AutoPin Controller

This application beats the most annoying feature of Windows 8 - auto pinning the installed software to Start Screen. With this little tool you can temporary disable pinning feature, then you can install everything you want and it will not be pinned. After that you can unlock pinning feature again.
Also AutoPin Controller will allow you to reset the Start Screen with one click: it will remove all tiles/shortcuts and set them to first logon state.

Typical scenario of usage is following:
  • Lock the pinning
  • Install your applications
  • Enjoy the clean Start Screen
  • Unlock the pinning feature
  • Pin the apps that YOU really need

Thanks to my friends Vadim Sterkin and Gaurav Kale for testing, help and support. Guys, you are awesome.

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  1. Paul
    07 Apr 13

    Not quite sure I understand. I think I'd just like to always have autopin turned off, and allow me to manually pin what I want.

  2. @Paul
    25 Apr 13

    That is what you can't do in Windows 8. It always autopins everything, hence this tool.

  3. Dave J
    26 Sep 13

    I think that the Windows 8.1 feature is annoying. I would rather remove than add!

  4. Mister-Yaoi
    01 Jun 14

    PLEASE!!! PLEASE make something to ALLOW us to enable Auto Pinning for Windows 8.1!

  5. Phil
    25 Jan 15

    i love it! thanks!

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