Lock Screen Customizer for Windows 8.1 and Windows 8

Lock Screen Customizer is a new software by Winaero. It allows you to tweak and extend
the options of the Lock Screen in Windows 8. It has nice UI with live preview of the changes you made:

Windows 8.1 users, a new version for you is ready. Check it out below!

It allows you to change the following options of the Lock Screen:
in Windows 8
  • background image;
  • date language;
  • time format (12/24 hours)
  • color set for sign in screen;
  • add Lock Screen Slideshow with autochanging background images every time you sign in.
  • enable verbose logon messages (see video below);
  • disable Lock Screen.

in Windows 8.1
  • the background image of the default Lock Screen;
  • the background color of the default Lock Screen;
  • date language;
  • time format (12/24 hours)
  • enable verbose logon messages (see video below);
  • disable Lock Screen.

Overview of the Windows 8 version:

While some of those settings like background image or color set are available via the Modern Control panel of Windows 8, others are inaccessible and have no user interface.
Lock Screen Customizer tries to fix this and provide to you options to take the full control of your Lock Screen.

For example, you can change the background image of the Lock Screen. However, when you sign out, you will see not your image but that green Seattle picture. This is the "default" Lock Screen, which has no customization options!

With help of Lock Screen Customizer you will be able to apply all your preferences to that default Lock Screen.

Lock Screen Slideshow
Lock Screen Customizer has a nice feature that I called as "Lock Screen Slideshow". If enabled, it will change Lock Screen background image every time you sign in. So every time you logged in you will get the new image at Lock Screen.

You can also enable this feature for the default Lock Screen, so it's background will be also changed with image of your Lock Screen.

Lock Screen Customizer in action (Windows 8 version)

Overview of the Windows 8.1 version:

Lock Screen Customizer for Windows 8.1, along with date and time formats tweaking, allows you to change the sign in color and the background image of the default Lock Screen. Please note that you don't need 3rd party lock screen slideshow anymore, Windows 8.1 provides the native one.

Lock Screen Customizer in action (Windows 8.1 version)

How to change the default Lock Screen appearance in Windows 8.1:

Lock Screen Customizer supports the following OS:
  • Windows 8 x86
  • Windows 8 x64
  • Windows 8.1 x86
  • Windows 8.1 x64.
It is portable, freeware and supports multi-language UI.

How to translate Lock Screen Customizer in your native language

Currently the list of available translations looks like follows:
Windows 8 version:
  • English - created by Winaero
  • Russian - created by Winaero
  • Czech - created by JaGoTu and moderate
  • Arabic - created by "AirportsFan"
  • Hungarian - created by "BlueEyes Helpdesk".
  • Ukrainian - created by Dmytro Zikrach
  • German - created by Wolfgang Lenz
  • Khmer - created by Leakhanak Nguon
  • Spanish - created by Andrés Pedraza Granados and Jose
  • Brazilian (Portuguese-BR) - created by Daniel Pablo Sheng
  • Romanian - created by "sas33".
  • Danish - created by Ole Kjeldsen.

Windows 8.1 version:
Coming soon.

Many thanks to all translators!
If you want to translate Lock Screen Customizer into your native language, then rename the Languages\English_template.ini file into YouLanguage.ini and translate all strings included into that file. Don't forget to share with me your translation - I will include it with the app. Thanks in advance. My Email is hb860[nice little dog]live.ru.

Also, I would like to say thanks to my friend Vishal Gupta for the following article which was useful for me.

Lock Screen Customizer's tweaks and tricks will be described in our blog soon, so follow the news in case you are interested.

The Change Log

v. (Windows 8.1 version)
Added ability to change the default Lock Screen background image!
Added ability to change the default Lock Screen background color!
Version numbers are similar to Windows 8 version

Minor bugfixes.
The separate app for Windows 8.1
Initial release

Lock Screen Customizer can be downloaded from here:
Donate options for satisfied users:


  1. Hello
    13 Jun 13

    After i installed this software, it worked perfectly. But now it's not working anymore. My lock screen doesn't automatically change image. It just displays the default image.

  2. Sergey
    14 Jun 13

    Try the following:
    1. Exit from Lock Screen Customizer
    2. Open Pc Settings.
    3. Right click on the Lock Screen Image in PC Settings and choose "Reset"
    4. Run the Lock Screen Customizer app.
    This should help.

  3. Mickbed
    10 Jul 13

    I get an error when I try to start it on a corporate computer (connected to a Windows Domain) it gives me "failed to retrieve current user sid"

    Any ideas?

    Great tools you produce there!

  4. Sergey
    11 Jul 13

    Thanks for report. I will look on next week, because currently I have no AD.

  5. AZMikey2000@yahoo.com
    07 Aug 13

    Have you had a chance to look into the "failed to retrieve sid" yet?

  6. Nocena
    16 Aug 13

    Image size (16:9) is not keep. Image is truncated.

  7. pitoloko
    24 Sep 13

    When launching the app for first time in gives me an error:

    Ooops! failes to get your lock screen backgrounds foler. that's a pity blah blah blah

    Instead display a msgbox I sugegst you just to let the app create the necessary directory... you manage sid's on your app then just why dont you create the folder?

    thanks for read.

