WinaeroGlass - Aero glass is back into your Windows 8

Our friend Vishal Gupta has covered how to get stable transparency in Windows 8 using our Aero8Tuner software and bLend tool. I realized that:
1. work with two tools is NOT HANDY.
2. the bLend's features can be easily repeated with several lines of code. It is nothing more than just layered windows.

So i decide to start this project.


The main goal of this project to provide you the Aero experience as close to Windows 7 as it possible.

Step one
I have implemented all-in-one tool which allow you to get aero glass with one click.
It is currently have no any UI but does its work well.

The near future
I am working hard to provide you window frames with blur. This is our main goal and I do hope it will be implemented ASAP.

The next steps will be useful user interface for WinaeroGlass.
Stay tuned.

You can try WinaeroGlass (the early alpha version without UI) right now.

Download and unpack WinaeroGlass.exe using the link below and run it.
That's it!
You should log off and log in back to stop WinaeroGlass since it has no native "stop\exit" feature yet.

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  1. Phuong Hoang
    18 Jan 13

    Excellent! It is really what I'm looking for. Thank you!!!

  2. Anonymous
    18 Jan 13

    This is beautiful! I am looking forward to this. Also in the future will there be a white shadow behind the title on the windows for dark schemes like windows 7? It's hard to see window titles with black desktop wallpapers. Thanks for this.

  3. Krishna
    18 Jan 13

    It is really nice...Thnx

  4. GK
    18 Jan 13

    Wow so cool. This is awesome. Thanks VG Sergey

  5. srinath
    18 Jan 13

    Good effect but it would be even better if there is a bit blur because the name of the window is not visible in dark desktop background

  6. Viktor
    18 Jan 13

    Half the windows text blurs when moving. Like Aero8Tuner.

  7. Anonymous
    19 Jan 13

    Can you round up ALL window corners please!!
    Hate hard square corners..

  8. CalinStelistu
    19 Jan 13

    AWESOME! I've made a tutorial! Check my YT channel TheCalinStelistu

  9. JustATester
    19 Jan 13

    I don't know if this could be useful, but I noticed that, after enabling transparency, if I move the "Color Intensity" slider in the "Color and Appearence" window, it goes back to full opacity. This makes me think that an opacity range still exists somewhere..

  10. Yamomoto
    19 Jan 13

    Terrible useless thing.
    Windows 8 is Crap originally.
    No one can make candy out of the crap.

  11. kenpmason
    19 Jan 13

    How do I undo it? It's not quite stable, leading to video artefacts.

  12. In Task Manager
    20 Jan 13

    There is a problem in "Task Manager"
    Plz fix it !
    Thanks !

  13. Nik
    20 Jan 13

    Problem Task Manager-start Expression Blend with the run an administrator option!!!

  14. M5
    20 Jan 13

    Any app launched as Adminstrator either :
    1. Has glitchy AeroGlass
    2. Sometimes breaks whole AeroGlass

  15. Anonymous
    20 Jan 13

    Excelent!!! Great tutorial.

  16. mirecek1965
    21 Jan 13

    Awesome, i wait for this. No problems at all. Using patched uxTheme and Chromium theme from RaymonVisual for Win8. Thank you. Functional only i runnig desktop, when logoff/logon, must run again. I add it to task scheduler, now worked from logon :-)

  17. aryansh
    21 Jan 13

    how to undo this effect??

  18. Sergey
    22 Jan 13

    aryansh, read article to the end
    To all: guys, do not expect too much from this, this application is my first try and it is not even beta

    22 Jan 13

    Esta muy bien y funciona perfecto.
    Para que se inicie con Windows 8 solo tienes que colocar el programa en
    carpeta Inicio (Win+R y poner: shell:common startup).

  20. tIZ
    22 Jan 13

    Wow, cool stuff!

    Thanks a lot!!

  21. 220
    23 Jan 13

    When a new version coming?

  22. look
    23 Jan 13

    but can u make the taskbar transparent without color?

  23. M5
    23 Jan 13

    "look", there is an easy way to do so

  24. M5
    23 Jan 13

    Sergey, recently I read on AskVG a comment from you that there is absolutely no way of getting blur? Is that true :( ?

  25. ArielAleXCo
    24 Jan 13

    Im looking for a windows with color semi transparent. even if it does not have the blur, the 90% opacity color would be great. I have download it, but If you make it posible I will, and I donate.

