10 thoughts on “Change or Add OEM Support Information in Windows 10

  1. David

    Great addition to the System Screen.

    How do I add SupportChat to the list

    so that I can list my SKYPE contact


    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Unfortunately, it is not possible.
      You can use it instead of the support phone, or after it
      Type the support phone as follows:

      111-222-333, Skype: youskypeaccount

      This should work.

  2. Iki

    Hay alguna forma de poner el Logo OEM del fabricante en la nueva Version de Windows 20H2, Lo pregunto porque ya no viene la opcion de Propiedades del Sistema

  3. MrFLY

    Hi at all , i need to an update of our app.
    Like user Iki i Have same question.

    The oem logo in the new release of windows 20h2 , dont work.

    It’s possible to know the correct path or reg line to enable this function.
    thanks at all

  4. heybam

    The logo must be in 24-bit color on windows 20h2, just open your bmp image using paint -> save as -> choose 24-bit color

  5. ZC

    Great job sadly I lost my prime oem inform luckily that is really piece of trash.Now it’s look batter.
    And may I see a new function to change Power-on screen in the future

  6. optinux

    – run “shell:::{bb06c0e4-d293-4f75-8a90-cb05b6477eee}” in the win + r dialog to open the old about page
    – as heybam already mentioned, the image needs to be in 24bit format
    – also dont worry if the transparency is seemingly gone after exporting the image with paint, it still works just fine
    – Result: https://imgur.com/a/HretvWH

  7. Bob Bruno

    How do I stop Asus from “seeing” my laptop and installing its support software drivers? I do not want Asus collecting data from my computer. When I remove their drivers from device manager, they automatically get reinstalled. I do not want Asus installed apps running in the background. I do not need their diagnostic software running on my laptop. The only way to stop it from running is disabling the drivers in device manager. Once I uninstall their two device drivers, their support software downloads and installs itself once again.


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