This PC Tweaker

This PC Tweaker - my brand new work.

Attention to all
Attention to all This PC Tweaker users, the Navigation Pane editor feature was dropped from the RTM release of This PC Tweaker 1.0 due to bugs and stability issues. It will be released as a separate app very soon.
Version 1.3 is available, please download a new version with Windows 10 support!
This application allows you to customize items inside the "Computer/This PC" folder and many other things

The features list of the This PC Tweaker
With This PC Tweaker, you will be able to perform the following customizations:
  • to add any folder to the Computer/This PC folder. Really any.
  • to remove any folder from the Computer/This PC folder.
  • to change the icon for any folder inside Computer/This PC.
  • to add any shell location like Administrative tools, God Mode, Network Connections
  • you can pin or unpin Computer/This PC items from the Navigation Pane of Explorer in Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and even in Windows 7!
  • You can remove or add any item from the Folders category inside the Computer/This PC folder.
  • to restore defaults with one click.

You can get something like this with just a few mouse clicks:

And sure, in Windows 7 too:

This PC Tweaker has access to all usable shell locations in Window and provides them for you. You will be able to add even God Mode to the "computer" folder.

Tip: if God Mode (All tasks, all settings items) does not showing in This PC/Computer, you should log off/log in back or restart Explorer.
This PC Tweaker supports Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 completely.

This PC Tweaker in action

Windows 7:

Windows 8:

This PC Tweaker has translatable UI and you can translate it with simple text file. Just rename the Languages\English_template.ini to YourLanguage.ini and translate strings in that file. That's it. Feel free to send me your translations - I will include them with application zip archive.

Available translations:
English - out-of-box support.
Russian - by Winaero.
Czech - many thanks to "moderate".
French - many thanks to Gérald Beau.
German - many thanks to Andrea Goetz.
Spanish - many thanks to RoTcE.
Polish - many thanks to Dariusz K?pi?ski.
Portugese - many thanks to Gutierrez PS.

Before you will report bugs

1. If you will remove the Pictures folder but add Pictures\Screenshots, then Pictures will appear in This PC anyway. This is the same for all default folders in This PC. Do not report this bug, this is not a bug, it is the default Explorer behavior in Windows 8. This is fixed in v1.1. Many thanks to the author of StartIsBack, Tihiy, for this hotfix!

2. You cannot change the icon of special shell locations added to This PC, you can only change the icons of custom folders you add yourselves. I designed this intentionally to prevent you from breaking Control Panel. Believe me, this is required.

Change log

v1.3 - the application supports Windows 10 now. I tested it on Windows 10 build 10122, so that build and above are supported.
v1.2.0.1 - the critical update
Bug fixed: In Windows 8.1/Windows 8 x64, if you remove standard folders from This PC and then restore defaults, This PC folder may become broken for 32 bit (x86) apps. Due to bug, the app was not be able to restore registry properly and this could cause the empty This PC folder for x86 apps in the open/save file dialog.
It is strongly recommended to upgrade the app to version
To fix the broken keys,press and hold the SHIFT key and click the "restore defaults" button. You should get the following message:
This PC Tweaker
x64 broken keys recovery

* Bug fixed: In Windows 7, you were not be able to open added folders to Computer
* Bug fixed: when you add a custom folder to This PC/Computer, the New Folder button inside this folder was not available.
* Bug fixed: Removed shell folders like Downloads, Pictures may re-appear in This PC, if you add any of their subfolders.
Ability to rename the folder you added.

* The application was rewritten from scratch.
+ Added ability to add any folder
+ Added ability to change icons
+ Added navigation pane pinning support for Windows 7
+ Added proper Windows x64 handling
+ Added translations support
* Fixed many bugs

+Windows 8.1 RTM support.

+Added Windows 7 support
+Added the "Navigation pane" feature

Initial release with This PC tweaking feature only.

The application's icon was created by Rhor. Many thanks for his hard work.

