Windows 10 Fall Creators Update RTM is Build 16299

Today, we got confirmation that build 16299 is the RTM (final) version of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. The build 16299 has been released by Microsoft to Slow Ring Insiders and is now available on the Fast ring. This could be proof that Windows 10 build 16299 is the RTM build.

The official announcement about Windows 10 Creators Update should happen in October 2017, that is, this month. Yesterday, a new cumulative update KB4046355 for Windows 10 Build 16299 increased the OS version to 16299.15.

Fall Creators Update Rtm 16299.15

Now we can expect Windows 10 build 16299 on the Release Preview Ring and then in the production branch. Also, it is quite possible the OS could get more cumulative updates in order to fix minor issues left in the build.

7 thoughts on “Windows 10 Fall Creators Update RTM is Build 16299

  1. Kostas

    Can you create a tutorial on how to remove “Mixed Reality and “Windows Security Center” from the START menu? Your guides do not remove those items from the START menu at all. Thanks a lot for your efforts, you do an amazing job!

  2. George

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the stable version.

  3. Donny

    I just got updated to windows 10 fall update build 16299. It got updated last night and I noticed that windows media player is gone along with all my playlists which took me a lot of time and effort to prepare. Why weren’t we forewarned about this before? Had I known this would happen I would have taken the necessary steps. I’ve had them since windows 8.1. I had them up to the last update which was 16299
    what do I do now?

  4. John

    16299.15 removed windows media player 12 it had a right good album art retriever

    1. Ephraim Becker

      I’m on 16299.15 and I still have Windows Media Player

      1. Donny

        Good for you! After you got it did it run any updates? Even after I got 16299.15 I had them until some updates were installed. When I tried to find my playlists and couldn’t find them that’s how I discovered that windows media player was gone. When I opened grove I saw them but when I tried to play them I got not found on this device.
        Now I have no idea what to do

  5. lukasz

    does anybody have links for MUI language packs for 16299.15 build ?


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