Native RAR support and taskbar button labels are officially coming to Windows 11

Today at Build 2023, Microsoft has announced two long awaited changes coming to Windows 11. First of all, the company has officially confirmed that soon users will be able to group taskbar buttons and enable labels for them. The other announcement is native support for tar, 7-zip, rar, gz and many others archive formats.

Here’s the major UI update that is coming to File Explorer in Windows 11

On Windows 11, the File Explorer app has a new titlebar with a tab row, but the file and folder listing is not different from what it used to be in Windows 10. Microsoft is about to change this in the near future, with a major File Explorer redesign.

Windows 11 to get AI-powered Copilot and Cloud Backup features

Today at Build 2023, Microsoft has announced several additions to Windows 11. As AI has major priority for the company, one of the first announcements includes the AI-powered Copilot tool for the operating system. Another announcement sheds some light on the Cloud Backup options that were announced back at Build 2022. Microsoft has almost finished it, so it will greatly simplify the initial setup of a new computer.

The Moment 3 update for Windows 11 22H2 will be released tomorrow, on May 24

Microsoft has officially announced that the next feature update, known as Moment 3, for Windows 11 version 22H2 will be available tomorrow, May 24, 2023, as an optional cumulative update. All changes, excluding the "preview" ones, will also be included in the next Patch Tuesday update on June 13th.

Insiders in the Canary channel are getting Windows 11 Build 25370

Typically for the new Canary channel, Microsoft doesn't highlight much. The key change is vTPM in Hyper-V on Windows on Arm (Arm64) builds. The Settings app allows quickly accessing advanced adapter options, Phone Link instant hotspot now supports WPA3, and more.

A bug in Windows 11 makes it recognize internal drives as removable ones

Microsoft has recently confirmed that Windows 11 may sometimes recognize and display built-in SATA drives as removable drives, causing confusion for users. In the user interface of the OS, internal HDD/SSD units appear as devices that you can safely remove.

After all, Windows 11 version 23H2 will be a small cumulative update

As you remember, Microsoft has cancelled the idea of releasing major Windows versions frequently, and has switched back to the three-year release schedule. This buried the Windows 11 version 23H2 as a major release. Looks like the Redmond firm is back with that release of the OS, but this time it comes in form of a small update.

Microsoft is investigating slow VPN issue on Windows 11 after May updates

Following the installation of the May Updates for Windows 11, users started reporting the slow performance of L2TP and IPsec VPN connections. While the VPN establishes successfully, subsequent speed is significantly reduced, leading to frequent timeouts and disconnections of RDP connections. The issue only appears when the device is connected to the network over Wi-Fi.

Windows Subsystem for Android May Update adds anti-virus APK checks

Microsoft has released Windows Subsystem for Android, version 2304.40000.5.0, to all Insiders running Windows 11. It is available in all release channels. Now it will check all apps you install, regardless of their source, with the anti-virus installed in Windows 11. By default, it is the Microsoft Defender anti-virus app.

What’s new in Windows 11, “Moment 3” Update

As you may remember, Microsoft now gradually releases features to Windows 11, without shipping a huge new OS versions. Instead, the company uses smaller "Moment" updates. This spring, Microsoft has prepared the Moment 3 update for Windows 11 version 22H2. Let's look what is new in this release.

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