Windows 10 will get encrypted app installs

Today, new information got released about Microsoft's plans for the Universal Windows Platform. Windows 10 will get a more secure encrypted appx format so no one will be able to modify these apps.

Windows 10 universal store apps logo banner Universal apps in Windows 10 are stored in the folder C:\program files\WindowsApps. They are protected with permissions but if you take ownership of that folder and grant administrator permissions, then you can access app files.

With these changes however, when the user installs an app from the Windows Store, it will get encrypted on-the-fly using the Encrypting File System feature of Windows.

Windows 10 encrypted appx

Once encrypted, app files will not be accessible for modification even if full access permissions are granted.

Because of this change, Microsoft can finally offer protection to developers against apps getting decompiled and against piracy and easy app modification, which has always a problem for developers due to the .NET platform heritage. Now apps should become more secure and safe. (credits: WalkingCat).

One thought on “Windows 10 will get encrypted app installs

  1. Robert

    This is exactly why store started being a jerk off.
    I had to reinstall 10 on top to fix it.
    Plus, try moving forza apex onto another drive and see how it buggers your symlinks.
    It was changing something in system volume information.
    Starting to lay the groundwork for DRM which only pushes away legal customers

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