Opaque Taskbar for Windows 8 and Windows 10

Most annoying thing in Windows 8's appearance, beside Metro and Charms Bar of Desktop, is transparent Taskbar. It does not fit the opaque window frames and looks ugly.
I decide to fix it.
Last night my friend Tihiy, the author of StartIsBack solution, has shared with me the way to disable tasbkar transparency via DWM API. So I have created Opaque Taskbar for Windows 8.

Latest version is 2.7, see the change log below.
With v2.5 I decide to provide x64 version, for those who have removed x86 .NET components in x64 OS.
With help of this simple and lightweight application you will be able to make your taskbar Opaque in any time you want it. Also it can optionally run in the background or it can run once and then exit without taking memory. You can close it after you have disabled the transparency.
Since version 2.0 the new command line option is available:
opaquetaskbar.exe /resident

It allows you to keep Taskbar opaque even if theme or Aero color was changed.
In resident mode Opaque Taskbar for Windows 8 will stay in memory and will show a tray icon with context menu.

Use that menu or just double click on the tray icon to toggle the transparency.
Also, "startup" checkbox will ask you if you want to keep the application in memory after startup.

Command line arguments

opaquetaskbar.exe /apply

Make the taskbar opaque and exit.
opaquetaskbar.exe /resident

Run in the tray icon mode as described above.
opaquetaskbar.exe /resident /notray

The Opaque Taskbar will run in the resident mode, but will not show even tray icon.

Change log

Stability fixes.
Code optimizations.
Added new command line option "/notray". It should be used with /resident as follows:
opaquetaskbar.exe /resident /notray

This will prevent Opaque Taskbar from creating the tray icon. Use Task manager to kill the app.
The application was slightly improved. New features are following:
  • Taskbar will become opaque even you will restart Explorer (The resident mode of Opaque Taskbar is required).
  • Tray icon stays visible even you will restart Explorer (The resident mode of Opaque Taskbar is required).
  • Taskbar will become opaque even you will move it to the another side of screen (The resident mode of Opaque Taskbar is required).
  • Added the "Disable Updates Check" option according to users requests.

The new command line option: opaquetaskbar.exe /resident allows you to keep taskbar opaque even if theme or Aero color was changed.
In resident mode Opaque Taskbar for Windows 8 will stay in memory and will show a tray icon with context menu. Use that menu or just double click on the tray icon to toggle the transparency.
Also, "startup" checkbox will ask you if you want to keep the application in memory after startup.

I have resolved dual display issues and improved the code.

A minor bug with check box state is also fixed. Please update as soon as possible.

Initial release

Opaque Taskbar for Windows 8 in action

Opaque Taskbar for Windows 8 has special option to run at Windows startup. Please note that Windows 8 uses delayed start for desktop apps, so your Taskbar will become opaque with some delay. This is not a big price for portable lightweight software, isn't it?

Opaque Taskbar for Windows 8 is free, portable application and does not require to be installed. It is compatible with Windows 8 x86 and Windows 8 x64.

This app has been superseded by Winaero Tweaker and is no longer being maintained. Use the following options from Winaero Tweaker:

You can download Winaero Tweaker here: Download Winaero Tweaker.
Donate options for satisfied users:


  1. DoNotBuyWindows8
    07 Jan 13

    #the way to disable tasbkar transparency via DWM API

    And what is way? How is this done?

  2. Anonymous
    07 Jan 13

    Nice, but only seems to work on primary monitor ?

    Taskbar on secondary monitor(s) seems to still be transparent - whatever order I use to enable / connect secondary monitor and change the transparency.

  3. Sergey
    07 Jan 13

    I know. I am sorry
    I will fix that bug tomorrow, I am unable to access sources right now.

  4. Jose_49
    08 Jan 13

    Haha! Nice. I knew it was coming from this site when I saw this on Neowin. Keep up the amazing job!

  5. xpclient
    08 Jan 13

    Fixed now supports multiple displays.

  6. guest
    11 Jan 13

    Very nice thanks! Perfect. The see-through effect drove me nuts.

  7. Tim
    11 Jan 13

    Would not use this until I know what it is actually doing... ie. is it changing DLLs? Or is it just a registry hack?

  8. Anonymous
    14 Jan 13

    make it work with the taskbar on the top?

  9. Sergey
    14 Jan 13

    but already it works regardless of taskbar position

  10. Anonymous
    19 Jan 13

    Nice, but can you match the color to the window border color?

  11. Guest
    19 Jan 13

    Yes, please add the option to change the color of the taskbar as well ... Thanks!

  12. compujosh
    20 Jan 13

    I've been using this for about two days, and AVG picked it up as infected (personal identity threat I think). Currently working on redownloading it and trying again.

