Taskbar Pinner

Hey, I am proud to introduce the results of my hard work with Mr. Gaurav Kale. It is Taskbar Pinner - the universal pinner software for your taskbar!

Latest version of Taskbar Pinner is 2.0. Windows 8 users, please switch to Pin to 8 application.
This is most unique software from all taskbar pinners in the world. Just check the list of features! With our Taskbar Pinner you will able:
  • to pin ANY file regardless of its type;
  • to pin ANY folder;
  • to pin drive;
  • to pin Control Panel items, all them including some hidden like God Mode/All Tasks, Network Connections;
  • to pin Libraries;
  • to pin Shell Objects like Run command, "Show Desktop", Window Switcher;
  • to pin any drive,all folders and all files via Explorer Context Menu;
  • to pin any folders or files with drag and drop. Drop them on application window.
  • to pin any folders or files via command line:
    taskbarpinner.exe "path\to\desired\location"

Note this is first pinning tool which works in Windows 7 regardless of UI language! As you may know, all of existing tools fails with non-English language of user interface. More than that, it's the only pinning tool I think that can pin just about ANYthing.

If you pin a *.website file to taskbar, you will able to set a custom icon for it.

Let me show you how its in action. I will show you Windows 8, ok? For Windows 7 all bits are the same.

Taskbar Pinner's Change log

  • improved user folders' location detection in case when folder redirection is enabled via Group Policy
  • fixed crash of app when it was started from a network share
  • fixed the file/folder pinning issue when the target file is located on a network share.

  • Windows 8 is not supported anymore. Please use the Pin to 8 software instead.
  • Added x64 version.
  • New modern "Open a folder" dialog for folder pinning.
  • Bug fixed: wrong check if item was already pinned.

Bug fixed: if %temp% is short path to temp folder, you were unable to pin anything.
Bug fixed: crash when the slash was the last character in the command line.
Bug fixed: crash of the shell location dialog.
Initial release

Taskbar Pinner is portable application and does not require to be installed.

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  1. pino
    28 Aug 12

    Cant download your app man
    I click the download button and nothing happens

  2. Sergey
    28 Aug 12

    Don't use google translator with download page

  3. Netroll
    28 Aug 12

    It's amazing software!!!!!!!11 I would be very happy to join the growing pool of HB fans.

  4. vitaliy
    29 Aug 12

    does not work.
    W7 .NET Framework 4 installed. tried 4.5

  5. Anonymous
    29 Aug 12

    Your downloads work ONLY using Internet Explorer !!!
    You should test your web site in Firefox and Google Chrome as well !!!

  6. Sergey
    29 Aug 12

    I didn't use IE.
    I use Firefox and have no any issues in IE, Opera, FF and Chrome
    Check out your browser settings.

  7. moinmoin
    29 Aug 12

    It's great, Sergey.

    Featured on deskmodder.de

  8. Sergey
    29 Aug 12

    Thanks again!

  9. Allan
    29 Aug 12

    Not working for me on Win7 Home Premium 64 bit. Created a shortcut to folder on D (non-system) partition on single hard drive. When I click on the shortcut, I get an error message stating "The item "[folder].exe" that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly. Do you want to delete this shortcut?" Note that I selected a folder, not an .exe program file. Is there a solution. This would be very useful if it worked.

  10. RossN
    29 Aug 12

    Crashes on me.
    Win 8 CP 64-bit. Tried dragging a small .rtf file into the file pane.

  11. Sergey
    29 Aug 12

    I have not tested it with CP. Its a bit outdated.

    I reproduced your issue with win7 x86. Let me look inside the problem. I will release fix ASAP.

  12. Keiichi
    30 Aug 12

    Increible, funciona muy bien W7 x86 ultimate en español :D

  13. remora
    31 Aug 12

    What about change the icon for pinned object?. Maybe in the next version?


  14. Sergey
    31 Aug 12

    But for what?
    You are able to change it with explorer. Shift+Right click on pinned icon and select properties. Then log off and log on.

  15. Aosweme
    31 Aug 12

    Awesome! thanks, it works perfectly!

  16. Renato Pasalacqua
    29 Sep 12

    Excellent program, I love it. Thanks!

  17. The Real Aitch
    12 Oct 12

    I download it fine with Google Chrome.
    Installed without problem and have been using it for a few weeks now without difficulty.
    If you have any problems I suggest you look to yourself first before blaming Sergey,

  18. jectos
    30 Oct 12

    Does this work with windows 8

  19. LDSBrother
    27 Nov 12

    Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many essential programs and file folders have not a "Pin to taskbar."

  20. whtara
    24 Dec 12

    This page is perfectly safe with one very big "BUT".
    There's a nasty group called WiseDownloads who add a second download button whucj always looks more tempting than the original.
    It will (most times) download an unauthorised version of the software - that isn't the problem. It also downloads things you didn't ask for - and it doesn't bother to tell you. Most of these "extras" are very nasty. And to a virus checker it looks as though you voluntarily downloded the stuff.
    Be warned!!!!