This app has been superseded by Winaero Tweaker and is no longer being maintained. Use the following options from Winaero Tweaker:

You can download Winaero Tweaker here: Download Winaero Tweaker.
Donate options for satisfied users:


  1. Anonymous
    14 Aug 13

    Yeah but you can't move them up or down ..

  2. Der Pepper25
    17 Aug 13

    Hi, v russian version Win 8.1 the Proga will be arbeiten?

  3. moinmoin
    18 Aug 13

    Hi Sergey, the works fine in 9431.
    In 9471 the This PC area is empty. You ca add any items, but not remove.

  4. moinmoin
    24 Aug 13


  5. Volfstein
    08 Sep 13

    Do not hide the works for a Save As menu... Win 8 x64

  6. Daniel
    19 Sep 13

    Unfortunately, I can't remove Documents as it is not listed in the programm.

  7. barri
    22 Sep 13

    on windows 8.1 9431 german version I ended up with a non-deletable skydrive icon on the desktop. How can I remove it?

  8. tjohns34
    26 Sep 13

    I am running Windows 8.1 Pro from a TechNet account with a valid activated key. I am also running Start8 by Stardock, if that matters. Unfortunately, almost nothing shows up when I run the "This PC Tweaker". No Folders option specifically. I have tried logging off/back on, and also restarting Explorer multiple times. I also tried running This PC Tweaker as Admin, which did nothing different. Is there a log or something I can send you for troubleshooting?

  9. tjohns34
    26 Sep 13

    It looks like uninstalling Start8 enabled "This PC Tweaker" to successfully access the areas I couldn't before. I installed Start8 back to the system after I made changes through "This PC Tweaker", and the changes stuck. The only thing I could possibly ask for with this program is the ability to change the order things appear in the Navigation Pane. Thanks for the work!

  10. tjohns34
    27 Sep 13

    One final comment; like barri above commented, I also ended up with a non-deletable SkyDrive icon on my desktop. Any clues on this?

  11. Jaiba
    28 Sep 13

    Is there a way to add a specific folder on the navigation bar or in the Folders section of This PC?

  12. Betso
    19 Oct 13

    Like Jaiba I'd like to know if there is a way to add a specific folder in the folders section of This PC.
    Thank you for your work.

  13. chair
    19 Oct 13

    I was able to remove the SkyDrive icon from the desktop by disabling SkyDrive in the Group Policy Editor.

    - Run "gpedit.msc"
    - Open "Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\SkyDrive"
    - Enable " Prevent the usage of SkyDrive for file storage"

  14. Mavamaarten
    19 Oct 13

    It would be great to be able to add custom folders (e.g. a folder within my documents, I want a direct link to that), right now this application is not that useful to me.

  15. Crusty
    20 Oct 13

    Looks like I have the nondeletable SkyDrive on the Desktop too. Any tips?

  16. Keith
    20 Oct 13

    I too had an issue until killing my custom Start Menu, as info to others.

  17. mchogo
    21 Oct 13

    Hi, Just want to tell you a bug. I don't know why but I cannot open control pannel from charmbar in windows 8.1 after using this tool. If I restore the default setting, it fixes the problem which means "This PC Tweaker" broke my PC. I hope you can fix this issue in a next build. Sorry for bad English.

  18. John
    22 Oct 13

    Got stuck with the fixed Skydrive icon on the desktop too. Can't delete, rename, change icon, nothing. Anything on this? Please reply, this is a really great tool but this icon is bugging us.

  19. Sergey
    22 Oct 13

    mchogo, let me check it by myself, I will look.

    John, i will look what is possible to do ASAP.

  20. Talbot
    25 Oct 13

    If you could find a way to stop frequently used folders from showing up in the "This PC" sidebar I would really appreciate it. All I want (and all I've had there since Vista I guess) are the physical drives. Now that it's become "This PC" it puts random folders that I've used recently like Downloads or even obscure ones like a program folder in Program Files. That has to be the most annoying new feature, especially when I can have Favorites AND Libraries so close, I don't need 2 "Downloads" folders less than 1cm away from each other.

