MetroController for Windows 8 Developer Preview

MetroController allows you to disable Metro UI in Windows 8 without manual registry hacks or manual DLL renaming. MetroController does all dirty job for you.
It works only in Windows Developer Preview
It looks exactly like this:

There are two ways of tweaking are avaliable.First disables all new stuff in Windows 8, including Explorer's Ribbon.
Second option keeps Ribbon alive.

You can use this tool to rollback all changes.

Download MetroController

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  1. RandomUser
    15 Sep 11

    You said that it does not do registry hacks nor DLL Renaming.

    Actually that EXACTLY what it does. I decompiled it, the registry stuff was there, and, it makes use of an embedded hacked shsxs.dll file. So when he says that it is not doing this stuff, it is misleading.

  2. Sergey
    15 Sep 11

    Mate, i mean what you don't need to edit registry/rename dll manually.
    Sorry for misleading, I will correct the text

  3. Adam
    16 Sep 11

    I disabled Metro features only, but the new Windows Task Manager do not works fine. :(

  4. guest
    17 Sep 11

    Is there an undo?

  5. Sergey
    18 Sep 11

    Same buttons used to enable/disable features.
    The buttons change their texts

  6. Michael
    21 Sep 11

    I removed all but the ribbon then decided I didn't want it, and now I've lost a bunch of apps from the metro UI such as the metro control panel, any help..? (x64)

  7. Guest
    25 Sep 11

    open the search bar and try to type it in there to find it or
    go to the control panal and go to uninstall a program, try to find the metro controler then uninstall it from there then you will have to install it once more and start over

  8. Om is Om
    29 Sep 11

    September 28 11 6-02-19 PM

    Thank U, Thank you, Million thanks. I will spread the word all over the internet.

    Thank U,

  9. Hammerfest
    14 Oct 11

    PLEASE for the LOVE OF GOD, FIX THIS so that the new TaskManager will still work...

    MetroPOS Start Menu = Absolute SHIT
    New TaskManager = BRILLIANCE!!!!!!!!

  10. Sergey
    14 Oct 11

    New TaskManager is awesome, I agree.
    But no way to keep it working :(

  11. Sorceror
    18 Jan 12

    Pity Disabling Metro features also diables all the Apps available on the Metro Start menu. Ie the Games.. Some are pretty decent.

  12. Rishabh
    10 Mar 12

    Hey firstly thanks for your help and secondly if i choose second option i.e disable only metro feature so later on i can enable it or not pls tell

  13. Anonymous
    13 Mar 12

    This works only for Windows Developer Preview
    It allows to rollback any changes.

  14. Anonymous
    06 Apr 12

    it doesn 'twork

  15. Sergey
    07 Apr 12

    Sure it was designed for Windows Developer Preview

  16. db
    27 Oct 12

    this is not working for me on win pro 8. i also get an error saying the sxhs dll.bak or something is not found

  17. Anonymous
    28 Oct 12

    because you not read this article

  18. Anonymous
    06 Nov 12

    Through my own hacks and others I've gotten things pretty much where I want them but I HATE HATE HATE the ribbon menu system. I do use parts of the Metro. I don't see an option to just disable the Ribbon menus. By the way, what replaces the Ribbon menu? Does the regular drop down menus of "File, Edit, View, Help" take it's place? I do need a menu. Wondering also if you have a little app that allows one to take control over fonts, colors and getting rid of those hideous blue and red colors when hovering over the "close, minimize and max" button. Thanks!

  19. ri
    28 Mar 13

    tanks ilike

  20. Anonymous
    17 Apr 13

    i get an error when i try to download

  21. GreekAce
    09 Jun 13

    good one

  22. metu
    15 Jun 13


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