Boot UI Tuner

Our friend KNARZ has discovered some hidden and fun options of boot manager in Windows 8. According to him, he get that options via Embedded Environment. So, i used his research and made a new tool for you: Boot UI Tuner

Latest version is 2.0, see the change log below.
With help of Boot UI Tuner you will be able:
  • to enable advanced options of boot menu - such options as safe mode, debugging and so on will be available before every boot of your Windows 8;
  • to enable editing of boot options - this allows you to specify an addition options for kernel. They are similar to good old boot.ini features;
  • to disable blue Windows Logo during boot;
  • to disable spinning circle during boot;
  • to disable text messages during boot - messages like “Please wait”, “Updating registry – 10%” and so on;
  • to disable whole modern boot UI and turn it into legacy mode;
  • to enable or disable verbose sign in messages.
You can see how it works in following video:

How Boot UI Tuner works

Boot UI Tuner runs through several bcdedit commands, see the following blog post "How to disable Windows 8 boot logo, sniping icon and some other hidden settings"

Change log

New "easy-to-use" UI
Added the "Always display boot menu" option.
Added the "Verbose logon messages" option.
v. 1.0
The initial release.

Boot UI Tuner is free portable software and does not require to be installed. It is available for Windows 8 x86 and Windows x64.

This app has been superseded by Winaero Tweaker and is no longer being maintained. Use the following options from Winaero Tweaker:

You can download Winaero Tweaker here: Download Winaero Tweaker.
Donate options for satisfied users:


  1. lee43
    15 Jan 13

    Got stuck in a constant boot loop trying the boot up in safe mode option

  2. Anonymous
    17 Jan 13

    Yay, now I don't have to go through 30 billion click route to enable unsigned drivers!

  3. mohamed zino
    30 Mar 13

    je n'arrive pas à telécharger. je ne
    sait quoi faire

  4. Mannuel
    18 Apr 13

    depois de ver farei o meu comentário

  5. rayan
    02 Jun 13

    tanks for helping

  6. Goody two shoes
    25 Jun 13

    This is a good program.
    When I made Win 8, auto login, it would not let me restart in safe mode anymore.
    This program lets me do it.


  7. jlee
    26 Aug 13

    I'm having problem with missing boot screen. I hoped this program will revive the boot screen, but it didn't. The boot screen that starts with 'Lenovo' and a progress circle, however after that it shows nothing (supposed to be blue windows 8 logo and a progress circle).

  8. kenpmason
    05 Dec 13

    The following command will enable Advanced Boot Options to be shown at every boot:
    bcdedit /set {globalsettings} advancedoptions true

    To disable this/restore defaults, run the following command:
    bcdedit /set {globalsettings} advancedoptions false

  9. David
    01 Feb 14

    Can you make a program to enable the taking screenshots of the BIOS & startup screens ?

  10. Sergey
    02 Feb 14

    It is not possible.
    Use VMware solutions to take screenshots of BIOS

    21 Mar 14

    is there a program to change bootlogo into own logo like "lenovo"?

  12. apu889
    07 Apr 14

    hi, please can you make this also for Windows 7? yeah there's another software out there, but doesn't support UEFI :/

  13. Ashley
    18 Apr 14

    Hello. I hit into a problem that advanced options of boot menu cannot appear if I rebooted the computer completely and then turn on it. Could you check this? Thanks a lot!

  14. Anonymous
    18 Apr 14

    Hello. I hit into a problem that advanced options of boot menu cannot appear if I rebooted the computer completely and then turn on it. Could you check this?

  15. Phil
    05 Jul 14

    it's working! i can change the startup logo!

  16. Rashlie
    16 Aug 14

    1) Hi, tell me please is this program will reduce time of windows booting?
    2) Can you make a program to show/hide desktop icons like windows it does, without restarting explorer?

  17. Tim
    27 Aug 14

    Nice work. But, please add tooltip on every option with an explanation about what it does exactly.

  18. Spursy79
    03 Oct 14

    I am stuck in an infinite automatic repair loop. Will this help fix it? My Pc wont refresh or do a system restore. All i want to do is save my photos.

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