  21. touloulou
    16 Jan 13

    bonjour !
    Comment supprimer un dossier "pinné" svp ?

    How to "unpin" a file or a folder you hab pinned please ?


  22. Ben
    16 Jan 13

    Right click on pinned icon and select "Unpin from Taskbar".

  23. Mvd
    24 Jan 13

    hello when doing : TaskbarPinner.exe d:\taskbar the FOLDER taskbar is added to the taskbar and NOT all files in the folder.

    Howto do this?

  24. Mvd
    24 Jan 13

    Hello, i try to use this as script. Script is working well...but everytime i log in ALL items are created again so all shortcuts are now duplicated. Is there a fix for this?


  25. Mvd
    24 Jan 13

    When doing a shortcut to outlook 2013 and OneNote 2013 : Sorry, msi shortcuts are not supported. But this is the lnk-file...

    howto fix?

  26. Sergey
    24 Jan 13

    TaskbarPinner.exe d:\taskbar the FOLDER taskbar is added to the taskbar and NOT all files in the folder.

    Right, it will pin just folder, not whole folder content. This is by design.

    Sorry, msi shortcuts are not supported.

    That is true. I have no idea how to process them at this moment.

    Hello, i try to use this as script. Script is working well...but everytime i log in ALL items are created again so all shortcuts are now duplicated. Is there a fix for this?

    Can you post here an example of your script?

  27. mvd
    25 Jan 13

    This is my script:

    \\\Taskbar\TaskbarPinner\TaskbarPinner.exe "\\\Taskbar\user\Internet Explorer.lnk"
    \\\Taskbar\TaskbarPinner\TaskbarPinner.exe "\\\Taskbar\user\Google Chrome.lnk"

    When i Run this script by LOGON all items are copied again

    Also Another question for example Internet explorer:

    IE is added to my taskbar (windows
    But when start IE there is second IE-icon in my Taskbar for the opened website. how can i fix this?


  28. Mvd
    26 Jan 13

    Hi, can you do something with the script to not overwrite existing pins?

    You understand my problem with the duplicate Internet Explorer pin?


  29. Mvd
    27 Jan 13

    Hi, can you do something with my questions?


  30. Sergey
    27 Jan 13

    I am sorry, I was away from PC. I will try to look today

  31. Mvd
    29 Jan 13

    Hi Sergey,
    did you find any solutions for this issues?


  32. Sergey
    29 Jan 13

    Just for note: Winaero is not my primary occupation. I have daily job and familiy, so I am limited to give all my time to this site
    I am sorry about the delay, I will try to help you right now.

  33. Sergey
    29 Jan 13

    Mvd, fixed.

  34. Mvd
    29 Jan 13

    Hi Sergey, both issues are fixed?
    Is there a new version for download available?


  35. Mvd
    29 Jan 13

    Hi Sergey,
    now when starting taskbar-pinner script on Windows 8 "this application requires windows 7".
    but.. "pin to 8" can not be used as a script like "taskbar pinner".

    What will be the right working combination of script-possiblity and working on windows 8, and also with both fixes you made?


  36. Sergey
    30 Jan 13

    I can't resolve the following issue:

    IE is added to my taskbar (windows 8 )
    But when start IE there is second IE-icon in my Taskbar for the opened website. how can i fix this?

    This is windows behavior, I have no idea how to defeat it. Try to pin executable file (iexplore.exe) instead of LNK file.
    I will add cmd line parameters to "pin to 8".
    "pinto8.exe /t file" - pin to taskbar
    "pinto8.exe /s file" - pin to start screen

  37. Mvd
    31 Jan 13

    Hi Sergey, thx for the answers. Is the "new" version with scripting possiblity available for download?


  38. WU
    31 Jan 13

    FYI: I downloaded Taskbar Pinner and unzipped it (by the way there is a typo in the Windows x64 folder). I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate x64, and the program file in the "Widnows x64" [sic] folder produces the error message "Please use executable file from Windows x64 folder".

  39. Sergey
    31 Jan 13

    Mvd, not yet available. I am working on it
    WU, thank you, fixed both issues.

  40. Sergey
    01 Feb 13

    Mvd, please update your Pin to 8

  41. mvd
    05 Feb 13

    Hi Sergey,
    thx, script is working.
    1 question

    Is there a possibility for a check when there is a shortcut already, that specific item will be skipped? (when running for a second time, there will be duplicate items)

  42. Sergey
    05 Feb 13

    With PinTo8?
    I though i already fixed the duplicates

  43. PinHound
    21 May 13


    First off I'd like to say this looks like a really useful tool. Secondly I have a question regarding running this from a script - is it possible to unpin as well as pin icons? And if so what is the variable to do this?

    Many thanks for your hard work.

  44. theregent
    04 Jun 13

    Hi, excellent piece of work but my Win 7 runs 32-bit. any solution for this issue?
    thanks and keep on with your work

  45. Supostat
    18 Jun 13

    I was looking for method to pin batch file at taskbar. This soft didn't help me.
    Just puting file to c:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar\ wouldn't help.