  26. Olav
    24 Jan 13

    How about adding "Tiny Windows Borders for Windows 8" into this project?
    All these small apps should become one!

  27. Sergey
    25 Jan 13

    M5,ArielAleXCo I am trying to get blur
    Olav, I will think about. First I have to finish blur

  28. M5
    25 Jan 13

    Sergey, take your time

  29. terran
    27 Jan 13

    Not Glass, Only transparent

    Solo se hacen transparentes las ventanas, pero el glass no esta, y si el glass, abecés no se entienden los títulos de las ventanas

  30. iyuan
    27 Jan 13

    I hope you can help me 1.get aero glass with color(use m$ api)&blur. 2.when I select Automatic Color Mode in color settings,when I change a wallpaper transparent will fly away,can you block and set to transparent automaticly?

  31. Sandy Wich's Boy
    27 Jan 13

    Wow, this is great, what I have been fruitlessly searching for until now!
    If you can eventually make it look exactly like it did with Windows 7 (with a bit of blur behind it) it will be stunning. I came to love AreoGlass in Windows 7 and was severely disappointed it was removed from Windows 8.
    But, even now it is great, very promising. Thank you and I look forward to future updates.

  32. raymonvisual
    27 Jan 13

    would be great if you can also add full transparent of the taskbar (not only windowborders).

  33. iyuan
    28 Jan 13

    raymonvisual?you would be great if you can also add full transparent of the taskbar (not only windowborders).
    you can use aerolite.msstyles!
    or you like other msstyles,you can rename it to aerolite.msstyles!

  34. raymonvisual
    29 Jan 13

    but i want to use other vs

  35. kamilo099
    30 Jan 13

    bardzo fajny efekt

  36. CalinStelistu
    30 Jan 13

    Please im waiting for blur

  37. Inspironatic
    31 Jan 13

    This aero patch for win 8 doesn't apply on the automatic colour changer.............. But as per my suggestion, can't you just manage any resoure files from consumer preview which supported both aero and automatic color changer......... Plz do find a way to fix this prob.....

  38. zqqm
    04 Feb 13

    Flash based videos, full on screen freezes .. The problem is derived from this program ..

  39. Grekaal
    05 Feb 13

    This program is amazing. Can't wait for Aero glass effects such as blur and glassy windows effect. One issue though is that it causes iTunes to not display correctly. I don't know if its fixable but please try to fix the issue. Thanks

  40. raymonvisual
    09 Feb 13

    pls make a exclude feature. i want to exclude photoshop. pls

  41. Is to glossy.
    10 Feb 13

    Need to adjust the glass style!!!

  42. Anonymous
    24 Feb 13

    This tool won't be fully useful until it stops breaking iTunes and spotify, sadly.

  43. uiwcardinalarmy
    03 Mar 13

    It is unstable on my Win8! Please help fix!

  44. oias.heeda
    06 Mar 13

    It does not stay effective permanently. Is there any way to fix this? I don't want to keep having to click on the .exe file all the time to make it work. Great app though. Loving it apart from that.

  45. phly95
    09 Mar 13

    This works great, except you have to sign out and back in to disable it and it slows games down.

  46. yarosan
    12 Mar 13

    I love you!

  47. jimbohurt
    15 Mar 13

    So it doesnt actually install anything, it just runs it while your logged in? And then to have it 'always' run you can put in start up so that way it auto goes each time? Do i have this logic correct?

  48. XweAponX
    21 Mar 13

    I like how easy this is, but... I don't like that it does not give you the same colour as your Desktop Theme- And that it is temporary - It shuts down when you switch to the Windows 8 module and then go back to the Desktop.

    If you can install some control elements, some choices and preferences - That would be great.

    Regardless of these very small drawbacks, I think it's great that you made this, I hate not having Aero. I love Aero, it gives my desktop more dimension. I just wish it was like the Aero in Windows 7, and that the controls for adjusting level of transparency are there in the Display settings. very good work, keep at it, and I'll donate to your cause next time I have $$

  49. XweAponX
    21 Mar 13

    I just downloaded your Aero8Tuner app - YES! If you can add WinAero into THAT Program... I think your post says that you can't mix the two programs? Too bad, or maybe I read that wrong.

    However, I added WinAero to my start programs, so it launches right away. I use Stardock's Start8 which gives me back access to Control Panel and all the stuff they hid in 8. I only installed 8 2 days ago - I actually love it, especially on my puter that has a touch screen. But I'm so used to the stuff I have handy access to in 7.

