Windows 11 will soon allow to install it on ReFS instead of NTFS

Microsoft is working on enabling ReFS in the OS setup program, so Windows 11 will be able to format the drive to the latest file system and run from it. The feature is currently a work-in-progress and is hidden. However, enthusiasts have found a way to activate it, and even managed to install Windows 11 on ReFS.

Windows 11 is getting an updated Product key dialog

Microsoft continues to refresh the appearance of aged dialogs in Windows 11. Some of them have not changed since Windows 8, some retain their look from Windows 10. The company's goal is to make the newest OS look consistent by following its Fluent Design guidelines. In Windows 11 Build 25281 you will find an updated "Enter a product key" dialog, thought you have to apply extra efforts to see it.

Windows 11 is getting a new Volume Mixer that exposes audio apps

Microsoft is working on a new Volume flyout for Windows 11 that allows directly adjusting the sound volume level for each of the apps individually. It reminds of the popular EarTrumpet app, but is integrated in the Quick Access feature. It is a work in progress, so doesn't appear by default. But you can enable it easily.

Windows 11 Insiders in Beta channel receive Builds 22623.1180 and 22621.1180

In addition to Windows 11 Build 25281 in the Dev channel, Microsoft today updated the Beta channel with two new builds, 22623.1180 and 22621.1180. Traditionally, the first one is designed for testing new features, and the latter comes with them disabled. The new features in today's release are improved storage alerts for OneDrive in Settings, Widgets that can finally work without a Microsoft account, and a newer Get Help app with a connection issue troubleshooter.

Windows 11 will soon receive an Experimental Features option

Eagle-eyed enthusiasts have discovered a new hidden option in the Settings app that is responsible for shipping some experimental features to Windows 11 Insiders. While the option does nothing as of this moment, it indicates that Microsoft may want to make its A/B testing more clear and transparent.

Windows 11 Build 22000.1515 (RP) adds Windows Spotlight theme to Personalization

In addition to an update for Windows 22H2, Microsoft also updates the original release of Windows 11 with KB5019274. The patch is now available to Insiders on the Release Preview channel, and raises the OS version to Windows 11 Build 22000.1515. It brings with it two new features to Settings, a dedicated "Windows Spotlight" theme in Personalization and a new Microsoft Account page with OneDrive subscription options and storage alerts.

Windows 11 Build 22621.1192 is now available in Release Preview channel

Windows 11, version 22H2, has got a new patch KB5022360 in the Release Preview channel. It raises the OS version to Build 22621.1192. With this update, Windows 11 will require less reboots when upgrading. Besides, .NET Preview updates will now appear as optional updates in the Settings app. Finally, KB5022360 includes a good pack of fixes that improve reliability of the operating system and apps, including Explorer, search, RDP, Edge, and many others.