Sign In Screen Color Changer

Some days ago our good friends from IntoWindows covered how to change the logon screen background color. That is simple tweak, but I do not like color scheme number calculation and direct registry editing, so I decide to create a simple tool which allows you:
  • to change color of sign in screen in Windows 8
  • to set the same color for sign in screen and Start screen with one click
  • to get ready-to-use registry tweak with your settings

Last version is 1.1, fixed high DPI issue
And here how it works:

Sign In Color Changer is portable application and does not require to be installed. Sure, it is freeware.

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  1. Tamha
    09 Sep 13

    Any chance you can add a quick removal button for the edit? Advanced users will likely know how to safely remove registry edits on their own, but having a removal button built in would be nice for anyone who wants to revert their settings.

  2. Guest
    11 Sep 13

    Has this been confirmed to work w/ 8.1 RTM? I ask because I've downloaded and run the utility... and it does seem to make the change in regedit... but the color doesn't change. Just curious. Thanks!

  3. Guest
    18 Sep 13

    Same here with 8.1, doesn't seem to work.

  4. Anonymous
    22 Sep 13

    Yeah, I'm wondering too if this program is going to be available for Windows 8.1 users.

  5. Anonymous
    05 Dec 13


  6. Serge
    28 Jan 14

    Does not work with win pro 8.1 x64
    Ne fonctionne pas avec win 8.1 pro x64

  7. JaXkO
    24 Feb 15

    Yeah Man I agree with Serge ... This tool doesn't work with Windows 8.1 Pro!

  8. cherry
    07 Aug 16

    Trying to get it done

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