How to get tabs back in Yahoo! Mail

Many users miss tabs in Yahoo! Mail, which disappeared after the latest updates to this popular email service occurred yesterday. While the new interface in actually improved in many aspects, tabs were really the "killer" feature. If you miss them very much, here's how you can get tabs back in Yahoo! Mail.

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How to get the old style of plain text back in Yahoo! Mail

Since yesterday, all users of Yahoo! Mail was exposed to the new mail interface. While it improves the value for free email accounts by bringing some Plus features for free, there are also some changes that you may not like. For example, in the new interface, the text style looks completely different from the previous one. When you compose a new letter, the default font is smaller than usual and it has a different appearance. Let's see how we can get the old font back.
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How to configure email access via IMAP in Thunderbird

Few days ago, Microsoft enabled the IMAP protocol for accounts. This is definitely good news for all users of alternative email clients, such as Mozilla Thunderbird. Access to a mailbox via the IMAP protocol provides several benefits over POP3, which was the only option available for users previously, if they did not use Microsoft's Live Mail application. With IMAP, you are able to access all the folders on your server. Also, IMAP saves the "read/unread" state for all your messages as well as the complete list of your messages which is accessible through all instances of your email clients, even across multiple devices.

So, here are the instructions on how to configure IMAP in the Thunderbird email application.

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