OneClickFirewall is a small app which will give you the ability to block any app from accessing the Internet. It integrates with the Explorer context menu. All you need to do is right click the application you want to block and select "Block Internet Access".
Latest version: application adds two context menu items for executable files.

Block Internet Access will block the selected executable file from accessing the Internet.

Restore Internet Access will allow you to restore the Internet access for apps you blocked earlier.

Read the following article to learn about the application in detail: Block any app from accessing Internet with one click in Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7

OneClickFirewall is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7. It should work in Windows Vista too, but currently I am not able to test it.

Change log Tried to reduce false positive reports by antiviruses. This is the best I can:

I am sorry Avast! users, I cannot help you. Anyway, this report is just false positive. added the executable file name to rule name in Windows Firewall.

Initial release

I made this app because the default user interface for allowing or blocking an app in Windows Firewall still requires too many steps. OneClickFirewall provides the missing Explorer shell integration that should have been built-in.

See the following video:

Download link is as follows:
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  1. DKO
    07 Jun 16

    Avast Free Antivirus allowed the zip to be downloaded and an Avast scan of "OneClickFirewall-" reported "No threats found". However when I tried to run "OneClickFirewall-" an Avast pop up appeared reporting:

    Infection: FileRepMetagen [Malware]
    The threat was detected and blocked just before the file was executed

    I assume this is a False-Positive but am not bypassing the bloack until I receive further advice from you Sergey

  2. Sergey
    09 Jun 16

    It is false positive.
    I am getting annoyed by these reports.
    Will install avast and see what triggers this behavior.

  3. Djoka
    13 Jun 16

    Does not work for me. Maybe because Windows firewall is OFF.

  4. Sergey
    13 Jun 16

    Sure it will not work for you. It uses Windows Firewall and creates rules for it.

  5. Awesome
    07 Jul 16

    Hey this tool is great. Guys Winaero is a trusted site. Don't harass the developer with getting it whitelisted in anti-virus software. Use a decent AV which prevents false positives.

  6. Androyx96
    16 Jul 16

    Hi, could I help you by translating strings into Italian? So other users don't have to edit string in registry key

  7. Sergey
    17 Jul 16

    Androyx96, thanks, I will think about it.

  8. Gene
    15 Aug 16

    Avira Free Antivirus 2016 also flags OneClickFirewwall as the TR/Agent.auxs virus and immediately grabs the file.
    I have noticed the antivirus checker is aggressive as it even seized my simple VB welcome script from my startup menu in Windows 10 Anniversary. The VBscript just reads the computer time, says Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Good Evening and tells you the time of day using an audio voice. With Avira Free Antivirus 2016 you cannot tell the application - "Don't bother with this file it is okay." I scanned the OneClickFirewwall file with MalwareBytes and it found no problem with the file.

  9. equiplist
    04 Nov 16

    I am guessing that it might complicate things too much for OneClickFirewall to default to blocking everything? And then, as you go along, allow the apps you need.

    I am using TinyWall, which works in that fashion. But I am getting a bit concerned about it, as it seems to be stuck on version 2.1 for several years now.

  10. TASKER404
    17 Apr 17

    Somehow since I installed it the task manager has been showing network usage column as 0% for all running processes under processes tab. So I uninstalled it but still the readings are all 0%. Others columns are working fine and no task manager isnt paused (windows 10 pro creators update)

  11. Anonymous
    15 Jun 17


  12. Xahid
    03 Nov 17

    Thanks for developer to create such a nice and easy interface (actually interface-less) for Windows firewall, its very very handy and useful.

  13. vortex
    08 Apr 18

    is it possible to add a column into windows explorer to see the status if a file is blocked?

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