    P.S. Fortunately it CAN pin link to batch file, but I can't change icon for it.((

  46. albi
    04 Jul 13

    Great tool!

    Is it possible to ignore error? When something is already pinned I get error popup. Can I remove that popup?

  47. balluc
    07 Aug 13

    I have same problem... Already Pinned .. but I can't see it on the taskbar... how can we fix this ?

  48. bg
    10 Aug 13

    how do you uninstalled pin?

  49. Gerry
    06 Sep 13

    how do i uninstall taskbar pinner

  50. Anonymous
    06 Sep 13

    can you say Chinese

  51. kat
    08 Oct 13

    I pinned a dropbox folder but when I restarted, the folder disappeared from my taskbar. When I retried to pin, it says the folder is already pinned. How do I fix this?

  52. davee
    17 Oct 13

    I've used this in a batch script to pin Firefox to the taskbar:

    TaskbarPinner.exe "p:\win7\Mozilla\Mozilla Firefox.lnk"

    It works perfectly and has applied itself for ~100 users. However, I want to reverse this operation. Can that be done with TaskbarPinner.exe? Can it be used to *unpin*?

    The only workaround I have is to destroy ALL pinned app shortcuts, but that's not what I want...

  53. Sergey
    17 Oct 13

    Taskbar Pinner was not designed to unpin anything. I am sorry :(

  54. Arturo
    17 Oct 13

    Your work looks very good. I plan to try the Taskbar Pinner. I suggest that you add year to date field on your download page.

    All the best to you.

  55. davee
    18 Oct 13

    OK, fair enough. Thanks for the reply!

  56. scrumdiddillyumptiousuperdupercompletewonka
    29 Oct 13

    for one of the most annoying issues of windows 7 in not being able to pin folders any more, this is the easiest and best solution I have found - thanks!

  57. Anonymous
    04 Nov 13

    If you can make the program also do an unpin with a command-line version, I for one would be happy to pay for your program

  58. Brooks
    06 Dec 13

    Sergey, I've been using Taskbar Pinner for almost a year, and am thankful for it every day. Just wanted you and Mr. Kale to know how much I appreciate your work. Happy holidays to you and your family!

  59. Sergey
    06 Dec 13

    Brooks, many thanks for such kind words!

  60. Max
    14 Dec 13

    Hi guys,

    I do not find a way to unistall TaskBar Pinner. Can you help?


  61. tangodc
    21 Jan 14

    I installed the program, clicked finish, and now where the hell is the software? no icon anywhere, cannot find it searching, how do you run the program?

  62. Sergey
    22 Jan 14

    I have no idea what exactly you have installed but MY PROGRAM is just regular zip archive.

  63. Jahuu
    21 Apr 14


    Great app, thanks fo Your hard work.

    I have one feature request for win7 wersion. I would like to be able to pin folders to windows eksplorer instead of taskbar ( i know it is TaskbarPinner, but...).


  64. Ducci
    28 Apr 14

    Is it possible to get a version, without a messagebox "Already pinned"
    I need it for a script, and when the messagebox pops up, it wait for pressing ok,
    it was nice if i can have a version where i can supresss the message boxes.
    Was it poassible?

  65. Squirt
    21 Apr 15


    i hat Problems wenn i create a pin per script an the %TEMP% is not on User Profile on Windows 7, on my Maschines goes to C:\WINDOWS\TEMP

    can you help ? please

  66. JP
    26 Jul 15

    Does not work with Windows 10

  67. bob
    22 Jan 16

    No removal / uninstall info?

  68. Spamlet
    24 Jun 16

    Download didn't work for me in up to date Firefox, but it seems to work correctly in Internet Explorer.
    Surprised to see FF permissions for sites includes a permission to install (which didn't help) but not to download.
    Minor detail, as it worked fine via IE. FF does seem to be a bit fussy sometimes.
    Thanks for the tweak: crazy not to be able to have 'move between windows' on the taskbar as standard!

  69. Tastenplayer
    04 Aug 16

    Pin a Shell location don't work by me

  70. chiegv
    11 Nov 17

    can I use this for Windows 10 sir?

  71. Sergey
    11 Nov 17

    unfortunately, you can't. Microsoft has removed this ability.

  72. N
    25 Feb 18

    This is sadly too limited for what I wanted, I'll find another way. We need the ability to create shortcuts that are buttons split in two parts, one part with the icon and opening the shortcut, the other part with an up arrow expanding a menu of sub-folders or options. The two part buttons look and work like the Views button in the Vista Explorer command bar, for example. Another example of these two part buttons is the Shutdown button on the start menu. That's what the taskbar needs to have.

    I appreciate immensely that you have a free comment section in your website, one that doesn't require an account for free speech, one that doesn't require a data spying and advertisement provider Disqus or Facebook accounts to leave our thoughts.

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