  50. Anonymous
    23 Mar 13

    I just found a tool- Big Muscle's Aero Glass, that blurs window borders, but I can't make borders transparent. Instead, I have to set window color to a nearly transparent white. I think it's open source, too. Check it out.

  51. Anonymous
    23 Mar 13

    Same person as above. I also noticed that when I started this other application, after installing WinaeroGlass, as Desktop Window Manager went through its two stages of starting and stopping, that my window borders looked like Windows 7, same buttons in the title bar and everything. This had not happened before installing your application. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a good look at it because it disappeared as soon as DWM stabilized. I don't know what this means, but it could be hopeful.

  52. Illari
    09 Apr 13

    Cuddles, kisses, etc. Thank You!!heartheart

  53. adzuki
    14 Apr 13

    so great ! but if aero effect look like Windows RC will be better

  54. Jet 59
    20 Apr 13

    Awesome, works great, I just added the .exe to start menu.. THANK YOU! Question, is blur coming any time soon??? Hard to read window text.. thanks!

  55. Dave
    23 Apr 13

    Love the stable glass effect, your program adds the stability to the high contrast personalization tweak. Am using Iobits start button as no offense intend its the best one, the problem is it doesnt translate to the aero glass and appears as a transparent grey. Would love any feedback as how to create the full glass effect on this, also I when you do the blur will their still be the option for full glass as it looks awesome. Many thanks will watch this page for your reply.

  56. Anonymous
    26 Apr 13

    it seems to turn off after a few minutes. the process is still there in the task manager but the window bars become opaque again. Might it be due to the "automanic" color changing windows overriding it when the color changes?

  57. jimbohurt
    27 Apr 13

    wait, is supposed to work on the taskbar?

  58. BillG
    27 Apr 13

    Hey, any plans for a transparent border effect like the current taskbar in Windows 8? That will match the look of Windows 8 better (and I suppose lighter on resources as no blur effect is needed)

  59. Guest
    04 May 13

    Thats PERFECT. Thank you

  60. kryptonnms
    15 May 13

    Any estimation on when blur will be coming?

  61. raymonvisual
    22 May 13

    what happened????

  62. Helper
    23 May 13

    You can disable without loging-in/out!

    Just select another theme and back to your own theme.

  63. Anonymous
    02 Jul 13

    Not bad :D

  64. Quang Anh
    02 Jul 13

    When I make the Windows Explorer window smaller, then make it fullscreen again, the window loses its transparency.

  65. Anonymous
    02 Jul 13

    I think that transparency is lost if you use a theme with changing backgrounds.

  66. Anonymous
    12 Jul 13

    how you put in star menu

  67. sanjaya
    15 Jul 13

    wow excelent thx's my windows 8 is transparants

  68. Anonymous
    17 Jul 13

    The effect is great and it works well on my win8 but Spotify doesn't start if WinaeroGlass is enable, I stopped using it because it really sucks having to turn it off every time I wanna use spotify.

  69. Guest
    25 Jul 13

    It works well most of the time, but it will screw up iTunes 11 and i see only white when i open iTunes

  70. Anonymous
    04 Aug 13

    Works well but any programs that need Admin rights, it will blur when moved. almost perfect

  71. rudrax
    08 Aug 13

    Way to go. The transparency, yet, isn't stable.%-6

  72. SpectreZ
    02 Sep 13

    Good utility. But black text is missing in black background. :( With semi-transparent borders it is not a problem...

  73. User
    04 Oct 13

    About 7 months and still no updates or improvements.

    Not sure what to expect anymore.

  74. chinademon
    13 Oct 13

    the windows and the taskbar are transparent and it run every time I login to windows 8

  75. SyahrulHelmy
    19 Oct 13

    Tested On Oct 19, 2013 & Works Fine !

  76. Ahmed
    07 Nov 13

    its work fine in windows 8.1

  77. Teste
    10 Nov 13

    Half baked solution has to be activated with every persnalization change workaround for UAC prompt needed

  78. Marcelo
    25 Nov 13

    Awesome app!
    Could you add taskbar support for it?

  79. Anonymous
    28 Dec 13

    Thank you very much... Very appreciable effort. I would further be grateful if you could extend this glass effect to the translucent taskbar.

  80. Na2HPO4
    22 Jan 14

    Looking forward to your new version with better Windows 8.1 (x64) performance and BLUR!!!!!

