RegOwnershipEx is an application which allows you to do the following tasks:
  • you will be able to take ownership of a registry key with one click (useful to get the full access to the key).
  • you will be able to jump directly to desired registry also with one click.

Latest version is, see the change log below
RegOwnershipEx features the following options:
  • take ownership and provide full access to selected registry key.
  • registry browser for easy registry key selection.
  • favorites - for quick access to your favorite registry locations. It is shared with Favorites menu of Registry Editor.
  • restore ownership feature allows you to restore the ownership and access rights that you have changed early. i.e. this is opposite action for "take ownership".
  • registry jump feature - you can open the selected key in Registry Editor. It is very handy option when you read some tweaking related article and want to jump to the key mentioned in article.
  • shortcuts for root keys - you may use HKCU instead of HKEY_CURRENT_USER, HKLM instead of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and so on.
  • Multi language support - you will be able to translate application into your native language by simple ini file. Beginning with RegOwnershipEx, all Winaero apps will support such way of localization.

See the screenshot with all windows:

RegOwnershipEx in action

Change log

Fixed a number of minor issues (like a warning message box when open settings)
Updated Czech translation
There are no more separate versions for x86 and x64. Now it is one universal executable file for both platform.
You can paste a Registry path with brackets like [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software], for example, directly from your REG files. It will be processed.

  • Improved "open in registry editor" feature. If you specify an invalid key, the working part of the path will be opened in Registry Editor.
  • added the customizable behavior for the "Enter" key in the registry path text box.
  • added clipboard handling to extract the registry path right from Windows clipboard.
  • added "/j" command line argument to extract the registry key path from the clipboard and jump into Registry Editor directly.
    See all of these improvements and features in the following video:

Intial release

How to translate RegOwnershipEx in your native language

Currently the list of available translations looks like follows:
  • English - created by Winaero
  • Russian - created by Winaero
  • Czech - created by Milan Benes
  • Deutsch - created by "bildmacher"
  • Romanian - created by Adrian Putina
  • Ukrainian - created by Dmytro Zikrach
  • Dutch - created by "UltraWindows"
  • Arabic - created by "AirportsFan"
  • European Portuguese translation by Pedro Almeida
  • Swedish - created by Åke Engelbrektson.
  • French - created by Alain.
  • Hungarian - created by "BlueEyes Helpdesk".
  • Hebrew - created by Shai - Path Team.
  • Portuguese - Brazil - created by Whitewk Vx
  • Italian - created by Mauro Comiotto
  • Korean - created by Zames Dean
  • Danish - created by "ThomasNB"
  • Vietnamese - created by Tri Nguyen
  • Spanish - created by "FitoHB".
  • Chinese - created by ??
  • Polish - created by Barbara
  • Japanese - created by Maeda Keijiro
  • Greek - created by Makis Karousos

Many thanks to all translators!

If you want to translate RegOwnershipEx into your native language, then rename the Languages\English_template.ini file into YouLanguage.ini and translate all strings included into that file. Don't forget to share with me your translation - i will include it
with the app. Thanks in advance. My Email is here.

How to report a bug

If you found out a bug, please provide the following info:
  • what you are tired to do.
  • which registry key caused the bug.
  • if you issued the unhandled exception, please click "details" button and copy text provided by .NET framework.

RegOwnershipEx is available for Windows 8 and Windows 7, both x86 and x64 platforms are supported. You can use this app in Vista x86/x64 too, but you may need to install the .NET 3.5 framework.

RegOwnershipEx is free and portable application, as usual.

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  1. 1st Commenter
    01 May 13

    Wow nice!

  2. Guarev
    02 May 13

    Very easy to use. Thanks.

  3. Jordan
    03 May 13

    awesome! it allows restore ownership too :D

  4. nyinyin
    04 May 13

    When focus is in the "Select registry key" box, can you make "Enter" key = jump to (Open in Regedit)?

  5. eson
    05 May 13

    Nice app! So, where can I send the language file? Your e-mail address from the about page is constantly rejected.


  6. Sergey
    05 May 13

    Good idea, I will add this option in next release. Thanks for this suggestion.

    Hmm, strange.
    Can you post your email here? I will contact you from my another private email
    As you know, comments here are hidden by default, so i will not "approve" your email and nobody will see it.

  7. eson
    26 Jun 13

    New strings missing in version 1.0.1 English_template.ini, makes it hard to update. ;-)

  8. Wordprophet
    07 Dec 13

    So where can I download this?
    All the links on this page appear to be traps...

  9. DAve
    12 Dec 13

    Great little tool - Many thanks

  10. badmanny
    01 Jun 14

    Tis a pity you never made this for XP users too, million of still out here.
    Please consider XP thanks.!heart

  11. Pedro Bisca
    13 Jun 14

    I'm a IT tecnician and I discover your software that it's seems great. It's a pity that you never made this and other of your software for XP.

  12. Sergey
    13 Jun 14

    I think you can

  13. casanova
    01 Sep 14

    thank you !!!!

  14. Oleg
    16 Nov 14

    The program is good, but inconvenient if, say, a system update.
    When the mass of the necessary (for me personally) tweaks registry
    each time the copy keys (branches) in the buffer is very troublesome,
    even with an attached console commands.
    We would like that you could get the rights to several branches of the registry,
    for example, from a text file or from the .reg file ....
    Well, if you know how to assign rights by using a batch file .cmd,
    what price would you not!

  15. guest
    19 Dec 14


  16. MDJ
    02 Aug 15

    Amazing app, saves me loads of time!

  17. VeryNice
    08 Aug 15

    working in windows 10, but update it though, many thanks for your effort !

  18. earnienewi
    07 Oct 15


  19. tlx
    20 Dec 15

    Does this program support Windows 10?

  20. Sergey
    21 Dec 15

    It works in Windows 10 without issues.

  21. nyinyin
    07 Jul 16

    Use it, don't abuse it bitches

  22. AlphaUMi
    03 Sep 16

    This seems to be an interesting program, but I had an issue with it. You say it is a portable program, but in fact it writes to registry keys and, curiously, I cant' delete them after I performed my operations (which, I'm afraid to say, didn't work). If I right click on the key to see permissions, Windows states that I have full control over keys, but when I click DEL, it states an error and I can't delete the keys. ??????

  23. Anonymous
    22 Dec 16

    thanks u r great

  24. Solo
    29 Jan 17


  25. jbh
    12 Apr 17


    I've tried to use your program, but there is a key (win7), that I cannot delete, no matter what I'm doing, it's a microsoft key regarding windows 10 upgrade.
    Otherwise it's an easy program, thanks ..

  26. Sub-Z
    20 May 17

    Would be nice if we could use it to unlock several registry folder -like batch command or cmd that check a reg file: "RegOwnershipEx.exe -u Unlock_Reg_Folders.reg"

  27. ll
    06 Sep 17

    I want to try, thank you

  28. devilpiepie
    08 Dec 17


  29. Anonymous
    31 Jan 18

    My folder get permissed how to remove by regiedit

  30. Dileep
    22 Feb 18

    My laptop was not turned on...
    It shows black screen with cursor.. After changing the permissions of CMD to full access

    Please help me to fix this

  31. Fernando
    17 Mar 18

    I need ir for ip some issues

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