Run as Administrator in Windows 11 – multiple ways to start apps elevated

Run as administrator in Windows 11 is a term that describes the process of starting an app elevated with highest privileges. Windows 11, like any other modern OS version, runs applications and programs with standard (limited) privileges. Some programs require administrator access to perform specific tasks. In such cases, you may need to quit the app and run it elevated. There are several ways to run a program as an administrator in Windows 11. This article will show you most of them.

How to open Task Manager in Windows 11

This post will show you various way to open Task Manager in Windows 11, from obvious methods to lesser known.

Everyone knows that to open Task Manager in Windows 10, you need to right-click the taskbar and select Task Manager. That is the most popular and preferred by many ways to launch Task Manager, as it is available everywhere almost at any time. Apart from providing a shortcut to Task Manager, the taskbar's context menu hosts few more options, such as window management, the ability to turn on/off different buttons, show or hide Cortana, etc. If you are used to those commands in Windows 10, prepare for some radical changes after upgrading to Windows 11.

How to Enable Aero Lite Theme in Windows 11

You can enable the Aero Lite theme in Windows 11 that is notable for having more prominent controls and buttons. In the newest OS, users can choose between several pre-built color themes that also come with different backgrounds. Besides, Windows 11 supports dark and white modes. Finally, there is a hidden Aero Lite theme that comes back from Windows 8 times.