  8. X
    29 Sep 13

    This program doesn't work on Windows 8.1. I can't change default Color Scheme and default Lock Screen image. It gives me an error.

  9. Sergey
    30 Sep 13

    Maybe beacuse it was not designed for Windows 8.1 and was not updated yet?
    Don't you think this way, uh?

  10. matt
    18 Oct 13

    Ive used this to change lock screen on win 8.1 but when I try to change lock screen using Pc Setting it doesnt change anything.. lock screen back ground only can be change using lcs tool after that.. Plss help me to reset it back since there is no lock screen reset option on win 8.1 anymore

  11. Anonymous
    01 Nov 13

    Getting the "Failed to retrieve current user SID" error on the Windows 8.1 x64 v

  12. Sergey
    02 Nov 13

    I have no idea how to reproduce this

  13. peterggg
    22 Nov 13

    Awesome little utility? Are there any command line options to automate the process?

  14. celticchrys
    28 Nov 13

    The slideshow feature does not work on my Windows 8 Lenovo Yoga 11s. :(

  15. Ah-ha!
    28 Nov 13

    Nevermind; when I follow the instructions at the top of these comments for clearing settings, then it does work.

  16. Serge
    01 Feb 14

    Lock Screen Customizer> not compatible with win 8.1 x 64. Change the color of the well screen connection Ok but after turning off the PC and restart the color has not changed.
    There must be a difference between Americans and French win 8.1

  17. tom
    23 Feb 14

    download software opened but only valid for windows 8 not 8.1

  18. sajjad
    10 Mar 14

    please add an option for change color of clock on lock screen

  19. MichaelB
    23 Apr 14

    Is it possible to add an Option to configure an Wallpaper that fits over the primary and secondary monitor ?
    I dont like the view on my primary monitor with a custom Wallpaper and the single color on the secondary monitor.

    Thanks !

  20. Oliver Holmes
    13 May 14

    Seems that a reboot is required to change the default lock screen on Win 8.1 Enterprise with an AD. Just spent an hour changing and changing...without rebooting and without any visible effects. ^^

  21. drako
    23 May 14

    ty very much

  22. Loray
    01 Jul 14

    I was wondering what exactly this is doing to my computer. What is it changing and where is it changing it? Is it dangerous to the stability of the OS? I looked up a way to do it without a program and it required taking ownership of system files, does your program do that?

  23. mjgelinas@hotmail.com
    03 Jul 14

    This tool works great for getting the default lock screen in Windows 8.1, but it's doesn't seem to set the "accent" color. Please see the below registry file contents for how I set my default lock screen back (in addition to running WinAero Lock Screen Customizer). Change the DWORD hex value to the color you'd like (see the Microsoft chart for allowed colors).

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



  24. Anonymous
    14 Jul 14

    I click on it, it doesn't open?

  25. Doc
    16 Jul 14

    One thing I'd really like is to change the font color for the clock.

  26. Bora
    30 Jul 14

    Is the feature "SLIDE SHOW" available on the Win 8.1 x64 version?

  27. Niko
    15 Aug 14

    Ive used this to change lock screen on win 8.1 but when I try to change lock screen using Pc Setting it doesnt change anything.. lock screen back ground only can be change using lcs tool after that.

    I have this same problem, please help me. :( Any ideas?

  28. Anonymous
    20 Sep 14

    Hey So I am just wondering if thereis any change you will add or try and add dual screen functions?

  29. surya
    25 Sep 14

    I have some problem here, when I run the lock screen customizer(8.1, x64), Microsoft .NET Framework window appear. It said "Unhandled exception has occurred in your aapplication. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you cloick Quit, the application will close immediately. Object reference not set to an instance of an object."
    When i clicked continue, the lock screen customizer window appear, but i only got 2 chinese option for date language.
    First time i run it, it just run smoothly like the one in the video, but now it always got like this....
    please help...

  30. Anonymous
    24 Oct 14

    Is there a way to use this app in command line. I want to change the lock screen in a Windows 8.1 Deployment.

  31. nyc2mia
    30 Oct 14

    In order to resolve the "Failed to retrieve user SID" error, run the Lock Screen Customizer as a local user (not a domain user). You can either log in as the local user, open a Command Prompt as the local user, or just run the app in the context of a local user.

  32. MDJ
    17 Dec 14

    Doesn‘t work, says “Failed to retrive current user SID”. Tried with non-Microsoft account too.

  33. PeP
    24 Feb 15

    Can you please figure out a way to disable the Network icon picture in the bottom left from the lock screen? (The one I'm referring to, for example, is the icon in your first video (4:43 minutes long) @ 3:13 (pink flower) & 3:20 (green leaf), etc.

    If you figured out a way, can you please update me at: pepanee@hotmail.com

    Thanks so much!

  34. Dave
    26 Mar 15

    How do I use the program to disable the lock screen so that the lock screen never shows? I ticked the option to disable the lock screen. Now what do I do. Do I just close the program? I did that and the lock screen still shows. I have Windows 8.1 64-bit.

  35. KnorxThieus
    18 Apr 15


    Looks like another great tool by Winaero, but when I click on "Change background image", the application nearly always crashes - but after starting the x86 version and getting the error message (wrong version) and restarting the x64 version it worked!


    PS: The app icon has white pixel borders instead of transparency.

  36. prince
    16 Jun 16


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