  21. Nacho
    29 Oct 13

    Great software, but it doesn't work for the Save As navigation pane (i.e. when saving something in Chrome). Please fix.. thank you!

  22. Sergey
    30 Oct 13

    Today a new version will be released.
    The navigation pane editor will be released as a separate app.

  23. Nacho
    30 Oct 13

    The update is fantastic, thank you Sergey.

  24. Paul
    31 Oct 13

    Hi. Avast AV is telling me that the latest version is infected with Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] and won't let me download. Can this be fixed at all?


  25. Sergey
    31 Oct 13

    This cannot be fixed, just because app is not infected, not compressed, not packed and it is raw .NET app.

  26. Crusty
    05 Nov 13

    Has a solution to the SkyDrive icon on the desktop been discovered (besides disabling it in the Group Policy Editor)? Thanks.

  27. roryok
    06 Nov 13

    Great app! I really don't like that there are so many folders in "This PC" and no way to change them. A stupid mistake on Microsoft's part, as usual fixed by some smart developer.

    I have two bugs to report:

    1. When I add control panel, it shows on Navigation Pane AND on "This PC", no matter which combination of checkboxes I select for it. I only wanted it on the navigation pane but it always comes up in This PC.

    2. I added DropBox to the Navigation Pane and it hasn't shown up. It is visible in "This PC", but not on the Navigation pane. I tried restarting explorer.exe but it made no difference.

  28. lusitopp
    07 Nov 13

    Kind of awesome app but with 1 big problem for us.
    I create a Custom Folder, pointing to C:\Local, if i then from This PC dubble click on the folder, and then in the folder rightclick the whole context "new" is gone, so i cant creat folders this way. if i then go to c:\local and create a folder, and then if i go back to this pc and click on Local, i can create a new folder under the recently created one.. but i cant create in the root.
    how can i fix this?

  29. The Best Isaac
    09 Nov 13

    Great app! Though one feature is missing: The ability to add libraries addiontally to folders.

  30. Varyak
    12 Nov 13

    Hey, I have a minor problem. In Chrome or Internet Explorer I have the Download Folder in the "Save as" dialog shown in the "This PC" section. And didn't find a way to remove it. Iin Chrome I also don't have the libraries in the dialogs. Is there a way to fix it?

    Beside this, a really fantastic app!

  31. Leontin
    17 Nov 13

    Thank you so much for this app. One thing I would like to add. Can you make for Windows 8.1 that Hard Disk Drives to be separately from Devices With Removable Storage like in Windows 7 and Windows 8? Thank you in advance!

  32. adil
    19 Nov 13

    please add font change option! let us change display font and font size.

  33. Sam
    24 Nov 13

    +1 to what Leontin said, if it's at all possible.

    Right now, on 8.1, all the devices are muddled up, whereas on Vista/7/8 they were sorted into different categories.

  34. nekro
    27 Nov 13

    Please try to find a way to restore separate categories for hard drive and removable storage. Windows 8.1 lumped everything together.

  35. Leontin
    28 Nov 13

    Thank you, Sergey! It worked!

  36. Anonymous
    02 Dec 13

    The space between the "Favorites" "This PC" and the "Libraries" is gone. Please fix it.

  37. Sergey
    02 Dec 13

    Sign out and sign in.
    This is fix the issue.

  38. HeliXZz
    05 Dec 13

    Hi there. I wonder if you like to add Chinese translations to this app? I could provide some help anytime. Contact me at helixzz(at) =)

  39. Oren
    08 Dec 13

    great tweaker !
    i translated to Hebrew
    add please)

  40. Anonymous
    10 Dec 13

    Thanks very much for an extreemely useful tweak.
    The latest update is very stable.
    A move icon up/down list (instead of alphabetical order) would further improve this great tweak.

  41. johnnyops
    27 Dec 13

    Bug: Desktop - remove from folder list but keep navigation. folder is removed however it now shows up just below under Devices/right next to C:

    System: Table/Dell Venue 8 Pro
    OS: Win 8.1 x32

    I rebooted just to make sure and the problem persisted.

