Walkie Talkie feature and more coming to Microsoft Teams

Today Microsoft announced new features coming to its Microsoft 365 platform in the future. One of them is Walkie Talkie, and it will be available within Microsoft Teams, starting with a private preview in the first half of 2020.

Walkie Talkie Teams

It will allow users on tablets and smartphones to communicate quickly with other team members through mobile data or Wi-Fi, and embedded into the tab bar of the Teams app.

Microsoft says that it’s “designed for firstline workers”, those that deal directly with customers and do daily operations. Walkie Talkie will be a more secure way of communicating than a traditional analogue walkie talkie.
There will be no risk of interception or outside eavesdropping.

The company also announced more workflow management features, including SMS sign-in, task publishing, shared device sign-out and much more. They’ll be rolling out in the coming months.

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