  13. Anonymous
    05 Feb 13

    Download doesn't work, invalid zip file. Please fix it.

  14. Sergey
    05 Feb 13

    Works fine here, opened with Explorer's internal Comressed folder feature.
    Try now.

  15. Bruno Rotondi
    20 Feb 13

    Great! Thanks

  16. Shane
    12 Mar 13

    I like this software, but I would also REALLY like to make my taskbar pure glass without blur the way I could in Windows 7. Is that anything you might be working on in the future? I like it either opaque or transparent, nothing in between.

    Great work here, though, and I love your various software!

  17. doknir
    13 Mar 13

    Thanks for the update!
    Is is possible to disable checking for updates?

  18. Sergey
    13 Mar 13

    I will implement this option
    But... any reason to disable checking for updates?

  19. doknir
    14 Mar 13

    No problem with me! But I installed your software on friend's new W8 laptop (his wish was to make it more like W7/XP) and now he is asking me what is going on ...
    In some cases this 'new update' dialog is not suitable. Maybe just a tray icon ...

  20. Sergey
    14 Mar 13

    In some cases this 'new update' dialog is not suitable. Maybe just a tray icon ...

    Hey, this is really good idea!

  21. doknir
    15 Mar 13

    Yes, it would be similar like Java or Adobe Reader updater. But please still add an option to disable updates (currently I block it using firewall) ...

  22. Bloodcore
    18 Mar 13

    Am I the only one having problems with 2.0?

    It seems that the OpaqueTaskbar automaticly disables itself after a while now..
    This never happened in the previous version.

  23. jRev
    22 Mar 13

    Is there any way to disable the popup reminder during startup that a new version is available? I already have 2.0 and it still keeps bugging me!


  24. Sergey
    22 Mar 13

    This is not possible.
    You have the old version somewhere else, e.g. in startup folder.
    Remove app from the startup/registry, then use version 2.
    I will add an option to disable update check soon.

  25. jRev
    22 Mar 13

    Successfully disabled it through the startup tab in Task Manager. Thanks!

  26. projayjay
    23 Mar 13

    Is there any way for the client to automatically download the updates? It is so annoying for me to go to the website every two weeks to get a new version

  27. Sergey
    23 Mar 13

    It is possible. Added in my "TODO".

  28. seanhawk
    28 Mar 13

    Is it possible to make the taskbar and titlebar have different colors? I wanna give the taskbar a dark color and the titlebar a light color, because the taskbar has white text but the titlebar has black text. I want the texts to stand out.

  29. Sergey
    29 Mar 13

    Nope. They both use Aero color

  30. Benke
    11 Apr 13

    I'm unable to download the application. Neither Firefox or Internet Explorer can get it. I only get an empty file.

  31. Benke
    12 Apr 13

    It works now! Thanks!

  32. melfisch
    21 Jul 13

    Thank goodness! That kind of effort is worth a donation, for sure.

  33. Trigger
    17 Aug 13

    Bug report: the application still fails to make the taskbar transparent on dual monitor systems when you use Winkey+P to change the projection mode. Try setting it to PC Screen only and then back to Extend and you get an opaque taskbar on the first screen and a transparent taskbar on the second.
    Is there anyway to make the app recognize when display settings are changed or is another fix available?

  34. Anon
    23 Sep 13

    Whenever I disable transparency, Windows Explorer no longer auto-updates when I move a file. I have to manually refresh to see files in their new locations.

  35. photoslave
    21 Oct 13

    Does Opaque Taskbar still work ok with Windows 8.1? Thanks!

  36. photoslave
    22 Oct 13

    I tried it with Windows 8.1. So far, it is working well.

  37. Anonymous
    23 Oct 13

    I tried to install this and I keep getting the error message ''Failed to Install''.

    I'm running Firefox 24.0 on Windows 8.

    Please help!

  38. Anonymous
    23 Oct 13

    Update: error message actually reads: ''Unable to initialise installer GUI''

  39. Sergey
    23 Oct 13

    Opaque Taskbar has no installer. It is portable app.

  40. David
    05 Dec 13

    Fantastic app - thanks! I found that the command-line option for OpaqueTaskbar.exe to disable transparency and exit is


  41. Lewis
    22 Dec 13

    Hello !

    I have a 64 Bit Version of Windows 8.1 Pro and have downloaded OpaqueTaskbar
    and it is great ! however i've had an issue with it.
    Something i have noticed is that what if i want this to disable transparency at startup and luckily there is an option for it however it doesn't work :(
    when i turned on my computer this morning and logged in it still had transparency. i have used x64 and x32 bit versions and same result. please help !

