    Also, the fact that double clicking an item in the right side context menu list removes that item seems unintuitive, especially for custom items which just get permanently deleted.

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