    Otherwise great app, thank you!

  42. Sergey
    27 Dec 13

    Thanks for your report, I will look that I can do.

  43. ais
    31 Dec 13


  44. Guest
    09 Jan 14

    Hi when will the navigation panel feature be released? will it also have rearranging feature?

  45. Sergey
    09 Jan 14

    I am working on the Navigation Panel feature at this moment.
    Yes, I plan to implement the rearrangement feature.

  46. Kirby8
    23 Jan 14

    Thank you! Does exactly what I wanted to do, make it s that I have custom icons in the file explorer side bar. I just removed all the default shells and replaced them with the same folders, which allowed me to change the icons. I don't understand why changing some of these icons is such a pain.

  47. Lemming
    31 Jan 14


    Is it possible to "pin" a file ? For example, it would be great if we can pin a library (*.library-ms).


  48. Ben
    01 Feb 14

    In the end I couldn't use the program. What I want to do is customize the Nav Panel to include all the destinations I prefer. I could only change what was in the folder. In retrospect it does sort of say that at the top of the download page, but it's not clear and the accompanying videos show you customizing the Navigation Pane. Hope that you can find a way to fix this some day because it's a pretty cool idea and I don't see anyone else doing it.

    bennoro at cs dot com

  49. dot45
    10 Feb 14

    Any chance of supporting command-line switches. (So we can automate this on many machines.)

  50. Sergey
    10 Feb 14

    Why not?
    I'll try with new version

  51. Jfrm
    14 Feb 14

    Nice work. Thanks

    If have just a question. If I unselect "Show inside Folders Category" for an ítem it get moved to "Devices and Drives" group but don't disapeared. Is that behaviour intended or maybe a bug?

  52. Angelo
    03 Mar 14

    Any chance you'll come out with the navigation pane editor any time soon?

  53. atShelter
    10 Mar 14

    hi ^^
    realy nice app!

    i think i found 2 bugs.
    "all settings" and "all Tasks" dont work for me (Win8.1 x64)

    it would be awesome if you could add an option to arrange the items.

  54. Anand
    23 Mar 14

    Download shows corrupt file. Tried 4 times. gave up!!

  55. George
    18 Apr 14

    Hi ! Would be great if you guys add the possibility to create categories like Folders and Devices and Drives. I would like to have a category called multimedia where I will store all kinds of stuffs.

    Thanks for your work.

  56. alexfair
    01 May 14

    Creating a Microsoft Outlook shortcut through your application for the folders in win+e creates a shortcut on the desktop as well. it is undeletable and pointing to an older version of Outlook. help please.

    22 Jun 14

    I have a problem to hide the Outlook icon does not disappear from the desktop, anyone know how to disable it?

  58. MDJ
    15 Aug 14

    How to rename default folders if this program doesn‘t allow that (disabled button)? I want folder names to be shown differently, not actually change folder locations on hard disk. Does anyone know a Registry trick or something?

  59. hede
    29 Aug 14

    Hi Sergey

    I can't read anywhere, if the changes made by your program is for all users on the machine?
    I would like to add some custom libraries for showing up under this pc for my terminal users and therefore i need to know or have a option to choose this changes to all users?

  60. Chris
    03 Sep 14

    Thanks its Brilliant.

  61. hate stupic microsoft
    13 Sep 14

    thank a lot

  62. Mike
    12 Oct 14

    Super cool, thanks so much for this great tool!!!

  63. XSS
    30 Oct 14

    I ran this before on my OS and it worked. Now I installed a fresh copy of Windows 8.1, and it says failed to set access privileges.

  64. cybergen
    30 Oct 14

    I cannot start the application at all. It just doesn't show a window or anything. I just can see the process in the Task Manager for about half of a second before it disappears.

    I have a Windows 8.1 x64 and was trying to start the Windows 8.1 x64 version of This PC Tweaker.

  65. cybergen
    30 Oct 14

    I just realized, that the tool won't start from a network location... That's it.