  42. Alex
    28 Dec 13

    whether the program causes harm to the system

  43. Sergey
    29 Dec 13

    No, program is safe for your OS.

  44. Seth
    31 Dec 13

    How about a quick tutorial on the startup options, how it functions and make it persistent across boots transparently etc? Some documentation/short info would be helpful. Thanks

  45. Sukhoi
    07 Feb 14

    Does not work on Windows 8.1 x64 single language.

  46. stimulatOr
    21 Feb 14

    Taskbar color doesn't match window color, it's a tad darker. Start8 provides such a function. Can you provide/fix that?


  47. Sergey
    23 Feb 14

    I not sure.

  48. wleih
    23 Feb 14

    Thanks a ton!!

  49. Yay
    19 Apr 14

    Thank you! Works perfectly! No problems, no bugs. Thank you

  50. Bunny
    22 Apr 14

    Exactly what I wanted -- a simple way to turn off the transparency. Thank you so much, Sergey!

  51. nicola.farina
    23 Apr 14

    Awesome! A really missing feature for Windows taskbar customization window.

  52. Gontie
    06 May 14

    Hello, is there any way to improve that ? I am looking for a way to have the same transparency that in WIndows 7


  53. Dexter
    05 Jun 14

    Please explain how to install/load wincty and/or opaquetaskbar.
    Does one have to create a registry key under Run that says "wincty.exe /resident" or what?

  54. Dexter
    08 Jun 14

    So I added the following string to the Run key but there is still a delay in applying Taskbar opacity at startup?
    "OpaqueTaskbar"="\"C:\\Program Files\\Winaero\\OpaqueTaskbar\\Native app\\Wintcy.exe\" /resident"

  55. Climax
    09 Jun 14

    Great !

  56. ShattixX
    19 Jun 14

    Hey guys.

    I have a problem after my PC was frozen..
    I click on the Wintcy.exe but nothing happens..

    There is no process in the task manager.
    What can i do?

    Hope you can help me.

  57. KaynEKH
    27 Jun 14

    Hi everyone!

    I've a probleme with opaquetaskbar. When i disable transparency, it works fine. But just for a few seconds... After maybe 3 or 4 secs, transparency's back. I don't understand why it can't stay active...

    An idea?


  58. Guest
    07 Jul 14

    I can't get this to work in windows 8.1.

  59. Anonymous
    07 Oct 14

    When I connect two monitors, the one side comes back to transparent.
    opaque feature only works on one monitor. I have to turn the program off and on again to make both sides opaque.

  60. Shirou
    18 Oct 14

    Can you fix it? it doesn't work how it intends to anymore... when you manually disable the transparency, It works, BUT when you enable startup, it doesn't disable transparency at startup anymore, It doesn't even start at startup at all :/

  61. Guest
    12 Nov 14

    The program works fine but being prompted to download an update on startup with no option to permanently hide the message is very annoying.

  62. Anonymous
    24 Nov 14

    No matter what i do, it won't disable transparency on startup. Help?

  63. Philippe
    29 Nov 14

    What about dual monitor support? It works when we run the executable "OpaqueTaskbar.exe," but not when we use the tray icon. I am using version

  64. lizzy
    06 Dec 14

    Works great, thank you. That transparent taskbar did not look good.

  65. SanyaSan
    29 Dec 14


    Very nice application, I have one annoying issue with it though! Whenever I run a full-screen game like Elite: Dangerous or similar, the taskbar for the monitor the game ran on will be transparent again! I'm using dual monitors so that may have something to do with it? I have it running with the resident option.

  66. TheBunnyisEvil
    21 Jan 15

    Nice work indeed

  67. SanyaSan
    24 Jan 15

    It seems like the taskbar is permanently opaque as of Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9926

  68. That Person
    04 Feb 15

    Great job, It works perfectly (exactly as described), for anyone doubting it for security reasons (anti virus/ anti malware flagging it) it's safe, Thanks to the creator~

  69. MatLasa
    19 Feb 15

    Hello! Is there any way or app to make the taskbar COMPLETELY transparent? Not the icons, of course, just the taskbar.
    Thank you so much!

  70. mesh
    22 Feb 15

    doesn't seem to work for me on win10 tech preview 9926

  71. eldrin
    04 Mar 15

    On my Windows 8.1 PC, if I put the PC to sleep and then resume it the next morning, the taskbar has gone back to being transparent, even though OpaqueTaskbar was left running in the tray.

  72. MisterSquishy
    11 Mar 15

    Thanks for this!

    FYI to all: the exe triggered Norton AV to quarantine it, based on crowd-sourced information (not known virus information), so I instructed Norton to exclude it from scans, after which it runs properly.

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