How to Change User Account Image in Windows 11

This article explains two ways to change the User Account Image in Windows 11 for both local account and Microsoft account. In Windows 11, Microsoft reworked the out-of-box experience (OOBE), enabling users to set up more settings and customize the system during the first start. One of the changes includes the ability to rename a PC in Windows 11. Still, there is no way to change the account image in Windows 11 during the initial setup.

Windows 11 lets you change the volume by scrolling the mouse wheel over the tray icon

After shipping the initial release of Windows 11, Microsoft is back at its drawing boards, shaping the next feature update for the latest operating system. According to Microsoft's strategies, Windows 11 will be getting one "big" update every year, giving the company enough time to pack a new version with many changes and new features. While many enthusiasts patiently wait for Microsoft to deliver promised Android apps support, Windows developers work on many minor quality-of-life improvements.

AIDA64 confirmed the latest preview update for Windows 11 restores lost performance

AMD recently notified users that updating from Windows 10 to the stable version of Windows 11 might throw a wrench into their systems. Due to a bug or poor optimizations, Windows 11 causes significant spikes in L3 cache delays on compatible AMD-based systems. Those spikes, in turn, reduce performance in games and memory-sensitive apps up to 15%. To make things worse, the first cumulative update for Windows 11 crippled performance more by increasing L3 cache delays four times.

Windows 11 might support multiple instances of Android apps

Microsoft shipped Windows 11 earlier this month without one key feature the company promised: Android app support. Microsoft is currently testing Android apps in Windows 11 internally, and the company plans to ship the feature to Windows insiders soon. There is not much information about how Windows 11 will work with Android applications. All we know is that Microsoft partnered with Amazon to offer users an option to install Android apps from the Amazon App Store. Also, Windows 11 might support installing Android apps from other sources.

Add TPM to a VMWare Player virtual machine for Windows 11

Here's how to add TPM to a VMWare Player virtual machine to install Windows 11. A few weeks ago, Microsoft started enforcing Windows 11 hardware requirements for Virtual Machines, making many VMs incompatible and unable to receive further Dev builds due to missing TPM support. Although Pro-level virtualization software supports Trusted Platform Module (VMWare Workstation Pro or Parallels Desktop), popular free alternatives miss that feature. Oracle is currently working on a TPM passthrough driver for its VirtualBox virtual machines, and VMWare Workstation Player (the free version of Workstation Pro) now offers Windows 11-compatible software TPM.

How to Change DPI Display Scaling in Windows 11

Here is how you can change the DPI display scaling in Windows 11. Increasing or decreasing the display scaling in Windows 11 is how you make UI elements in Windows 11 smaller or bigger. Windows 11 calculates the scaling factor for your monitor automatically, that may not follow you preferences, especially if you have a large display with a high resolution.