Windows Calculator Receives Always-on-Top and Compact Overlay mode

In Windows 10, Microsoft replaced the good old calculator with a new Modern app. Microsoft has opened its source code, that allows the app to be ported to Android, iOS, and Web. Microsoft today revealed that users will soon be able to have Calculator remain always visible on the screen in the system at all times.

When you are using Calculator with other applications, such as a spreadsheet, Calculator will lose focus when you click on the other app (e.g. to scroll/copy). Users have requested the ability to pin Calculator on top of other windows to facilitate ongoing use with other apps.

So, currently you won't be able to interact with Calculator once you switch to another app until you switch back to its window. This is the problem Microsoft is about to solve in the near future.

Dave Grochocki, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft for Windows Calculator, Notepad, and several other projects, announced that the app will be getting this much requested feature.

Windows 10 Calc Widget

Always On Top mode in Calculator will have the following capabilities:

  • Users can easily pin/unpin the Calculator window on top
  • Users can easily continue with other tasks while Calculator is pinned
  • Users have access to full Calculator functionality, but can always perform at least basic calculations when in the more compact view (smaller than currently allowed minimum window sizing)

Windows 10 New Calc Size

Along with Always on Top mode, the app is getting a new compact overlay mode feature. There is a new button that turns the Calculator window into a small, resizable tool window. The size and position on the screen will be saved.

Windows Calculator Compact Mode in Action

Windows Calculator Compact Mode in Action

Grochoki did not reveal an exact date for the release of the new Windows Calculator version, he said it will be coming "soon". The update will be probably shipped to Windows 10 users via Microsoft Store as a new version of the Calculator app.

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