Startup Sound Enabler for Windows 8

Earlier this year, we covered how you can get back the Startup sound played during logon in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. It requires you to complete several steps manually which can be quite tedious for some users. A number of our readers had issues following all the steps correctly.

So to make things simple, I decided to create Startup Sound Enabler for Windows 8. This app will allow you to assign a startup sound with just one click! It does the job of creating the script with the sound you pick and setting it up in Task Scheduler automatically.
The application has a very simple UI.

Click the Set Startup Sound button to set the startup sound.
Click Disable Startup Sound to disable it.
That's it!

Startup Sound Enabler does not require any installation, you can simply run the EXE. It is freeware, like all our cool apps.
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  1. Mark
    22 Jul 14

    Keep getting script error when I turn on the laptop it plays the sound but still script error I think it was line 415

  2. prateek
    03 Oct 14

    it doesn't work on my windows 8 Laptop. :(

  3. Teger
    26 Dec 14

    I Can't disable it --"

  4. Tristan
    25 Feb 15

    Looks good!
    Please create a Shutdown Sound Enabler also in the future!

  5. Jeremy
    24 May 15

    It works perfectly for me! but can you make it play the sound on windows startup? it plays my sound on logon.

  6. RikH
    09 Jun 15

    The startup sound is very choppy. I have a robot voice that says "Gree....tings .... Rik Ho......w are y....ou" which is unacceptable.

  7. Jak
    14 Jun 15

    Doesn't work in Windows 8.1 Pro.

  8. TK
    14 Jul 15

    The song quality was lowered :(, but other than that, it works perfectly fine!

  9. cnugent9499
    09 Dec 15

    same issue as RikH, it's veeeeeeeeeery choppy and laggy AF! plz fix

  10. jaxian
    29 Jan 16

    This is the only fix that worked for me. I'm running Windows 8.1 Pro. I tried the registry edits and after way too much time tinkering and fussing because it actually enabled the required options in 'Sound' under the 'Control Panel' I found out the logon/logoff sounds were disabled via hardcoding by Microsoft in Win 8.1.

    Why Microsoft would do this is beyond me...

    Anyway, I second Tristan's comment from Feb of 2015 and really really hope you can make this for Shutdown sounds. Or, could you just make the code available so I could do it?

    Thank again.

  11. Derp
    27 Mar 16

    You need to make a shutdown sound enabler in windows 10

  12. Jedumi
    22 May 16

    Hi Sergey, your Russian sister site ( has a version of Startup Sound Changer that DOES work with Windows 10 (although advertised for up to W8).

    Why the difference?

  13. Sergey
    22 May 16

    It also does not work in Win10. Unfortunately, I have no solution for actual Windows 10 releases.

  14. sweetcheeks
    25 May 16

    really need a startup/shutdown sound enabler for windows 10
    is this possible?

  15. Jedumi
    30 May 16

    With respect: The one at DOES work for W10. I have used it several times without error. Also, FYI, someone has also posted a YouTube video of using it.

  16. ZapbuzZ
    29 Jul 16


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