  81. abcd1232
    23 Jan 14

    Problem while move Task Manager windows

  82. test
    20 Feb 14

    1. don't works on windows with Administrator Rights,
    2. If u change windows theme u must open taskmanager die clase the old instance to restart a new one of it to get work again

  83. prashob
    25 Mar 14

    Does it support Windows 8.1

  84. guest
    03 Apr 14

    awesome. can't wait for the next release

  85. visualstylerking
    07 Apr 14

    how do you get it to start up ...if put in startup folder it loads error wth.and if youbuild aero theme this works very good ive got fullglass aero with this your theme with black png.s and see ..there is a way to get blur through theme

  86. Are you working on this still?
    07 Apr 14

    By the time you finish, Microsoft will have it back. LOL!

  87. GirappAWt
    10 Apr 14

    It's great to stabilize basic editing topics through "high contrast - white", but it bugus the iTunes. If it will be update and this will be corrected it will be totally AWESOME!

  88. Alexey
    25 Apr 14

    This utility stops working in several minutes. WTF?

  89. Phil
    28 Apr 14

    does it work on windows 8.1 update 1?

  90. ff
    05 May 14

    does it work on windows 8.1 update 1?

    yes, but a year and 4 months later and still NO blur..

  91. Alchera7
    11 May 14

    I want to report a bug.

    If you open a window with a dark graphic/photo, and then place a white window (notepad.exe for example) over that one, you will notice that all windows are slightly transparent. This was bugging the heck out of me and took forever to finally narrow the cause down to this mod.

  92. LeAno
    07 Jun 14

    Spotify doesn't start while WinaeroGlass is running, for me at least. I need to kill WinaeroGlass.exe process before running Spotify for Spotify to start.

  93. Meh
    13 Jun 14

    Aero just doesn't suit this os thats how sad it is.

    Even if it works it doesn't excuse the fact Windows 8 = DRM, Backdoors, Kill Switch, Cloud Apps, etc..

    Windows 8.1 is even worse, its just a giant cloud app!

  94. pwned
    02 Jul 14

    Check out GlassPwn 1.1b for real aero. It removes watermark and nag screen bulls... bigmuscle added.

    17 Aug 14

    I used it then reset it by using Personalize but now I have something resembling screenburn on my screen. I am running Windows 8.1. Please help!

  96. ThePoetStefan
    06 Sep 14

    Thank you so much....:) ,I thought of the Blur thing you was talking about fixing......I see that if you have created a folder on the desktop the blur is there so maybe something to look into as the answer may lay there to get blur behind the text?? anyhow good work and am looking forward to future update....An Interface is less important I think as one can place the exe in start up folder.....but yea it would make it more easy for them with less yea why not...right? but the blur should be first the most important fix I think......Thank you again for your great work on this....because this is great work

  97. FixitRightNow
    21 Sep 14

    Add this code into a batch file in the folder where WinaeroGlass.exe is:

    copy WinaeroGlass.exe %appdata%\Micros~1\Windows\StartM~1\Programs\Startup

    This code will copy WinaeroGlass.exe to the startup folder.
    Also add this code into another batch file:
    del %appdata%\Micros~1\Windows\StartM~1\Programs\Startup\WinaeroGlass.exe

    This code will remove WinaeroGlass.exe from the startup folder.

  98. S
    05 Nov 14

    I'm using this to get borderless windows but sometimes I can see through windows to whatever is behind (ie. another program or just the desktop wallpaper) like having ~90% opacity on windows.

  99. irradheon
    25 Nov 14

    yes, the app is quite useful and needless to say, it is the same with "high contrast color scheme used in an aero theme" and added with the effects of the app "blend". for my machine, it eats 1.5mb of RAM. it is quite heavy i suppose. if it would be added with blur effects, it would be nice.

  100. kuakeye
    15 Dec 14

    Will this ever move out of alpha? It would be nice to have an actual UI for this application, along with an exceptions list for apps that don't work with this (AHEM...Spotify).
    Would be appreciated!!

  101. Samitha
    25 Jan 15

    Nice aproch but need a update

  102. verse
    10 Feb 15

    seriously, an exceptions list would complete this.

  103. S
    14 Feb 15

    It makes games fps drop everytime you move the mouse, bf4 moving mouse with winaero: 30Fps | without: 80Fps if you don't move your mouse the performance loss is negligible.

  104. Tony
    15 Feb 15

    M5, run the app as administrator.
    aryansh, kill the "winaeroglass.exe" process and restart the DWM. It works without any logouting and logging back in.

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