  66. alba1314
    15 Nov 14

    @Sergey - I have just downloaded and run This PC Tweaker v and cannot add custom folder to My Libraries in Navigation Pane of my Windows 7 Home Premium Edition x64bit O/S? When I try to add the custom folder, I am met with a pop-up message that tells me:

    You can't open this location using this program.
    Please try a different location.

    Help and/or advice, please....

  67. MDJ
    06 Dec 14

    It‘s bad that you cannot select whether you want your newly added folder to be shown for other users.

  68. Poxiao
    17 Dec 14

    It can not show Folders on Windows 7 x64, I use windows7 with multi-users, TPC version
    I'm Chinese, my english is not well. Sorry.

  69. Anonymous
    22 Dec 14

    Cybergen - I have the same problem as you have. I will contact the owner to fix this!

  70. KnorxThieus
    21 Feb 15


    That's a great tool! :-)
    Could you add an option to add self-created libraries? They are not on the list of Shell Locations!

    Kind regards,

  71. CosmoMattia75Vista
    21 Feb 15

    Hi Sergey, congratulations, the app is fantastic! :-D

    Can I help for translation in Italian?

  72. Spasibo!
    14 Mar 15

    Thank you, very simple and usefull utility, i wonder why microsoft not realize it direct in windows.

  73. Sergey 2
    05 Apr 15

    Windows 10?

  74. kmukli
    08 Apr 15

    It's a nice tool, but... The newly added folders shown on other users... It's not ideal solution for me...

  75. Anonymous Japanese
    17 May 15

    Hello. This PC Tweaker is convenient and I like to use this app on Windows 8.1 for few years. But recently I am involved in a problem (bug?). It happens when selecting "Microsoft Office Outlook" in "Add Shell Location" button. Once selecting "Microsoft Office Outlook", the icon appears not only on "This PC window", but also on desktop and I cannot turn the icon off even though using Shift key + "Restore Defauts" Button. "Shift key + Restore Defaults" is surely effective to "This PC" but not to icons on desktop.

  76. vanutama
    21 May 15

    I like this tool for my Win 8.1, any plan for next Win 10?

  77. HoHoHo
    01 Jun 15

    Hi Sergej,
    unfortunabely TPT 1.3 doesn't work in the new Build 10130 of win10. I tried your tool, after the workaround with a ".REG"-file doesn't change anything in the registry. The same with TPT, I don't know why. Very curious.

  78. Sergey
    02 Jun 15

    Thank you for your feedback
    Just tried. Cannot reproduce the issue.
    It works here:

  79. hganti
    16 Jul 15

    I have found that this causes five random, unnamed folders to appear in the "devices and drives" area of the Explorer window. I cannot get rid of these by selecting "restore" in the utility. How can I undo literally every change the tweaker made?

    I can provide a screenshot if necessary.

  80. someguy
    28 Jul 15

    Would it be possible to save the configuration you make, and provide an option to reapply it?
    Right now, any tiny update WIndows 10 (10240) does resets anything you've changed.

  81. ChiHsun
    31 Jul 15

    any possibility to add/remove customized folder to root of navigation pane, such as oneDrive or Dropbox ?

  82. Lukas
    02 Aug 15

    Hey man, thanks.
    Are you planning to release Navigation Pane editor anytime soon?

  83. Sergey
    02 Aug 15

    Yep. I will release it as a part of Winaero Tweaker very soon.

  84. MDJ
    04 Aug 15

    It was very hard to post a link here. Even needed to divide it into parts.

  85. MDJ
    05 Aug 15

    Why did you delete my message? I was posting a link to an image at which shows the error I got after launching your program, it wasn't showing it earlier.

  86. Sergey
    05 Aug 15

    I am very sorry, I did it accidentally. I saw the image. It was some protocol error.
    What you have added to This PC folders?

