Windows 7 Home Basic Color Changer

Windows 7 Home Basic Color Changer is the application what allows you to change color of Windows 7 taskbar and windows in Windows 7 Home Basic.

Features of Windows 7 Home Basic Color Changer:
  • Friendly interface what close to original Windows 7 color window
  • OS Language depended text on controls
  • Color animation when you change color of Windows
  • Autocoloring (as was demostrated in early leaked Windows 8 build) based on wallpaper.
  • Works without admin rights and i do hope without any bugs.

Download Windows 7 Home Basic Color Changer

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  1. April
    14 Jul 11

    Doesn't seem to work :(
    Nothing changes at all :'(

  2. Anonymous
    15 Jul 11

    Because you have basic theme instead of Aero
    Try to change Window Appearence to Windows 7 Standard

  3. April
    17 Jul 11

    Hehe, thank you. I got it to work eventually anyway.

  4. April
    17 Jul 11

    P.s. it's totally awesome. Thanks for the awesome programs :D

  5. Sergey
    18 Jul 11

    Glad to hear that. Thanks

  6. ROB
    19 Jul 11

    April, how did you get it to work? I have the same problem you posted above.

  7. Sergey
    20 Jul 11

    ROB, click on "Advanced appearance settings and choose "Windows 7 Standard"

  8. ROB
    20 Jul 11

    Do you mean the default aero theme? I clicked on it and still no color change.

  9. Sergey
    20 Jul 11

    ROB, which edition of Windows 7 you use?
    As i remeber, Windows 7 Home Basic does not allows to aplly "Themes", e.g. file.theme.
    You can try another way.

    • Right click on Computer in Start menu
    • Choose "Properties"
    • Click on Advanced system settings on left
    • Go on Advanced tab
    • Click on Perfomance button
    • Go on Visual Effects tab
    • Tick Enable Composition checkbox

  10. ROB
    20 Jul 11

    I use Windows 7 Home Premium. My graphics card manufacture doesn't support the required WDM drivers for aero, so I'm stuck with windows basic. Even when I click one of the aero themes, the taskbar stays basic. Anyway, I did what you said and there is no "Enable Composition" check box, yet all of them are checked. I guess this program only works for Home Basic, hence the title.

  11. Sergey
    20 Jul 11

    It works only with WDM drivers for aero. The application uses Aero/DWM for color changing. If no DWM/Aero available, its not possible to change color of Windows.
    In your case you can use third-party themes to change color of windows and taskbar. Usualy they shipped with both Aero and Basic resources. is good place to find themes.

  12. Anonymous
    24 Jul 11

    im using windows 7 home basic.. but i cannot make the appearence change to the 'wallpaper colour' option! :( does it work??

  13. Anonymous
    24 Jul 11

    im using windows 7 home basic.. but i cannot make the appearence change to the 'wallpaper colour' option! :( does it work?? !!

  14. Sergey
    24 Jul 11

    Sure, It works
    But every time you change your wallpaper, you have to click "wallpaper color" option again.
    If you want set color of windows to wallpapers aqutomatically, then use AeroWallpaperChanger software. It has similar option and tunes color of Windows automatically with every change of wallpaper.

  15. Anonymous
    29 Jul 11

    I love it! THANK YOU!

  16. snakecroft
    13 Aug 11

    Does it also work for windows 7 starter? I have starters and I have tried to apply different colours, however without success.......

  17. Sergey
    14 Aug 11

    Yes, you able to change colors in Windows 7 Starter
    But first you need to install special patch "Aero Patch"
    It will unlock Aero for you as well as personalization features and you will even not need Home Basic Color Changer.
    Otherwise you can't change color of default theme in Windows 7 Starter

  18. Serch
    18 Aug 11

    It works out EXCELLENT!!

  19. Anonymous
    25 Sep 11

    The colors wont change. I have Windows 7 Ultimate and prefer to use Windows 7 Basic Theme. I have the theme set to Basic but nothing changes.

