Startup Sound Changer

As you may know Windows 7 and Windows Vista does not allow its users to change startup sound. Since Windows Vista it was hardcoded in system libraries. Startup Sound Changer is the free portable application which can change startup sound both in Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

With Startup Sound Changer you can set a *.wav file as startup sound, play current startup sound and [sure] restore default sound. Continue reading "Startup Sound Changer"


Warning! This version works only in Windows 7 and Windows 8 DP/CP/RP. For Windows 8 RTM and above please use Aero8Tuner software.
AeroTuner software allows you to tweak several Windows 7 Aero settings which can't be changed with control panel.

Did you know what Aero engine in Windows operates with two colors simultaneously? AeroTuner allows you to try it in action as well as control of Aero Stipes (that lines on your Aero Glass). Continue reading "AeroTuner"

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