  87. MDJ
    05 Aug 15

    For now, I‘ve added Screenshots folder (marked both checkboxes), Recycle Bin (marked 1st checkbox) and Control Panel (marked only 1st checkbox too). Nothing else was changed, although earlier I was having a folder with a name of only one letter ‘Ž’ but it's removed from the list of folders now.

  88. MDJ
    05 Aug 15

    By the way, your program is working fine except the error at startup.

  89. Joecascio2000
    17 Aug 15

    For some reason all the folders come back after a while. No updates or anything, they just come back randomly every week or so.

  90. bleakoutside
    20 Aug 15

    Im having some issues with folders not refreshing with the latest version. Anyone have a link to v1.2.0.1? I've looked all over the site and can't find anything.

  91. Gezedka
    17 Oct 15

    Just trying this alone and I wonder where does the WinaeroControls.dll go?

  92. EdieHuwaw
    18 Oct 15


  93. jlutsky
    21 Oct 15

    Hoping you can add a feature to add/remove custom folders to the root of navigation pane. The same place OneDrive, Dropbox, Quick access folders appear.

  94. Zakir
    25 Oct 15

    Thanks for Essential Software!

  95. LouRon
    26 Oct 15

    Is there some way to change the Text color in the title bar to a lighter color?
    This is a great app...thanks for your time .....LR

  96. salman khosravi
    06 Nov 15

    the version 1.3.0 is not working in windows 10 build 10240
    for example 'separate categories for hard drive and removable storage'
    please fix it

  97. Kevin Schmidt
    14 Nov 15

    got a lot of errors after using this tools...
    I'm logged in with my user account on a Windows 10 PC, started This PC Tweaker and made some changes. Looks pretty fine! But all other accounts get an error message know when clicking on "This PC" or using the Win + E command ... explorer.exe can not be found. So all user accounts are damaged an can't be used anymore :(
    When I start This PC Tweaker again to restore defaults, I also get an error message, that some registry entries are not valid. Don't know how to fix these errors, anybody an idea?
    Thanks a lot!

  98. Koggel
    26 Nov 15

    Please publish a Windows 10 32-bit Version... The small Tablets sometimes can only run 32 bit, because of uefi 32bit bios :-(

  99. SANGER_A2
    01 Dec 15

    Wow! This is brilliant! So much easier than registry editing and it works flawlessly. Thanks very much

  100. Lukas
    03 Dec 15

    Hey man.
    Did you maybe released new Navigation Pane editor? I can't find it anywhere.
    It used to be part of the Winaero Tweaker but you said you will release the separately.

  101. Xperience
    04 Dec 15

    I used the registries made by your application to add custom folder to HKCU\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Desktop. This enabled me to have custom folder permanently in Navigation Menu. Like Visual Studio Project folder is common among different user of this computer. By doing this everyone have the folder is navigation bar.

    So, could add this small capability to your application as well. And also the capability to change the order.


  102. Falcongrey
    04 Dec 15

    I keep getting this error "Requested registry access is not allowed."
    Windows 10 pro x64
    Version 1511 (OS Build 10586.17)
    16gb Ram
    AMD A6-3620 APU
    GeForce GTX-760 Graphics card

  103. CPM
    09 Dec 15

    I also keep getting the 'Requested registry access is not allowed' on Windows 10 Pro x64 1511, NVidia and Intel Graphics 16GB RAM, Intel i7. Even when I select 'run as administrator'

  104. CPM
    09 Dec 15

    In my case, the 'Requested registry access is not allowed' message was caused by registry key HKCR\CLSID\{E31EA727-12ED-4702-820C-4B6445F28E1B} This is a DropBox registry key with incorrect permissions - even SYSTEM had no rights to it. Fixing it is easy for a power user - just navigate to the key in RegEdit and add your user ID with read permissions.

  105. t-bone
    11 Dec 15

    I have the same issue reported by Anonymous Japanese (17 May 15) with desktop Microsoft Office Outlook stuck icon.

  106. Gplan
    15 Dec 15

    I can't seem to download the program. The download link just returns to this page. Am I doing something wrong?