  20. Sergey
    27 Sep 11

    Its not for basic theme.
    Its for default theme in Windows 7 Home Basic

  21. Raj
    04 Oct 11

    very good software...i like it very much.!amazed

  22. gorkin
    16 Oct 11

    exelente!!! super facil, super rapido y claro q si funciona!!!!

  23. ddd
    19 Nov 11


  24. Guian
    05 Dec 11

    This is awesome. I've never thought of having my color scheme changed. Until I've found this. You are awesome! \m/
    Cheers to you mate!

  25. Sergey
    05 Dec 11

    U r welcome

  26. Anonymous
    12 Dec 11


  27. tepponk
    28 Dec 11

    thanxs for the software...

  28. Guest
    22 Jan 12

    To useful Thanks

  29. Anonymous
    25 Jan 12


  30. Guest
    26 Jan 12

    does thit work on windows 7 starter

  31. lolw00t
    27 Jan 12

    How do you imagine that?

  32. Nope
    31 Jan 12

    nice work - nice program...thank you very much

  33. Anonymous
    05 Feb 12

    Great!.. Thanks! =)

  34. xxx
    15 Feb 12

    does this work on win 7 ultimate

  35. Sergey
    17 Feb 12

    Yes this will work

  36. jessica
    24 Feb 12

    aonde faz o dowload ?

  37. Sergey
    26 Feb 12

    jessica, Não use um intérprete Google, impede o download

  38. Anonymous
    12 Apr 12

    thanks dude

  39. Sergey
    12 Apr 12

    You are welcome

  40. PGonline
    14 Apr 12

    Loved it!
    Thanx man!

  41. Anonymous
    09 May 12

    i did everything u said but nothing changed.

  42. Sergey
    09 May 12

    Probably your video card drivers does not allow you to run Aero in 7 HB. It is required to change color of windows.

  43. Anonymous
    21 May 12

    does this affect the authenticity of my copy of windows? like, at a certain point in time, would there be "This copy of windows in not genuine" displayed at the bottom of my screen?

  44. Sergey
    21 May 12

    nope, this software keeps your Windows untouched

  45. mep
    20 Jul 12

    where's da download button lol................

  46. Sid
    02 Sep 12

    Please help! The software worked fine for about a week, but yesterday I got an anti-virus installed and now the Color Changer won't work. I can't uninstall this anti-virus because I've already paid for it =( Is there a solution?

  47. Sergey
    02 Sep 12

    what is you antivirus? I suspect you issue is not related with antifirus software

  48. secret
    12 Sep 12

    i hope these works with windows 7 starter :(

  49. ajdin vejzovic
    16 Sep 12

    kako cu promjenit na windows 7 color jel

  50. xyz
    18 Sep 12

    Works like a charm!
    God bless you! XD

  51. alex
    24 Nov 12

    It works!! Awesome!!

  52. windows_7_starter
    01 Jan 13

    its how it works

  53. prifde-283
    02 Jan 13

    windows 7 home basic only for home basic

  54. prifde-283
    02 Jan 13

    onlty dessktop taskbar borders on more,,,

  55. Anonymous
    13 Jan 13

    hahaha :D tnx

  56. bhing89
    29 Jan 13

    thanks! it worked.. ^ ^

  57. Nadirach
    29 Jan 13

    thank you very worked ^^ alhamdulillah

  58. dharlee :)
    21 Mar 13

    hi, how can i change the color of the horizontal bar (the bluish color at the "refresh" button).. tnx.. )

  59. dharlee :)
    21 Mar 13

    this is the picture

  60. rick
    29 May 13

    can i change themes in my windows7 home basic? pls repLy..thank u:D

  61. arra
    26 Jan 14

    Very nice. Thank you very much!

  62. usama
    27 Jun 16

    I can't change window colour and transparent

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