  107. SANGER_A2
    16 Dec 15

    I have a suggestion to add to the shell locations. The Desktop option takes you to the current users desktop. It would be useful to also have a link to "shell:Desktop" as this shows the items in the current user desktop, the all users desktop and the special icons such as recycle bin. I was able to add this to my PC using the "Add Custom Folder" option by the way.

    Thanks again for an awesome app.

  108. double_jumper
    19 Jan 16

    * Bug fixed: when you add a custom folder to This PC/Computer, the New Folder button inside this folder was not available."
    This bug still happens for me. Windows 10 x64.

  109. Hlafordlaes
    03 Feb 16

    Dropbox Removal
    ->1. Modify "System.IsPinnedToNamespaceTree" value
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    ->2. Enable inheritance on the registry key [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{E31EA727-12ED-4702-820C-4B6445F28E1A}]. This makes the ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES user explicit. Deny only *this* user write access, while not changing any others that appear. Requires knowing how to use the Security tab.

    Immediate and permanent removal, even after reboot.

  110. Roa
    05 Feb 16

    Great app and have been using it for sometime now. My issue is that I'm on the Windows insider preview and after every installation of a build my icons are reset and I have to go through the process of changing them. Is it possible to add a menu feature to save the configuration of the icons so that I can just load the configuration file after a build update?

    Many thanks,

  111. thecheeselover13
    11 Mar 16

    I have a custom folder that I added to 'This PC' a very long time ago using this program, and I want to remove it. However, the folder does not show up in the list of folders on 'Customize This PC folders' tweak. Please help

  112. Cyberverse
    11 Jun 16

    Using thispc tweaker, I could remove a folder from the NAV Pane and/or add my own and had no problem in windows 8.1 moving folders around. Using Winaero Tweaker in Windows 10 has a bug. Example: removing 1 or more folders. I removed Quick Access, and also One Drive , Favorites, and Opened up Pictures in the Navigation pane and dragging a file or subfolder inside the pictures folder from the RIGHT to LEFT into the Nav Pane area to a subfolder in the tree below pictures, will not work. Once I enable all of them show again, the I could move a file/folder from the right side pane to folder in the Nav Pane side. So hiding folders also blocks drag and drop of any file or folder to folder to the nav page side .. Now I am looking to see if I still have an old copy of this PC tweak to use on Windows 10 to see if I have the same problem.

  113. Kixxo
    02 Sep 16

    This PC does not show up under Appearances in v

  114. Sergey
    06 Sep 16

    It is moved to the File Explorer section.

  115. Kixxo
    12 Sep 16

    @ Sergey

    Thanks, I found it there. Don't know how I missed it. And it works great

  116. Daryn
    14 Sep 16

    Latest Windows 10 update appears to have broken functionality for me. I can deselect "Show inside the folders category" and "Show in the navigation pane" on each item and they are not shown, this is working fine, but if I also then delete each item so they don't also appear in the This PC 'folder' - as I am used to doing and has worked perfectly fine until today - it does remove them from the This PC folder view, but restores them back under the This PC in the navigation pane.

  117. cardikat
    14 Nov 16

    First - I'm thinking thanks for this tool (I haven't really used it much yet, but it's about to get a good going over). If it's all it looks like, you'll be the reason I don't go screaming back to Windows 7 [shaking fist at Microsoft].

    Second, I'm having a problem. When I select Customise This PC folders in Winaero Tweaker, there's nothing there but a a text box with "Here you can remove the default folders from this PC and add...". I'm not sure whether my high res (4K) screen is having an impact, but thought I should mention it. Running Windows 10.

    Can you help?

  118. Fernando
    13 Apr 17

    Please add the option to easily move de destination folder of windows special folder like Music from "C:\Users\xxx\My Music" to other folder like "D:\Music"

  119. Lólli YT
    20 Sep 17


  120. Teeemo
    14 Oct 17

    @ Lólli YT
    This app has been superseded by Winaero Tweaker and is no longer being maintained. Use the options in Winaero Tweaker:

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